30 business opportunities in Canada for when you get there

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As a wannabe entrepreneur, you must note that there are thousands of profitable business opportunities in Canada that are yet to be exploited.

These businesses in Canada can be flag off by anybody and become a millionaire without prior or deep knowledge about business, so far you know your onions.

That is to say, if you know your way around the chosen industry.

At least, the fact that the country is stable for new business opportunities this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do the market research.

Whether you are a Canadian or immigrant, if you are so determined to start your own business from the scratch, then you have to work hard.

Make sure not to cut corners, writing out business plan is vital as carrying out a market survey. Ensure to put all relevant documents in places that they all belong.

Top 30 business ideas and opportunities in Canada

While we will be unveiling the top 30 business opportunities in Canada that you can venture into right now, you are advised to settle for the ones that fit your financial situation.


Profitable business opportunities in Canada

And thank God, one fortunate thing about starting new businesses in Canada is their low corporate tax. It will enable you to grow your business as you deem fit.

Without further delay, below are some great business ideas and opportunities in Canada you might want to check out:

1) Transportation Business

Depending on your financial capability, transportation business is one of the great business ideas and opportunities in Canada that you can count on.

Before starting out the transportation business, it’s important you decide on the type of transport business you would go into.

Decided whether you will settle for taxi service, haulage and logistics, medical transport, trucking, courier service, Bus Company, etc.

Once you’ve made your choice, don’t hesitate to do due diligence, determine what registration, license, permit, and all would be needed to acquire to get the business up and running.

2) Freight Brokerage Business

Starting this business opportunity in Canada requires money to get all the needed equipments. Freight brokerage business requires you to own a truck and few other things.


Your duty is to act as a middleman between motor carriers and shippers, with the intention of helping the match shipper loads base on your truck capacity.

Before kick-starting freight brokerage business, you would inquire about the regulations of each province you’ll be dealing with. If you’re venturing into the Freight Brokerage Business, understanding the intricacies of hiring and managing independent contractors in Canada is crucial. Independent contractors offer flexibility and specialized skills that can be vital for your business growth. For a detailed guide on how to compliantly hire and pay independent contractors in Canada, check out this comprehensive resource.

Equally, you will have to know all of the basic requirement needed before starting the business from the National Transportation Brokers Association (NTBA).

3) Equipment Leasing

Engaging in equipment leasing is another lucrative business idea in Canada. Most especially, for those people that are into mining business.

Since not everyone in the mining industry have all their needed equipment or are even ready to buy them due to their costly budget.


Majority of them prefer leasing them because it is always less expensive. Hence, you providing such kind of service will be, Without doubt, much beneficial to you.

4) Cleaning Business

The cleaning business requires you to render cleaning services to your prospective clients that require it.

Business ideas in Canada

You can decide to be doing the business alone and by yourself or hire people to do it. And you can also decide if you will only be cleaning residential areas or commercial areas.

If it suits you, you can be offering both kind of cleaning service in Canada, especially if you are not going solo.

Although cleaning business requires no special education, yet you must familiarize yourself with all the cleaning products and chemicals.

5) Computer Repair Business

This particular business opportunity requires technical know-how, experience, training, expertise or even a license before you can start operating.

Once you out them all in place and get your license, technical know-how, necessary skill sets to horn the business, don’t hesitate to start.


6) Clothing or fashion Business

Is either you venture into selling of clothes and other fashion items you start making them for sale. The choice is all yours.

But if you sure have the talent for making better clothing and admirable jewelries, then it’s advisable you start making and selling them for value.

7) Interior Decorator

Again, one of the lucrative business opportunities in Canada that are highly patronised right now is the interior decoration business.

A lot of Canadians and immigrants house owners are overwhelmed with the idea of decorating their new homes, and this makes the business lucrative and profitable.

8) Bicycle Repair Business

Repairing bicycle in Canada may not make you a millionaire, let’s be realistic, but the business alone is enough to bring you steady financial cash flow everyday.

Starting this business requires just few dollars for repairing tools and shed, and little knowledge about bicycle as whole.

With this, Mountain Everest can be moved. If you like, you can start selling few other things like bicycle tube, pump, helmet,. etc to compliment the business.


9) Personal Trainer

Do you have all it takes to coach people on fitness and exercise? If yes, why not because fitness instructor or personal trainer?

This business is like hot cake in Canada; you will definitely make money if you are doing it right. You can create a personal website where you’ll be telling and showing people what you do.

You would also need to be trained and certified in CPR (for emergency situations), licensed by the respective body. Lastly, you’ll need to be active on social media to promote your brand too.

10) Tax Specialist

Do you have special education, knowledge and experience on how to prepare taxes? If yes, then you’ve gotten yourself a cash making business venture in Canada.

Several businesses, schools, individuals and more are willing to pay huge amount of money to any tax expert that is ready to work with them.

11) Appliance Repairer

Are you handy and need profitable small business opportunities in Canada? If yes, why not go into appliances repairing business?


