List Of Top Cinemas In Lagos And Their Addresses And Prices (2024)


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If you’re looking for the best cinemas in Lagos, then you should check out Filmhouse IMAX Lekki, Genesis Deluxe Cinemas, Terra Kulture Arena, Filmhouse Cinemas, Silverbird Cinemas, among others. They all offer premium seating and in-theatre dining. 

Are you in the mood for a movie night out in Lagos? A night at the movies sounds like a great way to spend an evening. I’m always up for an adventure on the silver screen.

Lagos is home to some of the best cinemas in the country. There’s something for everyone, from luxurious cinemas with reclining seats and in-theatre dining options to smaller, independent cinemas with a cosy, old-school vibe. 

In this article, we’ll explore the best cinemas in Lagos so that you can find the perfect spot for your movie night! 

Best Cinemas in Lagos

1. Filmhouse IMAX Lekki

Filmhouse IMAX Lekki

If you’re looking for the best cinema experience in Lagos, look no further than Filmhouse IMAX Lekki. This state-of-the-art cinema features a giant IMAX screen, surround sound system, and comfortable seats. 

You can choose to watch movies, from blockbusters to independent films. And the best part? The popcorn is delicious! Check out Filmhouse IMAX Lekki. You won’t be disappointed!

Location: Lekki Phase 1.

Features: This cinema boasts one of West Africa’s biggest screens. The IMAX experience is unrivalled, offering viewers crisp visuals and impeccable sound quality. They also feature regular cinema halls for standard film viewings.

Standout Qualities: State-of-the-art IMAX technology, VIP halls, comfortable seating, and a great selection of movies.

2. Silverbird Cinemas

Silverbird Cinemas

Silverbird Cinemas is another top-notch cinema in Lagos. It features luxurious reclining seats, a state-of-the-art sound system, and a variety of concessions; it is the perfect place to relax and enjoy a movie. 

This cinema is located in the heart of Lagos, which makes it easy to get to. A wide range of movies play every day: you certainly won’t want to miss that. If you’re looking for a movie night out in Lagos, check out Silverbird Cinemas.

Location: There are various branches, but the most famous one is at Victoria Island.

Features: Multiple screens showcasing Hollywood and Nollywood films, with comfortable seating and modern amenities.

Standout Qualities: They often hold movie premieres and red-carpet events, which makes it a favourite spot for celebrities and film enthusiasts.

3. Genesis Deluxe Cinemas (GDC)

Genesis Deluxe Cinemas (GDC)

This is yet another great option for catching a movie in Lagos. Its five-star service and various seating options make it the perfect place to enjoy a night out with friends or family. 

And with its modern facilities and state-of-the-art technology, it’s sure to provide an unparalleled cinematic experience. So, check out Genesis Deluxe Cinemas next time you’re in the mood for a movie. You’ll be glad you did!

Location: Multiple locations, including The Palms Mall, Lekki, and Maryland Mall.

Features: Digital projection and sound, online ticket booking, VIP experience, and a mix of Hollywood and Nollywood films.

Standout Qualities: Excellent customer service, plush interiors, and frequent promotions for loyal customers.

In this video, see what a movie experience looks like in Genesis Deluxe Cinema Lagos.

4. Terra Kulture Arena

Are you looking for a different kind of cinema experience? Check out Terra Kulture Arena, Lagos’ only art house cinema. It is a great place to see a film because it is well-equipped with state-of-the-art sound and projection systems and comfortable seats.

Terra Kulture Arena


The cinema also has a large screen which makes it easy to see the film even if you are sitting in the back. There is also a bar and restaurant for people who want to relax and enjoy a night out.

Location: Victoria Island.

Features: More than just a cinema, Terra Kulture is a cultural centre showcasing Nigerian arts, crafts, and movies. Their cinema experience is unique, often focused on African films and documentaries.

Standout Qualities: A perfect blend of entertainment and culture. Their theatre also hosts stage plays, making it a hub for artistic expression.

5. Ozone Cinemas

Ozone Cinemas

Ozone Cinemas is a chain of cinemas in Nigeria. It is one of the largest cinema chains in the country, with over 20 cinemas in major cities across Nigeria. Ozone Cinemas offers a variety of films, from Hollywood blockbusters to independent films and documentaries. 

Its seven screens and digital 3D capabilities make it the perfect place to catch the latest blockbuster. And with its well-appointed food and drink options, you can make a night of it! 

Location: Yaba.

Features: Equipped with modern visual and audio equipment, it’s a favourite among university students and residents of the mainland.

Standout Qualities: Great accessibility for mainland residents, affordable pricing, and a mix of blockbusters and local movies.

6. Cineworld Cinema

Cineworld Cinema

Cineworld Cinema is a chain of cinemas in the United Kingdom. It is the largest cinema chain in the UK, with over 100 locations worldwide. Cineworld Cinema offers a variety of films, from Hollywood blockbusters to independent films and documentaries. 

