Can I do Masters with a second class lower?


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I decided to write on this top query on Quora “Can I do Masters with a second class lower?” because I know it will be helpful to our dear visitors here too.

To begin with, it is important you note that it is not a crime to graduate with second class lower. At times, that doesn’t qualify your academic worth.

So never loose the hope of making it into any of the top Universities home and abroad for your post graduate degree.

In fact, many students might and some are currently making the mistake of thinking that graduating with a 2.2 means they can’t do a Master’s.

This assumption is not always the case. Class of degree is not the only determinant factors to gain admission for Masters.

That is to say there’s more to your Master’s application than what you graduated with during your undergraduate degree program.

So if you are holding a lower class degree certificate and you are so much interested in postgraduate program, then read on.

Well, it is just human to feel like your hope of doing your Masters have been dashed and quashed by graduating with a second lower class.

But the truth is, you are having a better chance and hope than those that are having third class or pass. So keep the hope alive.

Can I do Master’s with a second class lower?

If you have been searching the internet looking for an answer as to whether or not you can do Masters with 2.2, then the answer is YES!

Absolutely, you can do your Masters degree with second class lower in any country of your choice in the world so far you meet their other admission requirements.

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As a matter of fact, many postgraduate courses will openly and clearly include a 2.2 (second class lower) or above in their Master’s programs entry requirements.

To be direct and blunt, you could do your Master’s degree with a third class, pass, or even with a HND result.

Most Universities consider Masters application on an individual basis if they have non-standard qualifications or lower or pass grade.

Nonetheless, it’s very important we, however, clearly states it that there are tons of people fighting for the same admission spot as yours, you may need some other relevant courses or work experience to compliment your results.

Should I do my Masters at home or abroad with my second class lower?

There is one thing I need to clear your mind off, and that’s the fact that you can’t underestimate your class of degree just like that.

The fact that you didn’t got second class upper or a first class doesn’t mean your 2.2 is without any value.

It certainly doesn’t in any way mean you won’t be seen or treated as a great or important candidate by admissions officers abroad.

A degree result, in whatever class or form is still and will still be rewarded as a degree. You had strived hard before you arrived at such class.

Your second class lower or third class is still an incredible feat and you can use it to apply for Masters admission even in Havard or Yale or University of Sydney or University of Liverpool, etc.

So I personally see no reason why you might see your 2.2 as a reason not to pursue your postgraduate education anywhere that your heart desires.

If you had put in all your best during your undergraduate level but your results did not in any way reflected how much work and effort you put into it, then something is not right.

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It could be either that the subject or course or the discipline you studied might not be for you or the University that you attended wasn’t quite right for you.

As such, you can use your postgraduate degrees to right the wrongs. But nite that post-graduate degree can be more difficult and require adequate research than undergrad degrees.

Notwithstanding, Master’s courses are varied and they’ll give you room to dive deep into areas or discipline that interest you.

Hence, whether you do your Masters in your home country or abroad, in you may later realize that postgraduate conditions are what you actually needed to thrive and succeed, after all!

How to get Into a Master’s programme with a second class lower

At this juncture, you’ll be exposed to how to get or secure admission for your Masters program with your 2.2 result.

I’ll unravel the basic cheats that you can use or follow to give you an edge over other applicants that you vying for the same spot together.

Thus, if you are applying to do your Master’s degree with a second lower class degree certificate, make sure you perfect your application.

Remember what I said earlier that your result is not the only entry level requirements for masters degree, there are other things involved.

As an international student, there’s need for you to write an IELTS exam which you need to score nothing less than 7, your personal statement should be brilliantly written.

Endeavor to have as many work or relevant experience in your field or discipline of study in your undergraduate degree.

Having all these on ground before making your Masters application will definitely strengthen your case and prove you actually have passion for the subject.

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More importantly, it is very important you address the reasons why you had second class lower honours whenever you have the opportunity.

Most especially, if you’re applying for a Masters degree with 2:1 as the entry requirement.

Explicitly stated why you think you graduated with a lower class degree, what you did wrong, what happened or held you back at that time, etc.

Taking responsibility for your fall and showing the admission officers the lesson you’ve learnt you’ve from your undergrad result will go a long way.

It will be a great and better way to restructure your second class lower as a positive learning curve.


From the foregoing, it’s our humble believe that we’ve brilliantly answered your question “can I do Masters with a second class lower?”

In case of any further query, don’t hesitate to use the comment section. Thanks.


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