15 Universities in Canada Without Application Fee For International Students


The importance of education in this contemporary age can never be overemphasized. People from different countries travel far and wide all in the name of academic pursuit.

But what is the use of an academic struggle when there is no strong means of finance? Hence, this article will provide you with 15 best universities in Canada without application fee you should apply for.


It’s immaterial whether you’ve spent a fortune — over the years — on application fees or you are just starting out and wouldn’t like to spend all your life savings on application fees only.

What matters the most is that this list of universities in Canada without application fee you should apply for is meant for both domestic and international students consumption. Trust me, you will find the list very useful.

Informatively, application fees in most universities are non-refundable, hence the moment you apply and make payment, the money is gone for good — whether or not you’re offered admission.

Many foreign students have lost the hope of schooling abroad because of the exorbitant amount they’ve spent on application only and yet, none of the universities will considered them for admission or at least refund the money spent on the application processes.

Top Universities in Canada without Application Fee For International and Domestic Students

If you’ve applied or very conversant with any of the Canadian universities before, you must have found out that almost all the universities in Canada charge their international students some application fee for admission application.


Yet, this fee — as exorbitant as it is — is not in any way a guarantee that your application will be considered. Thus, this list has come in handy as it’ll give you the top Universities that don’t charge application fees in Canada for International and local students.

Equally, you might want to consider studying in another location where education is being given utmost attention and importance like USA, Germany, Malaysia etc.

You can check this guide I compiled on the list of top Universities in Germany that are tuition-free. Sequentially, these universities in Canada without application fee offers a scholarship program for but the graduate and undergraduate.

Without much delay, let’s kindly take a critical look at the run down of the top universities in Canada without application fee that made our list.

Top Universities in Canada Without Application Fee for international students and local students alike

  • Royal Roads University;
  • Quest University International;
  • Redeemer University;
  • Booth University College;
  • Fairleigh Dickinson University;
  • The University of Winnipeg;
  • Mount Allison University;
  • University of Calgary ;
  • University of Victoria;
  • University of Alberta;
  • Canadian Virtual University;
  • University of New Brunswick;
  • University of British Columbia;
  • Tyndale University; and
  • Centennial College.

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1. Royal Roads University

Without iota of doubt, one of the leading universities in Canada without application fee for both domestic and foreign students is the Royal Roads University.

Royal Roads University in Canada is a government owned university that is nestled in Colwood, British Columbia. This university is used to admitting over five thousand students every year.

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As an applicant to this school, be informed that Royal Roads offer degree programs, postgraduate, and doctorate degrees for both International and local students alike.

This university have an online platform where admission seekers can visit in other to apply for the school without having to pay any application fee.

Yet, Royal Road University will still give quality attention to all their applicants in other to see the best match that are eligible and up for the school admission.


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2. Quest University International

Quest University is a for-profit university located in the city of Squamish, British Columbia. The university is small though, only housing not more than 700 students annually.

This school is known for its keen interest on Liberal Arts and some basic Sciences. They offer degree program as well as some postgraduate courses on Sciences and the Liberal Art.

Thus, Canadian university also don’t charge it applicants (whether local or international) for application fee when applying online prior to the application form deadline.

However, Quest University most often charge a certain amount to accept any application coming late after the initial application deadline. Hence, all applicants to the school are expected to beat or meet the deadline.

3. Redeemer University

The Redeemer University is situated in the beautiful city of Ontario, Canada. The school is more of a ‘religious’ university as they combine most of their academic activities with religious rite.

So if you’ll be staying abroad, say Canada, for your degree or postgraduate courses, Redeemer University also don’t accept application fee from its foreign students but they charge late registration fee, too, just like the Quest University.

Essence, if you’ll be seeking admission into this school without paying a dime for as application fee, it’s advisable that you apply on time before the application closing date.


4. Booth University College

The Booth University College is another great school in Canada that doesn’t accept application fee, albeit the higher institution of learning will only request for 500 CAD from all of its applicants that have been considered to study in the school.

This fee is meant for the admitted students to claim their admission slot, which means only applicants who scaled through the screening exercise and considered for admission are liable for the fee.

5. Fairleigh Dickinson University

Another leading Canadian university with little or no application fee is Fairleigh Dickinson University. As an admission seeker, you can visit the school official webpage to fill out their application form online and upload all necessary documents for fee so far you apply online.

That is to say, applying for Fairleigh Dickinson University online is the only way your application fee can be waived by the university.

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6. The University of Winnipeg

Also, the University of Winnipeg is another top school in Canada with no application fee. The university is highly sought in the country as it offers one of the best undergraduate and graduate courses.

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Plus, the school have faculties of education, art, science and kinesiology, business and economics, applied health among others.

