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Baltimore, Maryland is home to a diverse and vibrant food scene, with a wide variety of restaurants offering everything from classic American fare to international cuisine.

Among the many excellent dining options in the city, some stand out as the best of the best. These restaurants are known for their delicious food, warm and welcoming atmosphere, and impeccable service.

Whether you’re in the mood for a casual meal or a formal dining experience, Baltimore has a restaurant that will exceed your expectations. Here are few best restaurant in Baltimore.

Baltimore’s culinary scene consists of must-try foods in every cuisine and the diverse menus of its inhabitants.

The restaurants you can see in Baltimore popularly called range from French bistros and traditional Italian chophouses to sushi bars.

The largest city in Maryland is a paradise for food lovers with friendly traditions and talented chefs. As long as you arrive hungry, the city will charm you easily.

Check out our list of the finest restaurants for a memorable lunch in Charm City, whether you choose to eat in or get takeout.

Best Restaurant In Baltimore

List of Baltimore’s Best Restaurants

There are many restaurants in Baltimore, but the ones below stand out for many reasons. If you’re looking for a great meal in Charm City, below are some of the top eateries:

1.  Clavel

 Clavel is in the upscale Baltimore neighborhood of Remington and serves authentic Mexican food and drinks.

You’ll want to take social media-worthy selfies because the restaurant has beautiful decorations that lighten up the room. 

Clavel’s chefs have successfully recreated authentic Sinaloan fare without resorting to special effects. 

When visiting, try out the bubbling queso fundido and the tacos, where the handmade tortilla brings out its uniqueness.

2.  Alma Cocina Latina 

Initially located in Canton, this restaurant serves Venezuelan fare and has since relocated to a more prominent location in Station North. The restaurant now thrives among an abundance of greenery.

Arepas, a type of cornmeal cake, were first brought to Baltimore by Alma. You can stuff them with cheese, pulled chicken, pork, beef, eggplant, or tofu.

The food from this restaurant is particularly delicious because it uses ingredients from local farms. Try it with a rum-based cocktail, as many of them are superb.

3. The Food Market 

Are you looking for a classic American restaurant that serves comfort food? Then, the food market is the best place to visit.

The Food Market is situated in the heart of downtown Portland, Oregon, and has an open kitchen.

If you’re looking for a nice place to unwind, relax and enjoy comfort food, this is an excellent place to do that. The dishes on the menu are hearty and flavorful, with comfort food taking center stage. 

Foods like braised pork tacos, crispy lobster fingers, and cheesesteak subs dipped in a beer-cheese fondue are famous there. 

4. Ekiben

The unique blend of Indian, Ethiopian, and Thai flavors in Ekiben’s vegetables and bean curds sets it apart from other restaurants. Giant, fluffy steamed buns are just one example of the Asian-inspired fare that has been given a playful spin on the menu.

Thai chicken meatballs, the Neighborhood Bird, and tempura broccoli became popular in Baltimore because of this restaurant. 

5. Duck Duck Goose  

Located in the heart of Fells Point, Duck Duck Goose is a chic and bright restaurant serving contemporary French fare.

It’s got a hip bar, a pretty courtyard in the back, and a ton of outdoor seating.

Classic entrees like duck confit and a côte de boeuf for two are known to the restaurant. Drop by for brunch and order shrimp, grits, or avocado toast for a less formal meal.

On Sundays, for dinner, you can get three courses at a discounted price.

6. Hersh’s

This eatery resides in a quiet, primarily residential block that offers fresh pasta, Neapolitan-style pizza, inventive salads, and antipasti. 

However, they are known for their creative twist on Italian cuisine and salad. Hersh’s pizzas are known to have a toasted crust that is still chewy and also has tasty ingredients.

This restaurant is the ideal location if you’re seeking a cozy setting to catch up with friends. 

7. Tagliata

This upscale restaurant specializes in steak and traditional Italian cuisine with modern twists. Tagliata is the ideal destination if you want a romantic Italian dining experience that transports your taste buds to Italy. 

This restaurant is likely to impress even the pickiest diners with its mouth-watering hand-cut steaks. Not to mention, their savory pasta dishes will satisfy even people tasting pasta for the first time.

Tagliata draws large crowds, including couples, because of its romantic ambiance. 

8. NiHao

Anyone seeking the best in modern Chinese cuisine must visit the recently launched Chinese restaurant NiHao. They serve everything from whole Peking duck to crispy bamboo fish.

