Top 11 car wash in Dubai to get your car cleaned

Car wash in Dubai is one of the lucrative business opportunities anyone could start to establish a profitable business venture.

Findings show that 80% of car owners in Dubai get their cars washed and cleaned regularly.

So if you just get to Dubai and need the list of top car wash centers that really know their onion, then you are in the right place.

Best Cash wash in Dubai To Get Your Car Cleaned

Without much delay, below are the top car wash centers in Dubai you can visit to get your can washed and cleaned.

The Best Place for Car Wash in Dubai -

1. Mist wash

Talking about the leading car wash in Dubai, Mist wash can never be overemphasized. The car wash center provides different car cleaning services at low and affordable prices.

At Mist wash, they have variants types of car wash packages and the most common one is the AED 75. Mist wash renders quick and perfect wash services.

To engage the service of Mist washes in Dubai, kindly visit their official website to select the washing package that suits your requirements.

After which you can proceed to their washing center at 59 Al Maktoum Rd., Dubai for the actual wash.

2. Orange Auto

Equally, Orange Auto is another fantastic place in Dubai you can go to get your car cleaned. Orange has folds of trained and professional workers who are always on the guard to wash your car.

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This car wash center in Dubai has different types of car washing options and among them are steam wash, manual wash, automatic wash, etc., all at a reasonable prices.

For booking and any other information about the Orange Auto car wash in Dubai, kindly visit orange or you can go to their physical office around the Al Quoz region.

3. Auto Rent Car Service

The Auto Rent Car Service (ARCA) renders excellent car wash services in some major cities of the UAE such as Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Al Ain regions.

Other than the car cleaning business, Auto Rent Car Service also provides all kinds of car services such as engine repair, detailing, wheel replacement, AC service, interior cleaning, etc.

Also, ARCS provide some special offers for its seasoned customers and some of them are free check up, free car wash, etc.

What’s more, there are many professional and experienced workers at Auto Rent Cars Service with varieties of car washing options.

For more details, endeavor to visit or visit Al Quoz Industrial Area 4, to get the taste of their services.

4.. VOne Car Wash and Polish LLC

VOne car wash in Dubai provides efficient car cleaning services to its customers. They equally offer several car care services such as Normal Car Wash, Steam Wash, and Full Body Wash.

For car cleaning and other services enquiry, visit VOne official website or thier workshop and washing center in Umm Ramool, Dubai.

5. Keno Car Care

The Keno Car Care provides all kinds of car services ranging from manual or automatic enginewash down to the exterior wash.

And they are always ready to come down to anywhere you are to take the car away for adequate cleaning.

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All you have to do in order to engage with them is to download their app and book for car wash service, the responses you’ll receive will surely be pleasing.

Also, Keno Car Care have numerous skilled workers who will come to pick your car anywhere you are on time, and equally provide all the required services needed.

 That being said, the Keno Car wash in Dubai service fee star from AED 40, depending on how serious your work is and the type of car cleaning you demanded for

For more details on Keno Car cleaning services, visit .

6. Grand Service Station

In the same, Grand Service Station (GSS) is another car wash center in Dubai that provides an efficient car cleaning services at cheap rate.

They have a lot of packages that interest their customers.

And their service rate starts from AED 45 depending on the type of car cleaning services — superwash, car interior cleaning, etc — that’s provided.

7. Autopro

Autopro car cleaning service in Dubai is well-known for its efficient and prowash service.

Their Pro wash services includes manual or automatic engine wash, exterior body wash, etc., according to the owner preference.

best car wash in dubai

Other than their pro wash services, Autopro also has Xtreme car wash service which includes the interior and exterior cleaning couple with polish.

8. Clean Car

Clean Car is also a famous and eco-friendly car wash in Dubai. This car cleaning center has numerous washing machines that will give your a shining-looking appearance.

While some of their counterparts use 20 liters of water or thereabouts to clean a car, Clean Car uses 1 liter of water to wash and clean an entire car.

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As a matter of fact, the Clean car agency is always ready to visit you anywhere you are with their washing equipment and clean the car within 20 minutes.

They make sure that your car is beautifully washed and cleaned with no trace of water left on the car or floor.

9. Al Quoz Car Wash

Al Quoz Car Wash service renders the best car cleaning services in Dubai. They use the right and perfect lubricants which doesn’t affect the paint to rub your car.

There, they wash and clean cars at cheap prices compared to some other places in Dubai. Hence, Al Quiz charges AED 35 for the manual body wash.

10. Das Center

Das Center provide a charming car wash service in Dubai. This car cleaning center is known for providing top-notch services to the top brand vehicle owners.

They provide cleaning services like steam washing, automatic, and manual washing.

This car wash center has the highest positive review on Google for services rendered for top brand vehicles like Porsche, BMW, and Mercedes.

11. Wheel2Wheel

Wheel2Wheel car cleaning center also has experienced and professional workers who make sure that every single car brought to them leaves anew.

Their washing is very fast, and their workers are well disciplined and cultured.

If you will like to patronize them, you can find them at Umm Suqeim Street, Al Barsha 1, near Enoc pump, Dubai.

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Although there are many car wash in Dubai, the aforementioned washing and cleaning centers discussed above are tested and trusted.

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