5 best escape rooms in Kelowna, BC. No 3 is Strange

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Escape rooms in Kelowna remain the best utilities for enjoying leisure time. It is filled not only with fun but an exciting and memorable experiences. 

An escape room is undoubtedly the best choice if you intend to enjoy a night out withyour friends and your families. 

Top 5 escape room games in Kelowna, BC.

There are tons of escape rooms in Kelowna, BC. Each is with its themes and storylines, which make up the art of the games. 

Escape game, kelowna

In all, the game’s objective is to escape from a closed room within a limited time range. The game is played by many teams who work together to solve a particular puzzle. 

Each puzzle and riddle are to be solved to bring the participants to their way of escape. Usually, the storylines determine the pace of the game.


Without further ado, below are the five best escape rooms you can’t miss out in Kelowna city. 

#1. The Rise of Itzamna

The rise of Itzamna is a fun and exciting game with a high degree of intellectual challenge. To play the game, one must possess intellectual brilliance and intelligence. 

The game is relatively easy to play. A team plays it—a minimum of four (4) players and a maximum of five (5). There are four levels in the game, depending on your experience. 

This game is played by the storyline provided. The storyline is about a group of treasure hunters who learned about the treasures in the hidden tomb of Itzamna. 

The group breaks into the tomb to raid the treasures therein but later finds out something is amiss, and escape has become difficult. 


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Therefore, they must find out and unlock the secret of the tomb to escape before their time runs out. They have just 60 minutes to get out of the grave. 

After the set time elapses, the game is over. It sounds simple, but the task is a challenging one. If you are thinking of having an escape room, check out The rise of Itzamna. 

#2. The Haunted Apartment

This is another 5-star-rated escape room game you can play today and keep the memory forever. 

This game is enjoyable to play as you are playing it with a team. The team comprises a minimum of two players and a maximum of four players. 


The game has a time limit of 60 minutes, within which you must finish the task. There are levels from 1 to 4, each with their difficulties depending on your experience. 

This game also works with a storyline of a boy abandoned in an apartment by his family after being possessed by a ghost who happens to be his best friend. 

His family had tried to save him but to no avail, then decided to leave him and move out. After that, a team is sent to find the boy and help him escape the ghost’s grip. 

While that may sound simple, the arduous task is bypassing the ghost who does not want to be alone, and if you decide to take the boy from her, you might be held back as a substitute.  


Therefore, you as a team need to free the boy and escape from being held back as a substitute. 

The game is exciting, and you will undoubtedly enjoy it. Try it out today and join the fun. 

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#3. Virtual Reality Arcade

While going further with the list of the top escape rooms in Kelowna that will make your game moment memorable, Virtual Reality Arcade is a special mention.

It is a game usually played by a team of six players with a minimum of two players. This game is generally played with friends or family as a team.

The game is an easy and enjoyable game that you will always love to play. Ask me how the game is played? It’s very simple. 


The team of six players- a minimum of two players, is locked in an enclosed room where certain elements are provided in the room to be used to solve the puzzle the room. 

The team will search for clues on how to solve the puzzle and escape the room before the time limit is set. I heard you say challenging? Yes, it’s challenging and also attractive. 

Before the game, there will be a game master who will put you through the storyline and the necessary things you need to know about the game and how to win it. 

#4. The Fallen Kingdom

This is another exciting escape room game that you will enjoy trying out. This game also works with a storyline that sets the game’s pace. 


The game is about a fallen kingdom that requires a crystal to rise back and quell the revolt between the royal houses. 

To ensure peace, your team members of a royal house had taken up the task of finding the crystal from the hidden chamber of the castle.

Aside from resolving the revolt, the crystal is capable of granting the royal house absolute power in the kingdom. As a result, the opposition house had taken the initiative of getting the crystal too. 

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They also vow to kill and annihilate anyone who stands between them and the crystal. Therefore, your lives are at stake. 

The only chance of survival is to find the crystal within a limited period of 60 minutes before the arrival of the opposition house and make it out of the castle.


#5. Life-Escape

To round up the list, we have the live escape game. This game is more attractive as you can choose a storyline from the provided. 

The game will then be played in line with the storyline you earlier chose. You will get your team of 6 players minimum of 2, and it is more interesting to play with an entire team. 

After the storyline has been chosen, the game begins. You and your team will play the game according to the storyline by solving the riddles and challenging tricks in the room. 

To win the game, you must finish the task within 60 minutes. Otherwise, you lose the game. 

The interesting fact about this game is that there is no age requirement. Everybody can play this game as long as you are with your team.



There you have it. The above-mentioned are the top 5 escape rooms in Kelowna city you can enjoy with your beloved ones.

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