With its luxury reclining seats, cutting-edge technology, and great food and drink options, it’s sure to provide a first-class experience. And with over 20 screens, you’ll indeed find a movie you’ll love.

Location: Ilupeju, Lekki

Features: It features state-of-the-art facilities, several viewing halls, and an assortment of snacks and drinks.

Standout Qualities: Quiet environment, less crowded, and often features an eclectic mix of movies.

7. VIVA Cinemas

VIVA Cinemas

VIVA Cinemas is a chain of cinemas in Nigeria. It is one of the largest cinema chains in the country, with over 20 cinemas in major cities across Nigeria. 

VIVA Cinemas is a unique addition to the Lagos cinema scene. It offers a truly immersive experience. With its Dolby Atmos sound system and 4K laser projection, VIVA brings movies to life like never before.

And with its chic and modern design, VIVA is the perfect place to enjoy a movie with friends or family. So, if you want an unforgettable cinema experience, check out VIVA Cinemas. You won’t regret it! 

Location: Lekki, Surulere & Ikeja.

Features: Offers a mix of Nollywood, Hollywood, and Bollywood films, this cinema provides a holistic cinematic experience.

Standout Qualities: Regular promotions, group packages, and a family-friendly environment.

8. Magnificent Cinemas

Magnificent Cinemas is one of the newest and most luxurious cinemas in Lagos. The cinema offers a truly fantastic experience with state-of-the-art screens and sound systems. 

But it’s not just the cinema itself that makes it magnificent. The food and drink options are some of the best in Lagos, with a wide range of delicious snacks and drinks available during the movie. 

Location: Lagos Mainland, specifically in Shomolu.

Features: Digital cinema screens, relaxing ambience, and trending movies.

Standout Qualities: Affordable ticket prices, friendly staff, and less crowded compared to other cinemas in Lagos.

9. Marturion Cinema

Marturion Cinema

Marturion Cinema offers an unparalleled cinema experience. It is situated in a shopping mall and offers a cosy and intimate setting, with just two screens. 

The sound system is top-notch, and the selection of movies is always exciting and diverse. 

Location: Igando and Ikeja, Lagos.

Features: This cinema is an oasis for movie lovers on the outskirts of Lagos. It has modern facilities and offers a range of Nollywood and Hollywood films.

Standout Qualities: It is less crowded and provides a serene movie-watching environment. Their ticket prices are also quite competitive.

10. Onikan Filmhouse


Onikan Filmhouse is an iconic Lagos cinema located in the historic Onikan district. It dates back to the early 20th century; the cinema has been popular among locals and tourists for decades. 

The decor is reminiscent of old Hollywood, with plush red velvet seating and dramatic lighting. And the sound system is top-notch, with speakers that bring the movies to life. 

What really sets Onikan Filmhouse apart is its dedication to promoting Nigerian cinema. It regularly screens Nigerian movies and hosts special events, such as film festivals and Q&As with local filmmakers.

Location: Onikan, Lagos Island.

Features: Located in a historically significant part of Lagos, this cinema often mixes cultural events and shows with its movie screenings.

Standout Qualities: Proximity to several tourist attractions in Lagos Island and a unique blend of entertainment and culture.

11. Lighthouse Cinemas:

Lighthouse Cinemas is one of the best cinemas in Lagos that offers a variety of films, from Hollywood blockbusters to documentaries and independent films. The cinema has state-of-the-art sound and projection systems and comfortable seats. The cinema also has a large screen, making it easy to see the film even if you are sitting in the back.

Location: Jibowu, Yaba, Ikeja and Lagos Island

Features: The cinema offers the latest movies and a cosy environment.

Standout Qualities: Modern facilities and various food and snacks complement the movie experience.

12. Eko Hotel & Suites Cinemas

Eko Hotel & Suites Cinemas

Eko Hotel & Suites Cinemas is a 5-star cinema located within the luxurious Eko Hotel & Suites in Lagos. With its stylish decor, it is one of the best cinemas in Lagos. It is the perfect place to watch a movie in style. 

The cinema isn’t just about looks. It also has a fantastic range of movies, from the latest blockbusters to independent films. The sound system is incredible, and it is a truly unique experience.

Location: Victoria Island, Lagos.

Features: This is more of a luxury cinema experience. Given its location within one of Lagos’ premier hotels, the cinema offers premium services, from VIP seating to exclusive movie premieres.

Standout Qualities: Luxury viewing experience, impeccable customer service, and proximity to other entertainment spots in Victoria Island.

13. National Theatre Cinema

National Theatre Cinema:

For those looking for a more traditional cinema experience, the National Theatre Cinema is a great option. It is located in the National Theatre in Lagos, and it is the perfect place to escape from the stress of the city. 

