What features to look for in student accommodation?


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Over 200,000 international students from 170 nations have recently enrolled in Melbourne’s universities. The education system in Melbourne is ranked relatively high. For example, the Times Higher Education world university rankings (2023) listed the University of Melbourne at 34th.

Where you live significantly impacts your overall experience of that stay. However, attending classes and searching for a new place for accommodation can take time and effort. It’s crucial to thoroughly consider your options for student housing because failing to do so early on might leave you with big regrets when you’re 45 minutes from campus, and it’s pouring rain.

Here is the information if you want to know how to find accommodation when studying in Melbourne.


The location

Consider your priorities before beginning to look at options. The location should be at the top of your list while looking for student dorms. If you’re taking a challenging course and expect to spend a lot of time in the library, think about finding housing near a university or at a transportation hub that will make it easy for you to travel back and forth.

Likewise, if you’re concerned about your social life, look for accommodations in neighbourhoods with a lot of student traffic and convenient access to the city centre.


Even though it might be tempting to forget that there are gadgets in your student apartment, doing so will put your safety at risk. Appliances will be used daily, so anything that isn’t quite perfect can quickly tire you out.

When you visit, inquire about appliances and carefully evaluate them while considering your unique situation. There should be good appliances, and they should all be functioning well. A little fridge might be ideal if you are the only user.


Make sure to consider housing facilities in addition to closeness and appliances. Anything from fast wifi to a gym area on site can be considered. Aside from saving money, having facilities nearby can help manage time.

At reasonable student accommodations in Melbourne, they provide a variety of amenities like a gym, a movie theatre, high-speed internet, and plenty of study spaces, saving you trips to the library.

Community Spaces

Keep an eye out for the communal areas when looking at accommodations. Do they exist at all, and more crucially, are they welcoming? Whether you’re a first-year student who has never lived away from your home or a seasoned third-year student, using shared spaces should be a top priority.

They can be utilised as social gathering spots or for study. When you visit, be sure to enquire about any activities offered in the common areas.

The public spaces of reasonable student accommodations in Melbourne include a café, study area, BBQ area, hosting cuisine, and Bicycle storage area. The cost of accommodation in Melbourne varies depending on the neighbourhood and amenities available. In Melbourne, the weekly rent would be approximately AUD 300. International student enrollment in Australia increased by 21% between 2017 and 2019. Therefore, the accommodation demand is likely to be high.


After obtaining a seat at a university far from home, one of the first things that must be prepared is student housing. Since university courses are typically longer than a year, students favour less expensive lodging, closer to the university, and easier commute.

These are some things that students usually consider before making a decision. Your accommodation should be the ideal location to study effectively and without hassle. The place where you live significantly impacts the kind of life you’ll lead and how peaceful you feel. So, make the right choice.


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