Benefits of eating bitter kola first thing in the morning explained

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According to research, Bitter kola is a therapeutic fruit that has little or no adverse effects when used. As such, we’ll be explaining the benefits of eating bitter kola first thing in the morning today.

The bitter kola’s seeds are dark and shaped like nuts. It’s very prevalent in the West African, and it has a wide range of applications across the world today.


That is to say, bitter kola as a plant has a variety of purposes it serves in human body. But serves these purposes — even better — when consumed early in the morning.

What’s more, its fruits, seeds, and bark are all economically valuable, even though the fruits the most monetary value of them all.

They’ve been used to treat a variety of illnesses, including hepatitis and viral infections.

It has equally been listed to have such chemical that is effective in treating disorders caused by viral strains.

In the same vein, fertility and diabetes are two more unfortunate and ugly diseases which bitter kola also takes care of.

Without further ado, it’s very important to, at this juncture, take a closer look at the health advantages that bitter kola provides when consumed early in the morning.

How bitter kola can be eaten

Although there is no any hard and fast rule on how to eat bitter kola, but to give effective and immediate response to the body, there’s need to cover it.

You could either chew the bitter kola seeds raw, or have them cooked. Either way is okay for the deliverance of effective function.

In fact, some drinks are infused with the bitter kola seeds flavour, and they can be good items to add to one’s diet menu.

Benefits of eating bitter kola

Benefits of eating bitter kola first thing in the morning

Just has it had been demonstrated in the preamble, bitter kola has a number of health benefits when eaten first thing in the morning.

Thus, below are the advantages of taking bitter kola in the morning:

1) Breakdown Glycogen

One of the benefits one tends to get from eating bitter kola early in the morning — health wise — is the breaking down of the glycogen.

This therapheutic fruit has several chemical constituents embedded in its contents which help with the breakdown of the glycogen stored in the liver.

2) Treats cold

Bitter kola can be effective and efficient when used in the traditional treatment of recurring cold.

3) Relief coughs and clears throat

Also, bitter kola helps in the clearing of mucus produced in the vocal tube which adversely affects ones voice while talking.

Hence, taking of bitter kola in the morning will help clear the vocal tube thereby paving the way for a clearer and smoothen voices.

On this note, getting rid of the stagnant mucus from the throat will automatically help in relieving you of any cough.

So if you are having a crack voice, try chewing bitter kola early in the morning to see its wonders.

4) Fights constipation

Findings show that Africans have been consuming bitter kola to help remove gases from their body system.

So according to the research conducted by the scientist, bitter kola have really shown to be more effective in fighting off constipation.

5) Fights glaucoma

Glaucoma is a disease that put pressure in the eye which often leads to gradual loss of sight and if not treated in time can result to eye blindness.

What bitter kola, however, does in this regard is to reduce any pressure in the eye hence, fighting the risk of sight loss or glaucoma.

6) Boost immune system

In the same vein, part of the constituents of bitter kola are antioxidants which are very effective in fighting off bacteria and other related diseases.

Therefore, eating bitter kola as early as 7 in the morning does boost and improve your immune system to function efficiently.

7) Boost sex performance and fertility

A lot has been said about chewing bitter kola in the morning or before having intercourse as a performance booster.

So therefore, eating kola will help boost your stamina and make you last longer in bed as a husband.

8) Sexual Impotence

Other than the fact that bitter kola boost sex performance, it is also believed to be an effective cure for men impotency.

That is, when it comes to boosting or improving sexual performance among men, bitter kola could be great help.

The point now is, bitter Kola wouldn’t just increase your sex drive, but it will also improves the performance of men who are impotent.

9) Treats sexually transmitted do (STD)

What’s more, chewing bitter kola in the morning or at any time can also treat all form of STD (excluding HIV/AIDs).

The seed, leaf and fruits of bitter kola have antibacterial activity in their components.

And researchers told us that the leaf, seeds and bitter kola fruits have the power to isolate (clinically) Staphylococcus aureus, Streptococcus pyrogens, Escherichia coli, and Salmonella typhi.

10) Anti-malaria

There are some chemical constituents in bitter kola which contains anti-malarial properties.

Plus, the stem, bark, leaves and seeds of bitter kola are often used in treating inflammation of the respiratory tract, acute fever, and throat infections.

11) Anti-poison

You may want to be informed that bitter kola is also a potent antibiotic with tons of detoxification abilities.

Meaning eating bitter kola will prevent or save you from any poison or infection you accidentally ate or contacted.

12) It help relieve osteoarthritis

The bitter kola seeds can also be used to treat those elderly people suffering from osteoarthritis disease.

13) It treats a purgative

If you are purging and don’t know what to use again after several attempt to no avail, try eating bitter kola early in the morning.

Therefore, eating kola is akin to a laxative that helps in the treatment of purging and other related health issues.

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From the foregoing, one thing is obvious and apparent and that’s the fact that bitter kola has tons of advantages that the body tends to benefits from its consumption.

The above discussed — though not limited to them — are some of the health benefits of eating bitter kola in the morning.

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    • It can actually make you hyperactive and will not allow you to sleep. This is part of the reasons commercial drivers have it in their mouth while driving long distances.


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