20 Jobs that make $150k-$200K a year.


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We live in a world obsessed with the pursuit of money and status. And while this is not necessarily a bad thing, it can be really daunting when you’re trying to figure out what to do for work. We would be discussing 20 Jobs that can make $150k-$200K a year.

I know you want it to be something that people respect, like a job that’s valuable and fulfilling. Something that will make you happy. Something you’re passionate about. It can be tough to navigate all this — but it’s not impossible.

We talked to the people whose jobs makes $150k-$200K a year, and those who have successfully negotiated their way into acquiring six-figure salaries or higher. We asked them what they wished they knew before taking a job that paid six figures — or, in some cases, seven. The result is this immensely useful list that you can use to help determine where you want to go in life.

Here’s a list of 20 jobs that make $150k-$200k a year or more, along with the skills and experience required for each one. They include

1. Corporate Lawyer

jobs that make $150k-$200k : Corporate lawyer

What they do: Corporate lawyers are branch managers of a firm’s legal department. They’re educated in law and the business world, and help companies navigate the legal system. They help negotiate contracts, draft legal documents, and represent clients in court. They’re often asked to do it all — from drafting documents to giving advice on the law and negotiating deals.

Skills and experience required: A bachelor’s degree in law and passing the bar exam are minimum requirements followed by a few years of working as an associate.

After that, you can take the bar exam again to become a partner in your firm. A lot of skills and experience are required to be a corporate lawyer — including skills in public speaking, reasoning, negotiation, and even some specialized skills like writing or business management.

2. Investment Banker

What they do: Investment bankers are the people who help companies and individuals raise capital by issuing equities, stocks, bonds, securities, and other investments. They’re also involved in mergers and acquisitions. They’re well-versed in the ways of finance, and they help startups raise money through a variety of routes.

People who work in investment banking make all kinds of money. They use their expertise in financial markets and economic trends to help businesses grow, which means they typically get a percentage of the profits they bring in. Of course, they also have to deal with all the stress that comes with making big decisions and working with high-profile clients.

Skills and experience required: Investment banking is a specialized field. While you can learn the basics on the job, it’s preferable to have a background in math and business — as well as some experience in finance. They also need an advanced degree, like an MBA.

The job requires an undergraduate degree in economics, finance, accounting, or business (or the equivalent), and at least six years of full-time work experience; the rest of the job depends on where you get hired (in a large corporation vs startup or as a high-level consultant). With their vast knowledge on finance their Jobs can make $150k-$200K a year.

3. Pharmacist

What they do: Pharmacists are the people who keep drugs — both prescription and over-the-counter medications — stocked in pharmacies. They make sure that drugs have been approved for use by medicine regulators and that the drugs have no harmful side effects. Pharmaceuticals are complicated, so to become a pharmacist you need to be an intelligent, detail-oriented person who can think through a situation and solve problems.


It can take a lot of hard work to get where you want to be in the field of pharmacy. Pharmacists must have an undergraduate degree with at least one year of experience working for a pharmaceutical company. Education is ongoing throughout the pharmacist’s career: They have to earn their pharmacist license every two years, and there are continuing education requirements for recertification.

Skills and experience required: You need a lot of experience under your belt to be a successful pharmacist. This experience comes from a combination of practical experience with patients, supervisors, and pharmacists at a hospital, drug store, or other pharmacy facilities.

You should also be an exceptionally detail-oriented person because it’s important to understand the science behind everything that goes into making drugs as they do. A detailed understanding of chemistry, biology, and pharmacology is also required to be a pharmacist.

4. Neurosurgeon

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What they do: Neurosurgeons are doctors who are experts in the treatment and care of the nervous system. They treat diseases that affect the brain and spinal cord, such as stroke, tumors, or a tumor pressing on an artery. They use a variety of tools to treat patients, including a scalpel and other surgical instruments.

It’s not a job you’d want to do if you don’t enjoy working in a highly specialized field and these jobs make nothing short of $150k-$200K a year.

Skills and experience required: Neurosurgeons will get paid well, but they need to be good at what they do. To become a neurosurgeon, you must finish an undergraduate degree at an accredited school of medicine with a high GPA. To practice, you also need to complete a residency program to gain experience and be licensed in your state.

 jobs make nothing short of $150k-$200K : Neuro surgery

5. Software Developers

What they do: Software developers create and modify the code that runs software. They research, write, test, and distribute software. Many people with coding experience can code, but not all are successful in becoming software developers.

