The Peloton business model and How much Peloton instructors make?

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The Peloton Company is one of the elite business organizations that are making it real in the fitness industry. Hence, we’ll be analyzing the Peloton business model today.

To begin with, Peloton is a hardware generation enterprise that designs and manufactures health device, in particular the Peloton Bike and Tread.

The Peloton gadgets are linked to the internet in a bid to enhance its esteemed and value-driven customers to take part in digital exercising sessions.

What is Peloton Business?

Also, Peloton is a media and health device enterprise that generate revenue through the sale of health items like indoor cycle with a screen touch monitor, etc.

Being an organization with an incredible revenue model, the base fee for the Bike Basics package deal for an indoor cycle with a screen touch monitor is billed at $1,895.


Plus, additional packages are available, ranging from the Bike Essentials for a fee of $2,045, Bike Works for $2,145, down to the Bike Family at the rate of $2,345.

The Peloton business model relies on the sale of its hardware products. More so, Peloton generates revenue by charging its prosperous users a monthly subscription fee as well as selling of fitness apparel.

Brief History of Peloton Business Enterprise

The concept of Peloton was introduced by John Foley in 2011. He was the acting president at one popular e-commerce store at the time named; Store Barnes and Noble.

As a result of official assignment and tons of commitment, he found himself unable to participate in the fitness classes frequently again. You know, his job and two children were there to look after.


At that point in time, instructor-led fitness session was beginning to be the order of the day then. People are starting to appreciate the idea more than before.

And then, SoulCycle and flywheel were the main business corporation that had developed a far additional personal relation with their customers.

As such, John couldn’t attend several of his fitness classes thanks to his restricted accessibility and was forced to come back to his home bike.

He understood a void that required to be filled. He quickly mapped out his vision of an inside bike connected to a monitor that will incessantly stream any kind of fitness session.

Being an influential person, Foley leveraged his extensive circle to raise a seed found of $350,000 which he added to his own $50,000, being a Harvard graduate and successful executive.


Peloton business model

Accordingly, Tom Cortese, who happened to be the Peloton’s Chief Operating Officer at the time, also registered his interest before the round.

Subsequently, other founding members, however, joined shortly after. Since the company is a new establishment, its first four workers were not paid any salary.

But they were subsequently paid and robustly compensated with equity throughout its first phase of operation.

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Peloton generated a total of $3.5 million dollars in the Series A round in the last quarter of 2012.

The company, therefore, initiated a Kickstarter campaign all in a bid to raise additional money and to create awareness for the merchandise.

And God be wonderful, Peloton Company went on to secure a whooping sum of $307,000 during the fund raising and awareness creation campaign.


Ever since then and till the time of writing this article, the company had went on to raised $994 million as its investment capital. Peloton accumulated $1.2 Billion in the course of its IPO launch.

In May 2021, Peloton business enterprises was valued to have worth $8.1 billion. That’s huge, isn’t it?

How Does Peloton Make Money?

Having briefly explained what Peloton is all about by tracing its historical background from how the idea was formed down to its rise to success.

It is high time to discuss the Peloton Business Model, how the company operates, how much Peloton instructors make, etc.

In recap, we’ve clearly states that Peloton earns money and established a stable financial income via the sales of its integrated fitness items, articles and accessories, as well as subscriptions to any of it packages including exercising sessions.


It’s very important you understand that the main Peloton business model that gave birth to all other revenue generation techniques for the company is membership.

Membership: of all the Peloton business model or revenue generation methods, the company’s primary revenue stream is the user membership.

It is the membership status that provide customers with unlimited access to live and on-demand fitness and exercise classes together with premium exercise equipment.

Without further delay, the following are the further classifications of the Peloton Revenue Model and how Peloton make money:

1. Fitness Products

Be informed that the fitness products are the foremost and most obvious revenue stream of the fantastic Peloton Business Model.

The company sells standard and well designed indoor cycling machines that are equipped with a screen touch monitor.


These indoor cycling machines are in different basics or classes. There’s one known as the Peloton Bike Basics package that goes for $1,895.

Other packages are also available with further functions and standard. There’s also a Bike Essential that is priced at $2,045.

Equally, there is Bike Work too that is sold at the rate of $2,145, and there is Bike Family which is the last package of indoor cycling at the rate of $2,345.

On this note, it’s crucial you note that all these indoor cycling machine packages come with almost all the features of the previous machines

They, however, have some other basic features that the previous one lacks. They have accessories like riding shoes, a drink container, weights, headphones, as well as a heart rate monitor.


In addition, the company is also selling a treadmill that is popularly known as the Peloton Tread. Just like the indoor cycle, but this one features a screen touch with an option to add more or extra features.

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Premise on the above, Peloton’s Tread costs $2,495 for the basic package, and $3,065 for the Tread Family package.