The business doesn’t involve any investment capital and all you need to do is to tell your neighbors about your venture.

Look for a shed, canopy, or an open place in front of your apartment, bring out old appliances in your house and start repairing them.

Before you know it, people will start bringing in their things that needs expert attention.

12) Graphic Designer

You’ll agree with me that almost every business enterprises needs a graphic designer — part-time or full-time — to work with them.

There’s need for them to make billboards, fliers, posters, manuals, magazines, and all other things needed to promote their business.


Such is where the work of a graphic designer comes in. So if you are knowledgeable in graphics designing, you can start this business in Canada and make money.

13) Gift Basket Business

I know Gift Basket Business is not one of the business opportunities in Canada you are expecting from me. But if you don’t need, someone else might.


As a passionate entrepreneur with little investment capital, if you know your way around this business opportunity, people will patronize you and you’ll make money.

14) Landscaper

Who doesn’t love having a front yard? But the truth is that not everyone has the time and luxury to get their grasses mowed.

So as a landscaper, your duty is to help people mowed their lawns, tidy up their yards, and help them remove dead leaves. Of course, for money.

15) Photography

Photography business is another profitable business you can venture into in Canada.

Although the coming of smart phones has caused a major decline in the photographer’s demand, yet the business is still.

People do weddings, birthday, pick-nicks, get-togethers, etc. almost everyday and want their pictures taken for reference purpose.

17) Maternity Wears

Not all people in the clothing and fashion business sell maternity wears, and this makes the business opportunity perfect for you.

Gather up your strength and go into maternity wears, with little adverts and consistent marketing; you will be raking in a cool cash.


18) Baby Boutique Business

Be informed that the baby boutique business is not seasonal and will definitely bring money for you steadily if you run it right.

Isn’t it a known fact that babies outgrow their wears quickly? So your boutique should stock babies wears of certain ages.

In addition, don’t forget to stock quality and colorful wears; they are what every customer want for their kids.

19) Catering Equipment Leasing

Not every caterer out there has all the equipments needed for the business and no wannabe caterer is going to buy all the necessary equipments.

As such, if you have enough money, buy as much as different catering equipments as you can and leasing them out for money consideration.

20) Video Game Trainer

Are you a passionate game player and will be happy to turn such hobbies into business? If yes, then become a video game trainer.

All you have to do is to offer those who don’t know how to play various simulation video games for money by opening up a training hub.


21) Rental Property Business

Canada is one of the most visited countries in the world by tourist. So if you have houses and other properties, you can be renting them for money.

This business requires a lot of capital if you are going to start it from the scratch. It is all about investing in real estate.

Where you rent your apartment buildings and all. If you have all it takes, it’s one of the profitable business opportunities in Canada right now.

22) Car Rental Business

You will agree that most people own their own private car in Canada, and you’ll equally agree that not everybody in Canada has a car.

So, if you have a car or have money to buy one or more, car rental business is a good business idea to venture into in Canada.

23) Construction Business

Also a money making business idea and opportunity in Canada. As lucrative and profitable the business is, it requires huge capital to start.

24) Fashion Stylist


Are you that creative and make the brilliant fashion statement every now and then thay you dress?

If yes, why don’t you become a fashion stylist by dressing up models and celebrities for photo shoots?

25) Junk removal Business

Almost every household in Canada is looking for how to dispose off junk because they are too busy to do it on their own.

Going into the junk removal business means you’ll be helping people to remove their junk for a certain fee.

It is a nice money making small business opportunity in Canada. Grab it if you don’t have enough capital to start your dream business yet.

26) Cake Business

Very lucrative and profitable if you do your home work well. Cake business is not a seasonal business.


People have a cause to celebrate almost every second. Why not try this business out as a skilled cake baker and magnificent confectionery.

27) Bookkeeping Service

Whether small scale or large scale, every business enterprises needs a certified book-keeper to maintain their sales and stock record.


Thus, if your management, financial and marketing knowledge and experience are rock solid, why don’t you become a book keeper for business owners?

28) Babysitting business

This profitable business idea and opportunity in Canada are particularly meant for passionate ladies who being around kids.

After all, not all nursing mother have all days to be around with their kids; most especially when there’s no Office or workplace that will kids around the workstation.

On this note, there’s need for someone to look after the babies while their mothers are away. This is where you’ll come in as a babysitter.

Click on this link to read more on how to start a babysitting business.

29) Party Supply Business

Your work as a party equipment or materials is very simple. Some party organizers are too occupied to get everything they need on their own.

They need someone to get and deliver every single thing they need to them, and this is where you come in to play a role.


They will give list of their needs, you will get them, deliver them, and you’ll be paid accordingly.

30) Translation business

If you understand more than a language, you can become a language translator for top multinational companies in Canada.


Although not limited to the above mentioned, everything you’ve seen and read above is the top business opportunities in Canada you can venture into when you get there.

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