7. Mount Allison University

Without doubt, Mount Allison University is one of the best and highly celebrated university in Canada without application fee. The school is well planned with good academic calendar.

Accordingly, Mount Allison University welcomed international students to study any course of their choice from the Faculty of Arts or Humanities, Science and Social Sciences.

Compared to other top universities in Canada that accept application fee from their applicants, Mount Allison University gives foreign students the opportunity to apply for admission online without paying a dime.


However, the admitted students will have to deposit 100 CAD as a registration fee after they must have been considered by the university for admission. For more details about the school, kindly click here for more information.

8. University of Victoria

University of Victoria is classified as one of the top rank universities in Canada. Thanks school is well furnished with academic equipment, well versed and knowledgable professors, serene environment for study and many more.

Usually, the University of Victoria charges an application fee but at a relatively low price, however, international students from certain countries, say North America, can apply to the school for free.

In addition, the university offers numerous undergraduate programs, postgraduate and Doctorate degrees. Admission into this school is quite difficult, too, as the university is well established in Canada and built of qualities.

9. University of Alberta

Studying abroad can be sometime stressful and boring, but going to the University of Alberta will definitely change the story line. This is because, the school have enough facilities to keep you up and doing.

What’s more, international students from different part of the world can apply to the magnificent University of Alberta without any penny for application fee.

Similarly, the school charge 100 CAD as graduate application fee, albeit applicants from the undeveloped countries are allowed to do the registration free of charge. Magnanimous, isn’t it?


So if you want to be part of this graduate application fee waiver as an international student, your citizenship certificate, mailing address as well as your home address have to be from any less developed countries.

Should your personal details be traced to a developed nation, you will be forced to pay the required $100 CAD which is a non-refundable fee.

10. University of Calgary

Next on the list of universities in Canada without application fee is University of Calgary. This school is magnanimous enough to give this opportunity to the citizens of some countries that are currently on the U.S travel embargo.

The University offer undergraduate degree programs as well as postgraduate courses and their academic calendar is equivalent to that of the top universities in the world.

In a bid to ensure education for all, University of Calgary therefore decided to waive its application fee right to every students that comes from the seven countries that are under the U.S travel ban. This will give the interested students every single opportunity to keep pursuing their studies.

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11. Canadian Virtual University

As the name implies, the Canadian Virtual University is offers online learning to successful candidates that applied for various degree programs.

This university doesn’t charge for application fee too.
The virtual university offers over 300 complete degrees with 2500 accredited courses and degree certificates for both its distance as well as online education.


So if you’ll like to own a certificate from a Canadian university but don’t have the means of traveling down to Canada as an international student, the Canadian Virtual University is there for you.

12. University of New Brunswick

The University of New Brunswick was established in 1785. The school is standard and we’ll equipped with numerous academic apparatus and staff. As standard as this university, it doesn’t charge its applicants for application fee too.

In addition, the University of New Brunswick have two major campuses and they are located in Saint John as well as Fredericton, New Brunswick. The school offers 75 undergraduate programs plus research programs in more than 35 fields.

All in all, the University of New Brunswick, Canada is another Canadian university that gave utmost priority to the students from the seven countries of the world affected by the U.S travel ban.

13. University of British Columbia

The University of British Columbia is no doubt one of the leading universities in Canada. It is a public university founded in 1908 in Vancouver. The school doesn’t accept application fee as well.

More so, the University of British Columbia have several graduate and post-doctoral courses. There are 12 distinct faculties that offer degree in the fields of architecture, art, business, dentistry, forestry, sciences, among others.


14. Tyndale University, Canada

The Tyndale University has been in existence for over a century now. It is a for-profit and Christian university, though small but have beautiful academic buildings that can house up to 1,300 students approximately.

The school offers interesting undergraduate degree programs in the field of Administration, English, education, History, religious studies, philosophy etc.

For the graduate and postgraduate program, the university’s seminary is flagged to award only three master degrees plus the Doctor of Ministry.

Be that as it may, the Tyndale University main campus is nestled in the beaming city of Toronto. So if you’re thinking of pursuing your academic carrier at Tyndale University as a Canadian or American, the school wouldn’t charge you for any application fee.

15. Centennial College

The Centennial College also made the list of the Canadian universities that doesn’t charge its applicants for application fee. This opportunity is open to both local and their international students.

The school have an online portal where interested candidates can visit to fill out their application form without paying a dime.

Also, there are numerous undergraduate and postgraduate disciplines for both the international and domestic students. Fantastic disciplines like mass communication, engineering, business management, mental health, and many more.


However, if you are here to see the full list of the top universities in canada without application fee, then the above mentioned universities and colleges should be your ideal search point.

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