(Forbes) 15 Richest Men In Anambra State. You’ve Never Heard of No 9 Before


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The richest men in Anambra State are Prince Artur Eze, Peter Obi, Bryant Orjiakor, Emeka Offor, and Innocent Chukwuma.

Anambra State is one of the most popular Igbo states; its popularity is sponsored mainly by the fact that it’s viewed as a place of wealth creation.

After all, it has the largest market in West Africa (Onitsha Main Market); it is actively producing the most billionaires using the wealth incubation system of the Igbo apprentice system and is known for exceptional displays of wealth, mansions and all that money could buy.

So it doesn’t come as a surprise that people would ask who the richest men in the South-East state of Anambra are, and that’s precisely the question this article will answer.

In lieu of that we’ve have compiled a list of the richest men in Anambra State and their net worth for your perusal.

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The 15 Richest Men in Anambra State

Here is a list of the wealthiest men in Anambra, organized from the richest to least rich, briefly describing what they do.

1. Prince Arthur Eze

15 Richest Men In Anambra Staate

Arthur Eze is the richest man in Anambra state, with a net worth of $4.6 billion, and one of the pioneer investors in Nigeria’s oil and gas industry. 

He has a plethora of businesses under his belt. He is currently the chairman and founder of Atlas Oranto Petroleum, an indigenous oil exploration and drilling company with multiple branches all across Africa.

Arthur Eze is also a philanthropist, heavily investing in schools, health care and poverty alleviation schemes for his people. 

He is a political godfather in Anambra State, helping finance some elections of the All Progressive Grand Alliance (APGA) political party.

He is the definition of extremely rich, with him having a private jet costing $30 million and a 2019 Black Rolls Royce.

Net Worth: $4.6 billion

2. Peter Obi

15 Richest Men In Anambra Staate

This is the most popular person on this list because he was a very popular candidate in the last concluded Nigerian 2023 Presidential elections.

The masses and youth loved Peter Obi for his frugality, business acumen and distinguished persona. Additionally, he is one of the wealthiest men in Anambra state.

Peter Obi is one of the most successful businessmen and business tycoons that Anambra state has ever produced, with some of his achievements including being the Youngest Chairman of Fidelity Bank, Chairman of the Security and Exchange Commission (SEC) and a host of other companies, if I should list all the companies he is heading, founded or partnered to, this list will never end.

Peter Obi was also the former governor of Anambra state and one of the state’s best governors to date, with the record as the first governor to leave office without incurring any debt for the state.

Peter Obi is a very frugal man with limited luxury to his name and prefers a quiet life with his books.

Net Worth: $2.2 billion

3. Bryant Orjiakor 

15 Richest Men In Anambra Staate

With a net worth of $1.2 billion, Bryant is one of the wealthiest men in Anambra state and an elite in the Igbo society. He isn’t as popular as the others on this list, but his impact is felt in the business world.

He owns multiple businesses, including  A-Z Petroleum, an oil and gas trading company, and Bryant Motors, a leading automobile dealership, Neimeth Pharmaceuticals and co-founder of oil giant SEPLAT. 

He is also an avid philanthropist, donating massive amounts to the less privileged in society.

Net Worth: $1.2 billion

4. Emeka Offor

15 Richest Men In Anambra Staate

Coming in at 4th place is the famous founder of Chrome Group, one of Nigeria’s most renowned oil conglomerates. Emeka Offor made his wealth from oil and is largely referred to as a very successful oil mogul.

He is also the founder of Sir Emeka Offor Foundation (SEOF) – an NGO that plans to “help people in need become independent and self-sufficient”.

Net Worth: $1 billion

5. Innocent Chukwuma

15 Richest Men In Anambra Staate

This is another very popular entry on this list, and truly one of the richest men in Anambra state. Sir Innocent Chukwuma is the founder and CEO of Innoson Group, the only and first Nigerian company to manufacture indigenous cars, tricycles and other motorable vehicles. 

Their vehicles are very popular, with Governors of multiple states in Nigeria being loyal to his brand.

Innoson is synonymous with innovation, and people have referred to him as a business magnate. Only a few people can compete with him in terms of philanthropy, impact and international recognition.

Net Worth: $1 billion

6. Ernest Azudialu Obiejesi

15 Richest Men In Anambra Staate

Ernest is the founder and chairman of the Obijackson Group, a business conglomerate invested heavily in agriculture, power generation, and oil and gas.

He is accredited with founding Nestoil, an indigenous oil exploration company popular in Nigeria and Africa.

