What is turndown service?


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Turndown service is a room service offered in luxury hotels and resorts, in which a maid makes the bed and “turns down” the corners of the bedclothes in order to make it look neat.

This is usually done in the evening with turndown service delivered before guests retire for the night. It usually involves one or more items of luxury hotel linen, such as an extra pillowcase, an extra sheet at each end of the bed, or an embroidered or otherwise decorated duvet cover.

Turndown service was first made popular at the Great Northern Hotel in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

The term “turndown service” may also refer to a similar service typically performed on long haul flights for those passengers who have slept through breakfast and dinner, that is, the flight attendant will turn down the bedding and leave some snacks such as nuts or chocolates. This is usually performed during overnight flight to ensure restful sleep.

What is turndown service?

What is the point of a turndown service?

The point of a turndown service is to give a sense of order and tidiness to a room. Also, it provides guests with a “sense of being at home” when they come home from a hectic day at work or school. In fact, the purpose is often subconscious: guests may not hope that the cleaning will be perfect, but will nevertheless sense that their room was cleaned by an attentive person.

In a hotel, a turndown service can offer a setting in which guests might feel relaxed and receptive to the service of the housekeepers. It can subtly reinforce a sense of safety and security in a hotel room. In hotels, the turndown service is an opportunity for an employee to have casual contact with guests, thus contributing to creating an atmosphere in which people feel comfortable.

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Do you tip turndown service?

No, not usually.

How much tip do you leave for hotel maid?

In North America, a 1-2% tip is left for a hotel maid for making the bed and turning down the room. In other parts of the world, there is no custom for any tip to be left. In Europe, it is usually customary to tip 1-2 euros per person in a private room and 2-6 euros per person in a suite.

What do hotels do with money from turndown service?

In North America, 1% of the amount paid by guests in a hotel to have a serviceman or an employee perform a turndown service goes directly to the employer. In many countries, this customs does not apply.

Is there anything else I need to know about the turndown service?

From a practical perspective, guests may not be interested in receiving a turndown service, but expect that the room will be cleaned by the maids. However, this expectation does not necessarily translate into expectations of perfectness; it can mean only that there was at least some attempt to tidy up.


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