Access Bank Salary Structure: How Much Does An Access Bank Staff Earn?


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Lately, we have been discussing various banks in Nigeria salary scale and how much their staff earns every month. Today, we shall be looking into Access bank’s salary structure and other remunerations that their workers are entitled to.

So if you are curious to know how much an access bank staff earns before applying for a job opportunity, fret not, as this article will virtually answer all your problems.

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Access Bank Salary Structure

Brief History of Access Bank Of Nigeria

Historically, Access bank is one of the leading financial institutions in Nigeria with over 600 branches nationwide. It has its root in over 12 countries of the world with an estimated number of customers of about 31 million. In Nigeria alone, there is more than 28,000 staff working for Access Bank Plc. daily.

Similarly, the bank has subsidiary branches in sub-shaharan Africa, United Kingdom, Dubai, representative offices in Lebanon, India, and China.

Ever since 1998, Access Bank has been listed as one of the recognized banks in Nigeria on the Nigeria Stock Exchange. What’s more, this honorable bank has over 900,000 shareholders as it mode of operation is across four business segment i.e. Commercial, Business, Retail and Corporate.

Moreso, as part of this bank’s continued growth strategy, it’s seriously after mainstreaming sustainable practice into its operations. In honor of its memorable and outstanding performance across the African continent, Access Bank has been given several awards.

Among them are;

  • Best Digital Bank in Nigeria, 2019,
  • Best Mobile App in Nigeria, 2019,
  • Award of Outstanding Business Sustainability, 2019,
  • Award of Euromoney Private Bank,
  • Africa Best Bank (CSR Award) 2018 etc.


How Much Does An Access Bank Staff Earn

What is the ideal Dress one can wear to Access Bank Interview?

In the corporate world, it is evident that employees, most especially in banks, are expected to dress decently and professionally. Such is a mandatory order placed on all the staff working in most of the financial institutions in Nigeria.

The rationale behind it is for the staff to present themselves in such a way and manner that their competency and skill will be depicted when handling cash or faced with people of different personalities.

So how they dress will signify their skill sets, attention to detail, level of professionalism, and client concern. So if you are called upon at Access bank for an interview, endeavor to dress properly as an indecent dressing to the interview may cost you the job from arrival.

That is to say, when going for an interview whether for an internship, part-time or full-time time job opportunity, always wear a professional. Your dress will say a lot about your personality to your employer.

How Much Does Access Bank Pay Its Employees?

There’s no fixed amount as to what Access Bank pays to its staff. They are being paid based on the department, level, or rank. Although all of their employees are paid every month, there are, however, some extra bonuses and remunerations they will be entitled to.

For instance, the Manager of the bank is entitled to a private apartment and an official car. He is also entitled to the end of the financial year gratitude among many other things.

Without further delay, the following are the amount payable to every staff of Access Bank of Nigeria per their level and/or department.

How Much Does A Contracts Worker In Access Bank of Nigeria Earn?

These are workers that are not employed on a full-time basis. They are only contracted to solve a particular problem for the bank. Hence, they are being paid or entitled to ₦70,000 as a monthly salary.

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How Much Does Access Bank Plc Pay Its Graduate Trainee?

As a fresh graduate, once employed as an Access Bank employee, you will undergo four months of compulsory training known as the graduate training program. The purpose of the training is for you to have some knowledge about the bank’s in-house styles.

During the cause of the training program, Access Bank of Nigeria pays all the graduate trainees the sum of N43, 000 monthly. Once the training program is over, the successful candidates will be entitled to N101, 000 every month as staff of the bank.

How Much Does An Executive Trainee At Access Bank Earn Per Month?

This position is one of the available top positions in Access Bank and most often than not, it is usually occupied by the staff of the bank who has spent many years in service. He must have known the inside and outside of the bank and all its mode of operations.

Therefore, an Executive Trainees’ at Access bank plc earn the sum of ₦230,000 on every blessed month and ₦2,760,000 per annual.

How Much Does An Entry Level Staff Earn At Access Bank?

The entry-level salary scale at Access Bank is quite huge and that’s why everybody wants to work with the bank. Other than the monthly salary, the entry-level workers are prone to other benefits such as insurance, allowances, leave, etc.

Having said that, Entry Level employees at Access bank earn ₦N237, 000 per month, and when estimated, that is #2,840,000 per year.

How Much Does The Loan Officers And Credit Analyst Earn Per Month In Access Bank?

The bank also pays its Loan Officers an encouraging sum of money. Although the exact figures are still yet to be confirmed as of the time of filing this report. And so is their Credit Analysts Salary.

However, some source says the Loan Officers earn N200,000 and the Credit Analyst earns N230,000 per month respectively.

How Much Does Access Bank Branch Managers Earn?

The branch managers are responsible for overseeing all the activities that take place in the respective Access Bank Plc branch offices that they head. All other staff are answerable to them.

Thus, the branch manager’s monthly Salary is ₦800,000 and when estimated, about ₦9,600,000 per year. Yet, they are still entitled to some other bonuses, some of which were mentioned above.


The above highlighted Access Bank salary structures are products of research and intensive findings and as such, there is no direct correlation between “Us” or Access Bank of Nigeria.


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