Skills and experience required: Developers have to have a lot of expertise in computer science. This includes the ability to code and write programs as well as the ability to debug software. Developers usually have a bachelor’s degree (in computer science, engineering, or mathematics) and many years of experience in their field.

6. Pilots

What they do: Pilots are the people who fly planes, helicopters, and other aircraft. They navigate these vehicles from one place to another and often have to perform technical tasks that require a lot of skill and experience.

Skills and experience required: Pilots must be skilled in many different areas to be well-rounded pilots. For example, they need to be able to fly a plane, and they also need to have a strong math and science background. They also need to have excellent communication skills, because they’re in constant contact with the pilot of the aircraft. Pilots need at least one year of flying experience.

7. Dentist


What they do: Dentists are the people who help you maintain healthy teeth. They use tools like dental drills and dental lasers to remove plaque, cleaning tools and instruments to get rid of bacteria, and anesthesia to keep patients comfortable.

Dentists work in a variety of settings, such as offices, hospitals, dental clinics, or dental corporations. Dentists do plenty of technical tasks like placing fillings and crowns. They also need to be skilled in psychology and dentistry, so they can provide care that is right for each patient.

Skills and experience required: Dentists need a bachelor’s degree complete with at least one year of experience working as a dental assistant. They must also have good writing skills because their work requires them to write reports about their care plans. They also need excellent computer skills because it’s often necessary to take radiographs, X-rays, and other imaging tests with computers.

8. Psychiatrist

What they do: Psychiatrists are physicians who specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of mental disorders. They have a broad knowledge of psychology, psychiatry, and other behavioral sciences.

These doctors work to keep their patient’s spirits up, relieve their stress, and improve their overall mental health. Just like any other doctor, psychiatrists must know how to talk with people to maintain good communication and connection with the person they’re treating.

Skills and experience required: Psychiatrists usually have a Ph.D. or Psy.D degree, which is a doctorate in research psychology. They also need to have experience working as a psychiatrist under a licensed physician, and they can’t go into practice alone until they have all the required training in their state.

Psychiatrists need to be skilled professionals with excellent communication skills as well as an interest in helping others. You may not like it but it is number 8 on our list of Jobs that make $150k-$200K a year

9. Petroleum Engineer

What they do: Petroleum engineers determine the best methods to produce, refine, and process crude oil, natural gas, and other forms of energy. They also design plants and pipelines.

Skills and experience required: To become a petroleum engineer, you must have a bachelor’s degree in engineering or computer science with an emphasis on math, science, and engineering. You should also have at least two years of relevant work experience before making this decision.

Jobs that make $150k-$200K a year: Petroleum Engineering

10. Orthopedic Surgeons

Number 10 0f Jobs that make $150k-$200K a year.

What they do: Orthopaedic surgeons treat the musculoskeletal system (bones, muscles, tendons, and ligaments) of people. They focus on treating injuries, deformities, and diseases of all kinds. They use a variety of tools to treat patients, including a scalpel and other surgical instruments.

Skills and experience required: Orthopaedic surgeons are doctors who specialize in orthopedics. To become one, they have to have completed a doctor’s program in medicine, surgery, and then orthopedics. They also need to complete an internship and residency (in an accredited program) before they’re allowed to practice on their own.

11. Anesthesiologist

What they do: Anesthesiologists are people who work with doctors or other medical professionals to provide anesthetics during surgery by administering drugs to patients. They also monitor patients in surgery to make sure they’re safe throughout the procedure.

Skills and experience required: To become an anesthesiologist, you need a bachelor’s degree in medicine or in another field that includes courses in physiology, pharmacology, and pathophysiology.

You’ll also need to complete a period of medical school and a residency program in anesthesiology to be licensed in your state. Anesthesiologists must be highly skilled and able to coordinate with other health professionals.

12. Judges

In number 12 of jobs that make $150k-$200K a year, we have Judges.

What they do: Judges are individuals who oversee trials, interview people involved in cases and determine whether or not people are guilty. They have to know what evidence is acceptable in various forms of court proceedings as well as the legal history of the areas they oversee.

Skills and experience required: Judges must have a bachelor’s degree and usually spend years working for the court system before becoming a judge. Some judges may be appointed instead of elected after many years within the legal profession.