Some of the meals you can buy as takeout include Peking duck with sweet and savory sauces, brown rice buns, and chicken chow mein. Also, you can check out their spicy or chilled tofu and the Baiju cocktails on the drink menu. 

9. Charleston

Charleston has been a culinary sensation over the past two decades. In addition, it is a go-to spot for special occasions due to its vast wine list. 

It has a diverse menu that does justice to seafood, poultry, and beef. In addition, Charleston’s menus skillfully merge traditional French preparations with homey South Carolina cuisine. 

You can treat your friends to foods like black truffle risotto, pan-seared foie gras, and slow-roasted pig belly here.

10. La Cuchara 

Try out the Jamon y queso, vermouth by the glass, and pintxos at La Cuchara, and you’ll feel like you are in the Basque Country in Spain.

The restaurant features exposed brick and whitewashed dining room walls to simulate a setting on the other side. 

Pintxos, or small plates, are the mainstay of the menu. The flaky rainbow trout served with natural Serrano ham and haricot verts is a must-try for newcomers. 

11. Woodberry Kitchen 

Using only the freshest seasonal ingredients, the chefs at Woodberry Kitchen put a modern spin on traditional American dishes.

The building has a relaxed vibe as it is eco-friendly and supports regional agriculture. 

The rotating crispy flatbreads with toppings are a hit at brunch. Rockfish and Tilghman Island crab are also two of the best seafood options you can try.

12.  Le Comptoir du Vin

Le Comptoir du Vin is a charming restaurant located at Maryland Avenue that has been in town for a while.

You can get addicted to the tasty house sourdough bread and the chicken liver pate with red wine shallots.

French lentils with curry, labneh, and grilled flatbread or persimmons with creamy mascarpone, are some of the hearty dishes the restaurant is known for.

13. Dylan’s Oyster Cellar 

You can get some of the freshest and best oysters in town at this Hampden seafood restaurant. 

When visiting, you shouldn’t leave Dylan’s without trying the oysters and cocktails (both of which are excellent). 

The restaurant’s expanded and diverse menu demonstrates the full potential of its culinary staff.

14. Cindy Lou’s Fish House 

This restaurant is known for its seafood and expansive patio overlooking the harbor. Southern comfort food is the inspiration for the menu at Cindy Lou’s Fish House. 

You can also enjoy the view of the Domino Sugar Refinery, an iconic local landmark, from the restaurant’s wraparound bar and patio. 

Some of the meals you should not miss are the Carolina gold rice, shrimp, clams, crab, and andouille sausage seafood platter. 

15. Restaurante Tio Pepe 

It’s no surprise that this Baltimore restaurant has been a local favorite for over 50 years.

Classic regional dishes like gazpacho, tortillas, and paella, as well as grilled and roasted meats and seafood, are all on the menu at Tio Pepe. 

A selection of fine wines complements these dishes.

16. Allora

Allora is the perfect place to go if you want to experience European cuisine. It is located in the center of Mt.Vernon and is only open for lunch on weekdays and dinner on weekends.

However, the restaurant gives a welcoming vibe no matter the day of the week. Homemade pasta is the main attraction, and you can always try it.

17. The Helmand 

This is an Afghani restaurant that serves traditional dishes. The setting highlights Afghan art and decorations.

For over 30 years, this restaurant’s naan, meatballs, and ravioli stuffed with leeks have enticed diners to return for more. 

However, the prominent dish people go there to eat is kaddo bowrani, a dish made with baked baby pumpkin with garlic yogurt on top.

18. Mona’s Super Noodle 

This offbeat restaurant serving Lao, Thai, and Vietnamese food has flourished in its prime location on the Avenue corner. 

The head chef uses only the freshest ingredients to prepare meals, like spring rolls, curries, pho, and fried rice. 

You should not miss her Baltimore chicken box featuring fried chicken cooked in a Laotian style, sticky rice, and a sweet dipping sauce.

19. Gertrude’s Chesapeake Kitchen 

Gertrude’s is as much a tourist attraction as it is a local institution due to its location right next to the Baltimore Museum of Art.

It is the place you can go and try local Baltimorean cuisine. The menu features only farm-fresh, locally sourced ingredients. 

Enjoy a light lunch of salads or a hearty supper of seafood enjoyed by locals like Chincoteague Single-Fry Oysters.

