Can I Use A TV Guard With My Fridge?


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Power fluctuations happen more frequently than you can imagine, and these minor spikes in power can harm your appliances, particularly your fridge. This is why investing in a TV guard is advisable to give the best protection to your appliances.  

In this article, we will explain why you need a TV guard for your refrigerator.

What Is A TV Guard?

fridge guard

A TV guard stabilizes the power that flows through an appliance which shields it from sudden power spikes. Most home appliances can be used with AVS (Automatic Voltage Switchers), which have capabilities ranging from 13Amps to 30Amps. 

When the voltage is low, it cuts off the power, and when it returns to normal, it automatically reconnects. It can easily power any home appliance regardless of size, making it run smoothly. The compressor of any appliance, including a fridge, will undoubtedly be harmed by low voltage. 

The guard disconnects the power to protect your equipment when the power falls below a normal level. In addition, the restoration of normal power takes some time. 

This guarantees the appliance won’t turn on and off frequently during fluctuations. It would also ensure that it is not subjected to a surge when the electricity comes back after a power outage.

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When Can I Use A TV Guard?

The question is not about when to use a guard but where to use it. Not all appliances, like lamps, require a TV guard. However, bigger appliances like refrigerators need one as they require constant power.  

Any electronics that would be costly to repair should be given adequate protection. Also, appliances you don’t want to lose in case of a power surge should be used with a TV or fridge guard.

How Will My Refrigerator Be Affected by a Power Spike?

Power fluctuations have the potential to trigger an electrical fire in addition to destroying your fridge. Your refrigerator may experience electrical current arcing due to a powerful power surge. 

This generates heat and may cause the components of your refrigerator to overheat. The components overheat due to an electrical arc brought on by a significant power surge. 

Microprocessors and inverter boards are used to make refrigerators. Power surges could damage these parts, and some plastic parts might even melt. 

Weaker power surges may gradually harm the refrigerator, impairing its functionality and reducing its lifespan. Therefore, it is important to use a guard to stop any electrical mishaps and protect your fridge.

What Are The Benefits Of Having A TV/Fridge Guard?

In addition to shielding your fridge from power surge damage, a TV Guard offers you the following advantages:

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1. Prevents low voltages from damaging your freezer

Both high voltage spikes and low voltage fluctuations can damage refrigerators. As a result, if there is a low power supply, the TV guard will shut down the fridge to prevent any damage. This would keep the compressor in your refrigerator from overheating.

2. Affordable and Easy to Use

Fridge guards are affordable and easily accessible. They also are easy to use because of the plug-and-play feature. They can be used in a very similar manner to adapters. It is also easy to operate as they don’t have advanced mechanisms.

3. Prolongs the refrigerator’s lifespan

Weak power surges occur often and can cause accumulated damage. This would gradually shorten the refrigerator’s lifespan. However, you can avoid this by using a TV guard, which will also lengthen the device’s useful life.

4. Less Maintenance Costs 

Fridge guards protect your fridge and its microprocessors, limiting excessive voltage. By doing this, you’ll make fewer maintenance calls.

Things To Note Before Buying A TV Guard.

There are a few critical factors to consider before purchasing a guard. Let’s show you everything you should know before purchasing one;

1. Lifespan

Over time, a guard can weaken when its protection deteriorates and falls below a safe level. However, some will continue to operate despite wearing out. 

This would eventually harm your fridge during a power surge. Therefore, replacing it is always a good decision as it may have been damaged during significant electrical occurrences like your transformer blowing up. 

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If the TV guard is old and has been in operation for a long time, you consider replacing it. They are worth replacing because they are less expensive.

2. Warranty

Fridge guards typically have a limited warranty. Some high-end products even provide a warranty covering any damage caused by a surge or lightning to the connected equipment and will repair or replace it up to a certain cost. Such warranties may not be necessary, but it is always preferable to have them.


Although they cost a lot, refrigerators can last for decades with proper maintenance. Therefore, using a TV guard is a safety you can use to guarantee their long lifespan. With the right fridge guard, you can prevent your refrigerator from weakening. It can also help in preventing electrical mishaps.


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