Judges must be very skilled in oral communication as well as written communication. They also are in charge of interpreting laws and writing judgments, which requires considerable skills and expertise. Judges need to know how the law works and what’s legal in the documents they base their decisions on.

13. Chief Executive Officer

What they do: CEOs are the people in charge of leading a corporation or nonprofit organization. This title is usually given to the highest office within an organization, though sometimes it is given to the leader of a group or department within an organization.

Skills and experience required: CEOs need to be very skilled in writing as well as speaking clearly in front of others. They also need to be able to start and manage a large project or organization.

In addition, CEOs need to be very good at making decisions related to finances, logistics, marketing, as well as personnel, and management.

14. Chief Financial Officer

What they do: CFOs are the heads of finances for an organization. They oversee things like accounting and budgeting and have to make certain that the company is within its financial goals.

Their role covers both internal functions, like accounting, and external functions, like investor relations.

Skills and experience required: CFOs must have a bachelor’s degree in a field related to finance, such as business administration or accounting. Other skills include good communication skills as well as excellent writing capabilities, and accounting prowess.

15. Chief Information Officer

At number 15 on our list of Jobs that make $150k-$200K a year is a CIO.

What they do: The Chief Information Officer, or CIO, is a person who manages the information technology (IT) department inside a company. Their job entails overseeing the IT departments from both an internal and external perspective. They also have to make sure that the company’s technology is secure and running properly.

Skills and experience required: You can become a CIO if you have a bachelor’s degree or higher in computer science, information systems, or another IT-related field.

Other skills include being very familiar with managing data, information, and people. You must be able to interpret and codify large amounts of data into a form that is easy for other people to understand.

16. Chief Operating Officer

What they do: COOs are the people in charge of an organization’s day-to-day operations, including leading people in different departments within the company.

This position is usually given to the highest executive within a company, though sometimes it is given to someone with more experience than someone with a similar position. In this position, the COO can be just as powerful as the CEO.

Skills and experience required: COOs need to be good at managing people and making decisions concerning finances and operations. They also need excellent communication skills and the ability to work with a team of people.

CEOs may have more power to sign off on decisions, but the COO must still work with the CEO on significant plans.

17. Soccer Player

Xherdan shaqiri

What they do: Soccer players are athletes who play on the field with a team and score goals. They also organize the team and ensure that the players know what to do and how to do it.

Skills and experience required: You need communication skills to help organize your teammates and alongside them on the field. The more skillful and efficient you are in getting the ball into the back of the net and helping your team win trophies, the better.

The highest-paid soccer player in the US presently earns over 8 million dollars yearly and that is Xherdan Shaqiri.

18. Plastic/ Cosmetic surgeon

What they do: Plastic surgeons are people who specialize in plastic surgery. They perform operations on patients and ensure their skin and facial structures are healthy.

They may also be able to remove scars and birthmarks from their skin or correct other imperfections. Cosmetic surgeons ensure the patients’ faces, body parts, and other structures are healthy and look better by performing surgeries on them.

Skills and experience required: Plastic surgeons need to be skilled in putting on surgery equipment, operating on patients, and ensuring they are not in danger while undergoing surgery.

The surgeon must also know all the medical procedures involved with different operations, such as liposuction or fat removal. They must also be good at explaining these procedures to patients and helping them feel comfortable during their surgeries.

19. Politician

What they do: Politicians are people who make decisions concerning the laws and policies of their country or state. They also help citizens with problems such as accessing health care or finding work. Politicians usually work for a government organization and can hold many career positions.

Skills and experience required: Politicians need excellent writing skills and the ability to speak clearly in front of large crowds on TV or at political events. They must be able to get the attention of a crowd and convince the people in it to vote for them. They must also be able to read policy and legislation to make decisions based on this information.

The United States President makes as much as $400,000 a year.

20. Gynecologists

Number 20 on our list of Jobs that make $150k-$200K a year are Gynecologists.

What they do: Gynaecologists are medical doctors who specialize in women’s health. They perform various operations, such as (but not limited to) performing surgeries on female sexual organs and giving birth to babies.

Skills and experience required: Gynaecologists must complete a medical degree and general surgery training. They also need to be good at dealing with patients and their families, helping them feel comfortable while they undergo medical procedures.


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