20.  Cookhouse

The Maryland Institute College of Art and historic brownstones are both famous in the neighborhood where Cookhouse is located.

The excellent food and drinks are worth the climb up the library staircase behind the bar. If you are preparing for a date night, try the escargot and a dry-aged strip.

Also, order a glass of orange wine and truffle fries at the bar if you want to enjoy a low-key chilled night.

21. The Corner Pantry 

The Corner Pantry is an up-and-coming British eatery that prides itself on using only locally sourced ingredients in its dishes. 

You can get breakfast, lunch, or dinner- to-go from this restaurant. The Corner Pantry has a friendly, laid-back ambiance that is ideal at any time of day.

22. Samos Restaurant 

Samos has satisfied the cravings of the people of Baltimore for a very long time with their delicious Greek cuisine. 

This place is your best bet if you want to eat traditional Greek food. The straightforward yet cozy design of the space allows the food to take center stage.

23. Union Collective 

The union collective is known for its diverse setting and features different local businesses.

You can get a pint of excellent beer like Divine IPA, ice cream from The Charmery, and locally distilled whiskey from Baltimore Spirits Company. 

You can visit all these spots at Union Collective.

24. Bar Vasquez

Rustic and refined best describes the atmosphere at Bar Vasquez, an upscale Argentine restaurant.  

Duck breast, chicken ala plancha, and octopus are a few examples of protein-heavy meals that pay homage to Argentinian cooking.

You can try something new by eating pork belly pintxos and steak pintxos.

25. True Chesapeake Oyster Co. 

Whitehall Mill is home to this seafood eatery. It would be best if you did not miss Chesapeake staples such as roasted oysters, a farmhouse salad with seasonal vegetables, and crab dip mac and cheese.

26. Cosima

In Hampden, you’ll find the trendy southern Italian restaurant Cosima, known for its tasty Sicilian and Italian fare.

Cosima is a top-notch restaurant in Baltimore because its menu and unique drinks stay true to Sicily’s authentic Mediterranean flavors.

27. Sotto Sopra 

Since its opening in 1996, Sotto Sopra has been known for delivering traditional Italian dishes prepared in innovative ways.

Don’t miss out on the pumpkin ravioloni with amaretti cookies in a cream sauce and squid ink pasta with shrimp and calamari.

28. Azumi

Azumi is a chic Japanese grill inside the Four Seasons. They serve high-end dishes made with ingredients like wagyu short rib. 

They are famous for their sushi made with fresh fish flown from Tokyo’s renowned Tsukiji Fish Market.

29. Gunther&Co 

Search no further if you want a place to watch a game while enjoying handmade cocktails and international cuisine. 

This fantastic restaurant is decorated with wood, metal, and plants to enhance the outdoor area. The seating arrangement allows customers to enjoy their meals while watching a game on the TV.

30. Paulie Gee’s Hampden 

There’s a good reason this place isn’t just Baltimore’s best pizza joint but also one of the best restaurant in Baltimore.

You can access a wide variety of vegan options on the restaurant’s extensive pie menu. 

This high-end restaurant is known for making pizzas in single portions ordered individually.

31. Sally O’s 

Come here for homemade comfort food that will make your table a mess but satisfy you. As a food lover, you can try the real show-stopper; the Highlandtown Smashburger. 

This burger has two huge patties made from a blend of short brisket, rib, and chuck, topped with extra ingredients like fried onion, pickles, and more on a potato bun.

32. The Corner Pantry 

You can dine on modern British fare made with ingredients from nearby farms and producers at the Corner Pantry. There is a menu option for breakfast, lunch, and dinner here. 

There are also takeout alternatives for those on the go. The Corner Pantry has an easygoing and friendly vibe that’s great at any time of day.

33. Café Dear Leon 

Snacks such as crispy ham, cheese croissants, and shiny egg tarts are a delight here. In addition, this simple and modern restaurant has a whole coffee and tea selection which you can sip while relaxing.

In particular, the shop’s traditional Japanese egg sandwich is quite popular, so it’s best to arrive early to avoid disappointment.

Conclusion: Best Restaurant In Baltimore

When dining out in this city, don’t limit yourself to the popular classic restaurants.

Now that you have a list of the best restaurants in Baltimore, feel free to tour them and try new cuisines. 

We hope you enjoy yourself as you dine at any of the restaurants listed in this article.


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