The cinema has a retro feel, with vintage posters and old-fashioned seats. But don’t let its vintage charm fool you – the National Theatre Cinema is equipped with all the latest technology, including 3D screens and Dolby Surround Sound. It’s the perfect place to watch a classic movie or discover a new favourite.

Location: National Theatre Complex in Lagos Island.

Features: The National Theatre isn’t just a cinema; it’s a monument representing Nigeria’s rich cultural and artistic heritage. While it’s seen better days, the cinema section screens films occasionally, especially during festivals and special events.

Standout Qualities: The building’s sheer architectural beauty and significance make for a unique viewing experience. It’s more than just a movie; it’s a journey through Nigeria’s artistic past.

14. Festive Cinemas

Festive Cinemas is a family-friendly cinema in Lagos’s Festac Town area. It’s the perfect place to take the kids for a fun day out. There are numerous movies to choose from, including the latest releases, and the staff are always friendly and helpful. But the best thing about Festive Cinemas is the affordable prices. With tickets starting at just ₦500, it’s the perfect budget-friendly option. And with comfortable seating and excellent sound quality, you’ll feel like you’re getting much more than you paid.

Location: Festac Town, Lagos.

Features: Festive Cinemas brings the latest movies to residents of Festac and its environs. It features modern facilities and offers both Nollywood and Hollywood screenings.

Standout Qualities: Given its strategic location in Festac, it caters to an audience that would otherwise have to travel a distance to watch movies in a cinema setting. They also offer special pricing during weekdays.

15. M&D Cinemas

M&D Cinemas

M&D Cinemas is a world-class cinema chain in Lagos that offers an unparalleled moviegoing experience. You’ll be greeted by a friendly staff and an inviting atmosphere when you enter the lobby. The modern and luxurious theatres have comfy seating and state-of-the-art sound and projection. 

Location: Lekki.

Features: A top-tier cinema with ultra-modern facilities. It boasts superior visual and sound quality, making every movie-watching experience memorable.

Standout Qualities: The cinema has a VIP section for a more luxurious experience. Their concessions stand is diverse, offering more than just popcorn and drinks.

16. Dreamworld Africana Cinemas

Dreamworld Africana Cinemas is a must-visit for movie lovers in Lagos. With luxurious theatres and state-of-the-art technology, it’s the perfect place to have fun and immerse yourself in the film world. The atmosphere is inviting, and the staff are always friendly and helpful. 

Location: Lekki-Epe Expressway.

Features: Part of a larger amusement and theme park, this cinema is perfect for a full day of fun. After enjoying the rides, patrons can relax and catch a movie.

Standout Qualities: The combination of amusement park and cinema makes it a preferred destination for families. The setting is spacious, and there’s always something for everyone.

17. Pepperoni Cinemas

Pepperoni Cinemas

It is a stylish and modern cinema with all the latest amenities. From the comfortable reclining seats to the state-of-the-art Dolby Atmos sound system, Pepperoni Cinemas provides an immersive and memorable moviegoing experience. It is a perfect place to relax after a long day of work or play.

Location: Victoria Island, Lekki.

Features: Known for its cosy ambience and great screen quality, Pepperoni Cinemas offers an intimate movie-watching experience.

Standout Qualities: Frequent promotions and discounts, especially for early birds, make it a pocket-friendly choice for movie lovers.

18. Sky Cinemas

Sky Cinemas has everything you need for a relaxing and enjoyable movie experience. Whether you’re looking for a romantic date night or a fun night out with friends, Sky Cinemas is sure to deliver.

Location: Sangotedo, Oniru, Ajah.

Features: A relatively new player in the Lagos cinema scene, Sky Cinemas has quickly gained a reputation for its state-of-the-art facilities and diverse movie selection.

Standout Qualities: Its location in the Novare Mall makes it convenient for shopping and movies. The cinema also boasts one of the best 3D experiences in Lagos.

19. Citadel Cinemas

Citadel Cinemas

If you’re looking for a luxurious and high-end cinema experience, look no further than Citadel Cinemas. It is located in the prestigious Palms Shopping Mall in Lekki.  

Citadel Cinemas offers the best in entertainment and comfort. With its comfortable reclining seats, large screens, and Dolby Atmos sound, you’ll feel right in the middle of the action. 

Location: Badore, Ajah.

Features: Offering a serene environment away from the city’s core hustle and bustle, Citadel Cinemas ensures a relaxed movie-watching experience.

Standout Qualities: Their night screenings are popular, and they often have weekday specials attracting both young and old patrons.


Lagos has numerous cinemas, each with its unique atmosphere and amenities. Whether you’re looking for a luxurious moviegoing experience or a more low-key option, you will find a cinema that suits your needs.

And with so many options, you can find the perfect spot to enjoy your next movie night in Lagos!

That’s what I can take on: Best Cinemas in Lagos. I hope you find it helpful.

Let us know if you think we forgot to mention one in the comments box.


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