He is also a  philanthropist, founding a pediatric hospital for sick children to get free Medicare anytime, and his Obijackson Foundation is very interested in giving back to the world and the less privileged.

Net Worth: $900 million

7. Cosmos Maduka

15 Richest Men In Anambra Staate

Coming in at 7th place is another very popular Anambra elite and one of the richest men in Anambra state. Cosmos Maduka made his wealth from importing vehicles and cars into Nigeria. 

He is the CEO and founder of the very popular Coscharis Motors, the sole distributor of multiple care brands like BMW.

The Coscharis group is also heavily invested in Agriculture, Pharmaceuticals, Healthcare and even ICT and has been rated as one of the Top 50 brands in Nigeria multiple times over.

Net Worth: $900 Million

8. Allen Onyema

15 Richest Men In Anambra Staate

Whenever you take a flight in the Air Peace airline, know you are sitting in the brand of Allen Onyema, the CEO and founder of Air Peace, Nigeria’s largest private airline.

Allen is a very avid lover of humanity, with him offering free flights to Nigerians in South Africa during the xenophobic attacks and even in 2023 when students were stranded in Sudan due to the wars.

He has received multiple awards for his service to humanity, including the Martin Luther King Global Award for pioneering Nonviolence Education in West Africa (2007), the Hope for Humanity Award from the Rotary Club, the L&M Leader of the Month award for demonstration of compassion and meeting a need (2019) and so many more we might not be aware of.

Net Worth: $800 million

9. Ifeanyi Ubah

15 Richest Men In Anambra Staate

Ifeanyi Ubah is a successful businessman and a sitting senator representing a senatorial zone in Anambra state. Sir Ifeanyi Ubah is quite popular for his achievements in Anambra State.

He is the founder and chairman of Capital Oil and Gas Industries Limited and owns multiple businesses that diversify into transportation, retail food, etc.

He is also the owner of the Ifeanyi Ubah Football Club and a philanthropist

Net Worth: $709 Million

10. Godwin Maduka

15 Richest Men In Anambra Staate

Godwin Maduka is one of the most popular medical doctors of Igbo descent. He founded the Las Vegas Pain Institute and Medical Centre, the largest medical pain treatment centre located in Nevada, America.

Godwin Maduka revolutionized the face of healthcare in Anambra state, donating heavily, building multiple hospitals and healthcare facilities, and offering Medicare for free to the less privileged. 

His humanitarian initiatives also include sponsoring university education for free for young people and much more.

Net Worth: $700 Million

11. Sir Joseph Ezeokafor

15 Richest Men In Anambra Staate

This is another worthy addition to the list of the richest men in Anambra State; he is the CEO and founder of the Jezco group, a successful oil and gas conglomerate and a beverage and food production company.

Net Worth: $600 Million

12. Obiora Anthony Chukwuka

15 Richest Men In Anambra Staate

Dr. Chukwuka is the CEO of Greenlife Pharmacy, a successful pharmaceutical chain based in southeastern Nigeria. He also owns many of the biggest hotels in Anambra state and invests in oil and gas.

Dr. Obiora is an avid lover of humanity; he has contributed so much in uplifting the poor from his community to less privileged people all across the state.

Net Worth: $500 million

13. Obiajulu Uzodike

15 Richest Men In Anambra Staate

If you use electric cables in Nigeria, there’s a high chance you might have used the products of Sir Uzodike because he is the foremost cable manufacturer in Nigeria. 

He owns Cutix Cables, a company he built from scratch and eventually became the first indigenous firm in the southeast to be listed on the Nigerian Stock Exchange.

Net Worth: $330 Million

14. Louis Onwugbenu

15 Richest Men In Anambra Staate

Sir Louis, who made his money while selling motor spare parts in Lagos under the Carter Bridge, is coming in as 14th

He reinvested the profits of those proceeds into multiple businesses, becoming successful in various industries, including pipe fittings, agriculture, transport, and so much more.

He founded Louis Carter Industries, whose headquarters takes up so much land in Nnewi and is probably used as a landmark by now.

Net Worth: $300 million

15. Chidozie Wilson Nwankwo


Dr Chidozie is among the richest men in Anambra state because of his sharp business acumen. His major business is the sale of building materials from wood to tiles, to cement to doors and almost everything contractors need.

He is the founder and chairman of Witchtech group; his business conglomerate also dabbles into oil and gas exploration and shipping.

Net Worth: $5 million to $20 million 


And that concludes the list of the richest men in Anambra state, ranked from richest to least. We hope you enjoyed reading the article.

Be assured that if you are diligent enough, their story could be how yours will come one day.

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