17 Businesses you can start after retirement.

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Are you a civil servant and in need of a probable retirement plan? Do you need a list of profitable business ideas you can start after retirement in Nigeria? If yes, this article will serve you well.

Whether you are a civil servant or a private organization’s retired officer, there are numerous business opportunities out there waiting for your exploration and exploitation.

So if you still have the entrepreneurial spirit left in you, the following business (when done well) can generate you a good income when you finally retired from service.

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Top Businesses to start after retirement in Nigeria.

1. Renting business

Talking about lucrative business ideas one can venture into after retirement in Nigeria, renting business cannot be overemphasized. Although it’s capital intensive depending on what exactly you will be renting out.

For instance, Saturdays are for ceremonies and parties in Nigeria so you can just buy Canopies, tables, chairs, public address systems, etc, and be renting them out.

You may as well buy building equipment like shovels, wheelbarrows, diggers, or even by one or two trucks purposely for renting. All these are lucrative as well as profitable business opportunities you can do after retirement.

2. Become a freelance writer.

Having a retirement plan at hand before being retired at work is a good thing to do. So this particular retirement opportunity will enhance you to work from home and earn free and steady financial income.

All you needed to run this business idea is a laptop, connected internet, and boom, you are good to go as a freelance writer.

Congratulations on your retirement

3. Farming.

Farming is one of the perfect business opportunities you can venture into after retirement. Depending on your desired niche, you could make millions in a year if you’re serious about it.

There are money-making niches in farming that you can capitalize on. There’s poultry farming, fish farming, beekeeping, Rabbit farming or even growing agricultural produce.

However, what matters in farming is consistency, persistence, and patience. You should be ready to spend big too if you want to earn big during your retirement.

4. Become a Distributor

Becoming a distributor of a particular product or brand requires some steps and things to consider, but if properly done, you can establish financial freedom through it as a retired officer.

You can become a Coca-cola distributor, Yale foods and drinks distributor, and or any other products or goods that you feel people patronize the most in your area.

5. Car importation business.

The relationship between Nigerians and cars is one made in even. That is to say, Nigerian love cars but not everyone can afford to buy a brand new one.

Hence, car dealers do come in to play certain roles in bringing down second-hand cars into Nigeria.

So if you will like to venture into the car importation business, either by yourself or by giving people money to get them from Cotonou for you to resell, you should start saving for the day before you retire now.

6. Start a restaurant.

It doesn’t matter whether your a man or a mother, so far you need to keep your financial records flowing after retirement, then there’s a need for you to start a business.

That being said, you can look for a particular location in your State that needs a restaurant the most and establish one there with your pension money.

Doing this will definitely replicate the investment capital (i.e. your pension money) and you’ll also have something to proudly call your own after years of working tirelessly for the government or a particular organization.

Businesses you can start after retirement.

7. Become a writer.

If you have worked in any news media in the past or your writing prowess is exceptional, then you can make money as a retiree by becoming a full-time writer.

You can enliven your boredom during your retirement years and make money at the same time by writing and publishing books, become a columnist, etc.

8. Become a teacher.

If you derive pleasure in imparting knowledge to people, then you can become a teacher when you retire as a civil servant. So when I said you should become a teacher, I mean a private school teacher.

9. Start a blog.

Although this business opportunity requires some basic SEO knowledge, if you are good at doing particular stuff, you can open a blog and start writing about that thing. You never can tell, you can make six figures as a blogger if you do it right.

10. Real estate agent

After you retire from office, you can become a real estate agent by helping people sell, manage and develop their properties and earn a living through it.

11. Networking and marketing

Another business you can start after retirement if you know the nook and cranny is business marketing, you can partner with different companies and brands to market their business for them for a money consideration.

12. Event planning

This is another lucrative and profitable business idea one can start after retirement in Nigeria.

13. Property manager

Another business one can start after retirement in Nigeria is a property manager. This business can be done in two ways. Either you venture into the real estate business and become a property manager or you put out your properties for rent and start making money off them.

14. Fitness trainer

If you have all it takes to become a fitness instructor, why not venture into the business to establish a happy living for yourself and your family after retirement?

15. Own a patient medicine store

Is there any perfect business idea that a pharmacist can start after his retirement at work than owning a drug store? Well, there is any, it will definitely be to start a pharmaceutical industry. Since this will be quite expensive, why not open a patient medicine store to enliven retirement boredom?

Businesses you can start after retirement in Nigeria

16. O.A.P

Working as an On-Air Personality in a government-owned broadcasting station doesn’t mean you can’t keep working as an O.A.P for a privately owned broadcast station when you retire.

In the same vein, if you’ve never worked in the media industry before but have the talent to host a particular program on air, you can equally consider becoming an O.A.P after retirement.

17. Become a consultant.

If you are a professional in a particular field, you can open up your consulting firm after your retirement. Let’s say you’re a dentist, or State counsel, or Financial expert, there’s always room to start from the beginning as a private body after retirement.

So if you venture into this business, you’ll be open to two things, namely; you will be making money through the consultation business and you’ll get the chance to keep doing what you enjoy doing best.


Though not limited, the above-mentioned are reliable businesses you can start after retirement in Nigeria to enliven boredom and establish financial freedom.

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