Polaris Bank USSD Transfer Code for Transfer, Airtime, Data and Bills


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In this post today, we will be discussing the Polaris bank USSD transfer code, how to buy Airtime for yourself, how to buy data, pay bills, and lots more directly from your bank account.

The world has gone digital and so are all commercial banks in Nigeria. To compete with other elite banks in the country, Polaris bank also fancy the mobile and internet banking.

Therefore, whether you are an avid customer or seasonal user of Polaris bank, you will be exposed to the bank recognized USSD code for transferring fund, buying airtime, data and the likes.

This code is very simple and easy to use. It doesn’t require the internet or data connection. It works as a mobile banking system and not internet banking.

To execute this task, all that you need is a mobile phone furnished with a Sim card you used when creating or opening the Polaris bank account.

The Brief History of Polaris Bank Nigeria Limited

The Polaris Bank Nigeria limited came into limelight on 21st of September, 2018 under the inherent influence, rights, and power conferred on the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN).

The Bank is a relic of the old Skye Bank of Nigeria and the purpose of establishing the bank is to provide a full-fledged commercial service to the good people of Nigerians.

In a bid to speed up its pending activities that are under the old name, Polaris Bank commenced its operation the same day the Central Bank of Nigeria commissioned it as a commercial bank in the country.

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We therefore believe that in this post, you will learn how to carry out some mobile banking transactions, get to know the Polaris Bank USSD Transfer code, etc.

Polaris Bank Transfer Code

Features of the Polaris Bank USSD Transfer Code

With the Polaris Bank transfer code to be discussed sooner, you will get to benefits all of the following from it:

  • You’ll be able check your account status any time, any where;
  • Airtime, data, and all kinds of bills can be purchased using the USSD code at anytime, anywhere, and any days of the week;
  • With the USSD code you can recharge your family, friends and loved ones;
  • You can transfer money to anybody at anytime, anywhere, and any days of the week:
  • It is always available to use 24/7;
  • It is easy, simple, and effortless to use, etc.

How do I Register for Mobile Banking Using the Polaris Bank USSD Codes?

To use the Polaris Bank transfer code conveniently to your advantage, you must firstly enroll into the Polaris mobile banking system or service.

So if you already have a Polaris or Skye Bank debit card linked to your account, enrolling into the system will be lot easier.

To do this, kindly follow the steps below:

  • Dial *833*1# on your phone and a list of debit card numbers (masked) that are linked to your account will be displayed;
  • Choose your most preferred debit card;
  • Enter the debit card 4-digits Personal Identification Number (PIN);
  • Choose a new 4-digit PIN;
  • Press okay.

Once you do that, you will receive a prompt response confirming that your Polaris bank transfer PIN code has been generated successfully.

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Polaris Bank USSD Transfer Code For All Transactions

The Polaris Bank USSD transfer code for the bank transfer, airtime recharge, and other forms of mobile transactions is *833#.

Once you must have dialed the code, you will receive a pop-up instruction that will tell you what to do next. And of course, you select the procedure that is relevant to your desired transaction.

Equally, the *833# Polaris Bank USSD Code can be used to open a fresh Polaris account from the scratch, it can be used to buy airtime, pay your NEPA bills, and other subscriptions conveniently.

How to Use the Polaris Bank USSD Transfer Code to Recharge for Self

To recharge yourself directly from your Polaris account, you must firstly make sure that the Sim card you used when opening the account is inserted into your phone.

After that, dial *833*AMOUNT# on the phone dialer and press send. For instance: *833*500# and press okay or send.

You’ll receive a message shortly confirming that the transaction is successful. The amount will be credited to your phone number, and the money will be deducted from your Polaris account.

Polaris Bank Ussd Code

How to Recharge for Others Using the Polaris USSD Transfer Codes

One of the beauties of mobile banking is that you can do anything almost on the go. As much as you can recharge for yourself you can do same to a third party.

So if you will be recharging your family member, friend, or your loved ones directly from your Polaris account, dial *833*AMOUNT*PHONE NUMBER#

For instance: *833*500*08103287168# and press okay. Once the transaction is successful, the recipient prepaid account will be credited with N500 and same will be deducted from your account.

How to Use USSD Code to Check Account Balance on Polaris Bank

To check your account balance on the go as a Polaris Bank user, simply dial 8336# on your phone. You will receive a prompt response containing your Polaris account book balance.

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While this is very simple, you must note that the transaction will not be successful if the Sim card on your phone is not associated with the bank.

Also, you must have registered or enroll into the Polaris Bank USSD service or mobile banking system.

How to Use Polaris USSD Codes To Pay Bills

Other than transferring fund, buying airtime for yourself or a third party, buying data, and the likes, you can as well pay utilities bills using USSD code.

Therefore, to pay the bill of any kind using the Polaris Bank ussd transfer code, dial *833*2# and follow the prompts instructions on your phone.

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End Note

Whatever transaction you are making using the Polaris Bank USSD transfer code, it’s important you double check the digits you entered before authorizing the transaction.

This is very vital because once you made mistake by transferring fund or recharging someone else other than the desired person, it can never be undone.


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