15 most expensive houses in Canada and their owners

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Obviously, the most expensive houses in Canada are situated in the province of British Columbia, Ontario and Vancouver. As a matter of fact, the most luxurious mansion in Canada is in Oakville area.

To begin with, Canada is without any iota of doubt one of the best countries in the world with a serene environment to live. The country is one with lots of comfort.

In fact, the country stands out among other of the world when it comes to factors like quality of life, balance between work and life, etc. The country has excellent remarks in those areas.

Even, it is one of the countries of the world with a low crime rate, good and quality education, serene environment with friendly people, and lots more.


However, as interesting as this country is, its good reputation is being affected constantly by the uncommon imbalances in the real-estate sector.

15 most luxurious mansions in Canada

Factors such as mortgage stress testing and more may have contributed to the cooling of the Canadian housing market so slightly.

But yet, one can still dream and fantasies about what one can actually do with any of the 15 most expensive houses in Canada right now.

Some of these houses are mansions; some have natural helipads, but all of the 15 luxurious houses have one thing in common: million dollars worth and value.

Most expensive mansions in Canada and their owners

Top 15 Most Expensive Houses in Canada

Before you capitalize on a house, it’s advisable you pay off your debts and ensure that your kids future are well taken care of.


After all is done, why not, you like any other luxurious house owner need a treat too. And a new beautiful house with all the aesthetic amenities will just do.

But nonetheless, you must be informed that some of these expensive houses are put up for sale in the real estate market, and some are meant for holidays.

If you, therefore, want to go into the real estate market to get a house, here is the comprehensive list of the most expensive houses in Canada to look forward to:

1. Chelster Hall, Oakville, Ontario

The most expensive house in Canada is situated at Oakville, Ontario. There’s no doubt about that. Perhaps, at the time of compiling this publication.

The great Jacobean-style countryside mansion, as being listed by many realtors as the most luxurious mansion and expensive house in the country.


This mega property is very close to the popular rapper, Drake’s mansion and rumor had it that it is own by Ann Kaplan. The house has its own name too, it is called Chelster Hall.

Most expensive houses in Canada

Chelster Hall has more than enough space to emit comfort — even to an extended family. It is furnished with six bedrooms, 13 bathrooms and 42 parking spaces.

If you should look at this property from the lake Ontario ‘Gold Coast’, it will at first appear as though it was built in sometime around 19th century. But in reality, the luxurious mansion was completed in 2006.

The Chelster hall feature a grand foyer, couple with a pretty wooden spiral staircase. On the building main floor, there is a two-story library.


Also, there is a 16-seat table dinning room, a chandelier, and an aesthetic molded fireplace.

The Upstairs is equipped with five luxurious bedrooms, private en-suite bathrooms, spacious closets, and more.

More so, Chelster hall has excellent entertainment facilities which include a full movie theater, amazing pool’s room, gym, beautiful bowling alley in the basement, tennis court, etc.

All in all, this most expensive mansion in Canada had a starting price worth $65 million sometimes in 2016. But has a result of imbalances in the real estate, it has lost $7 million value over the years.

2. Belmont Estate, Vancouver

Another expensive house with a hefty price tag in Canada could be found in Belmont Estate.

Another expensive house with a hefty price tag in Canada could be found in Belmont Estate. The house is valued to have worth $58,000,000.


The house is listed for sale, and would-be buyers could help themselves and visit the place to check things out themselves.

The building has a five-bedroom with amazing views of the magnificent Pacific Ocean and mighty Vancouver skyline.

In addition, the mega property’s 1.28 acres of land includes a stone waterfall, a dozen full bathrooms, “soaring ceilings”, etc.

What’s more, Belmont Estate also have a jaw-dropping grand hall that realtors claimed to have been played in by several world-class artists and musicians.

3. $39,980,000 – British Columbia

This the most expensive houses in British Columbia and one of the most luxurious in the whol

This the most expensive houses in British Columbia and one of the most luxurious in the whole of Canada.

The house is still up for sale online and the listing price according to Dailyhawker is $39.98 million.


It features include a whopping seven bedrooms that is equipped with an aquarium, wine cellar, pool, and gym.

4. 1243 Chartwell Place, West Vancouver

This West Vancouver luxury was built as far back as 1985 but got an extensive and fascinating renovation in 2017.

Luxurious mansion in Canada

The main house has a billiards rooms, indoor pool, sauna, an office, media room, and a wine cellar. It worth $39.9 million in value.