Lastly, finding shows that Peloton generate a significant revenue from both the indoor cycle machine and the treadmill as they take 43% of the company’s profit margin.

Given that the cycle can be considered their signature product and has existed for a much longer time than the tread, one can conclude that the cycling product accounts for most sales.


2. Apparel and Accessories

While a renowned and highly recognized company like Peloton cannot be operating on a single revenue model, the business enterprise also make money by selling accessories.

That is to say, the Peloton doesn’t put all its eggs in our basket. It made sure to have several means of making money to establish a financial freedom.

That being said, Peloton also make money by selling fitness apparel like workout bags, caps, leggings, and t-shirts (to its prosperous users) all under the Peloton Apparel Brand.

Although there’s no point disputing the fact that this revenue model generate a little income into the company’s coffers, revenues of the Peloton apparel and accessories are drastically increasing day in day out.


At this juncture, it’s very vital I state that the Apparel and Accessories sales revenue at the Peloton Venture is less than 1%.

That is, 1% out of the total revenue of the company. Although despite all this, the Apparel and Accessories segment is now rising at a decent speed of 53 percent per year.

3. Subscription

Another wonderful Peloton business model and revenue generation method is the introduction of the subscription fee.

Like the cliché “nothing is free even in Freetown”, you don’t get to watch or stream fitness classes for free on Peloton.

You have to subscribe in other to gain access to all the exclusive sports content capable of being streamed directly to your fitness device monitor.


There are two available options for the Peloton subscription. As a prospective customer, you can join a live class if it pleases you.

And you can select from the Peloton’s extensive contents archive. In this case, you’ll be able to compare your success to that of other session participants.

In the long run, Peloton charges the sum of $39 per month for the fitness classes subscription, which according to the company, it’s equivalent to the Flywheel boutique fitness session cost.

While the Peloton Digital Membership plan is available at the rate of $12.99 per month for those who are looking for a comparable but more affordable alternative.

Alternatively, you can download the Peloton app on the company’s website or Play Store to subscribe to any of its monthly program that interest you.


For instance, Cyclists have the luxury to register for a live class, or compete against its fellow participants, or simply follow a fitness session from the Peloton’s material library.

The monitor then compares them to the other participants, indicating whether or not they progressed on their previous workouts while remaining linked to the teacher.

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To burst your bubble, the gross margins on subscriptions are similar to those on physical goods of Peloton.

But still the company does not disclose its exact spending structure, it is, however, suspected that money spent on manufacturing, research and development, marketing, and the instructor’s salary significantly impact Peloton profitability.

How Much are Peloton Instructors paid?


A lot has been said about Peloton as a hardware manufacturing company that designs and manufactures health device, in particular the Peloton Bike and Tread.

And we’ve also said that the company train and instruct it uses remotely via an indoor cycling machine with touchscreen monitors.

One thing that will then come to mind is, who are the Peloton’s instructors? Are they human or robots? How much Pelotons instructors make? And what have you.

To answer all the questions poised above, it’s ideal to take them one after the other. But yes, Peloton instructors are human and not robot.

Unfortunately, Peloton does not disclose the exact amount its pays its instructors publicly, it is, however, believed that they make quite a fortune working for the company.


According to findings, some says that the Peloton instructors earn a basic wage of $500 to $750 per session, depending on the level of their expertise.

Based on an article published by Bloomberg in January 2021, a Senior instructor at Peloton venture makes more than $500,000 per year.

Meaning an instructor could earn more than $500K annually if he/she takes 10-15 classes on a weekly basis. This is just hearsay, not the company’s words.

In the early days of the its establishment, Peloton offered stock options to attract famous trainers. Tons of employees have billions of stock there and are currently working.

What is Peloton Ownership Structure?

Judging from the introductory part of this publication, Peloton became what it was today because of the idea conceived by John Foley.


This same John Foley is said to be owning 6.2 percent — that is more than 15 million shares of the Peloton Company.

In addition, Tiger Global — a venture capital business organization — was also listed to possess the company’s largest shares in the S-1 filing having the total share of 19.8 percent.

Then, TCV own 6.7 percent of the firm’s share, True Ventures with 12 percent shares, and Fidelity Investments owns also 6.8 percent of the Peloton shares.

How Many Peloton Bikes Have Been Sold Till Date?

As usual, the company is silent on this too. Peloton have refused to make any comments or even reveal the precise and total number of bikes sold.

Statista report that Peloton sold over 550,000 bikes in the first quarter of 2020 and more than 880,000 were sold by the company in the third quarter of 2020.



There is more to know about the Peloton Business Model and how much Peloton instructors make than what is contained in this article. Ours is just a guide and insights.

For more information about Peloton Business and Revenue Model, and how much the company pays its instructors, you can visit the company’s official website for more here.

Without doubt, Peloton success can be attributed to the zeal and passion of the founding members to establish something great. The firm’s success path is incredible and magnificent.

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