5. House no. 68, The Bridle Path, Toronto

this luxurious house was valued to have worth $39.5 million.

As expensive as this house is, it doesn’t have a name yet because it’s listed for sale. The new owner can name it anything.

To us, it can be described as a “Little Behemoth.” When estimated, the luxurious house was valued to have worth $39.5 million.


6. Penthouse 2 – West Cordova Street, Vancouver

Penthouse 2 - West Cordova Street, Vancouver is one of the most expensive houses in Canada

Being one of the most expensive houses in Canada, this Penthouse 2 is located at West Cordova street, Vancouver.

Initially, this luxurious building was listed for sale at the rate of $58. But having caught up in the Canadian real estate mess, it has dropped to $38.4 million.

This giant house has four bedrooms with four bathrooms, soaring 20 foot ceilings, seven private garage and many more.

7. Real Life Downton Abbey, Montreal

Real Life Downton Abbey, Montreal

This property is one of the Montreal’s most expensive houses listed for sale in February. The price tag then was $29.5 million.

The house features 10 bedrooms and equipped with eight well furnished bathrooms. The home sits, comfortably, on almost two acres of land.


The future owner of this mega property would proudly called it a “real life Downton Abbey,” funny though.

Nevertheless, the house was said to have been built by J.W. McConnell, a renowned architect who has business history with the Rockefellers dated back to 1924.

8. Fawn Bluff Cove, Other Islands BC

With $28.8 million, there’s nothing stopping you from having this beautiful house with a beam dream carefully placed on 340 acre estate.

Most expensive house in Canada

Informatively, Fawn Bluff Cove is currently being marketed by the realtor as “the quintessential Canadian retreat.”

Of course, the house has a private lake that is stocked with rainbow trout, Guest House, a Founder’s Lodge, Lake Cottage, staff quarters for the favourite employees, etc.

9. $21,990,000 Luxury house in Ontario


This expensive house in Canada is located in Ontario. In fact, the mansion is one of the most luxurious with a price tag of $21.99 million.

With this asking price, the lucky owner will get an indoor pool, multiple kitchens, home theatre, elevator, and more.

10. The Bridle Path, Toronto

Equally, there’s another fascinating and one of the most expensive houses in Canada is located at the Bridle Path, Toronto. The house cost $19,800,000 when estimated.

It is one of the most compelling houses in Canada as it contemporary glass architecture will definitely grab anybody’s attention right from the get-go.

The Asian-inspired rear gem features fascinating feats of engineering. It has a 32-foot-long glass wall couple with sliding doors that hold the outdoors together with the insides, thereby giving a perfect and tranquil balance.


11. $18,800,000 – An Entire Quebec Village

In case a luxury mansion isn’t good enough, an entire farm or rather a village is for sale in Quebec. The $18.8 million property features its own beach, an adorable house, a church that was converted into a house, two old schoolhouses, and a number of other accessory buildings.

12. House no. 489 Lakeshore Rd., Oakville

 House no. 489 Lakeshore Rd., Oakville

This beautiful house has been listed for sale at the rate of $17 million. Although the house is without a name yet, it could be best described as the “masterpiece of neoclassic and accessibility”.

Reason being that the house is simply a work of art and it was constructed by Ferris Rafauli in 2009. The property has five bedrooms and equipped with six bathrooms.


And there are additional two powder rooms, to boot, indoor pool, three kitchens, wine cellar, spa, gym, etc.

13. Villa Florentine, The Gore Road, Caledon

Yet another luxurious house with equestrian facility, private lake, spa, lake pool and more. With $16 million, this European-inspired estate could be yours.

14. Ritzy House, 4901-50 Yorkville Ave., Toronto

This luxurious house is without a name and owner for now too. It has been valued and estimated to have worth $15,900,000 million.

15. House 102 in Crescent Rd., Calgary

A specularly unique house that is listed at $10,888,888. It sits at 102 Crescent Road NW in Calgary.

The house has all the necessary drool-worthy luxury features that anyone would expect. These luxuries include a media room, a gym, a wine cellar, a private deck, etc.


Surprisingly, this house was initially owned by the former CEO of Shaw Communications, late Jim Shaw.


As it has been said earlier, Canada real estate sector is in the middle of uncommon imbalances. But nevertheless, we are able to trace the most expensive houses in Canada right now.

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