How much does Disney world make a day?


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It’s rare to find someone who hasn’t heard of Disney world, as this industry titan is well-known for a great number of renowned movies, works of media, attractions, and other things all over the world.

If you’ve ever purchased Disney World park passes for your family, you will know that they are expensive. And among the numerous theme parks that the company operates throughout the globe, Walt Disney World is just one.

But have you ever wondered how much Disney world makes in a day? Considering the lots of things to be done like staff to pay and supplies to order. So after running these expenses, how much profit does Disney world have left by the end of the year?

In this article, the financial details of Disney world will be covered. Now let’s dive in!

How Much Does Disney World Make A Day?

How much Disney world  makes a day

Every year, Disney World generates billions in revenue for its business, which includes a wide range of revenue categories in its financial statements. Disney makes money from goods, streaming services, movies, and other forms of media

To find out how much Disney world makes a day, we have to take a look at the official figures of the Walt Disney Company.

In the 2021 fiscal year annual report, Disney world made $67.4 billion in total revenue and an annual profit of $7.766 billion. If you narrow it down, you would realize that they made the sum of $184.7 million a day and made a profit of $21.28 million per day.

The first fiscal quarter of 2022 saw a record revenue of $7.234 billion for the Disney parks experiences and products division of the Walt Disney World Company. This means that when $7.234 billion is divided over the last 90 days, a stunning sum of $80.38 million in income on average every day.

Bob Chapek, the company’s CEO, reported “record revenue and operating income at our domestic parks and resorts” and a “particularly robust start to the fiscal year.”

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This represents a significant improvement over the Disney earnings reports from the previous year, which show that Disney earned $7.766 billion in revenue for that period. Spread over the category of numerous parks experience and products, not only the Disney World property, that would amount to an average of $21.28 million in daily revenue back in 2021.

Now with expenses and park shutdown losses removed, Walt Disney World makes around $6 million in profit per day. It is therefore a decent sum of money.

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How Does Disney World Make Money?

Disney world logo

From toys and apparel to films and TV shows, Disney is a true icon in a variety of industries. However, Disney’s amusement parks are frequently at the top of a huge number of travelers’ and residents’ must-visit lists because they provide a ton of pleasure and enjoyment for anybody who stops by.

1. Greater Scale

Disney World’s aim to produce everything on a greater scale is the primary factor contributing to its massive revenue. No other theme park in the world could even imagine having millions of visitors at once as Disney parks can. It is estimated that 150 million people annually visit various Disney parks, making it the busiest theme park in the world.

The closest competitor to Disney in terms of drawing tourists is the British business, Merlin. The overall number of guests at a such theme parks is approximately half that of Disney. Disney’s massive profit margin is undoubtedly due to this manner of operating.

2. The Magical Character

With its fantastic animated characters, Disney has been able to capture every child’s mind in this universe for the past seven decades. All of the well-known cartoon and movie characters can be found throughout Disney World’s theme parks. 

Disney World’s ability to out-earn its competitors is almost magical. In most cases, these children usually choose for their families the places to go for fun.

If you knew that Mickey, Minnie, Cinderella, and other well-known Disney characters were awaiting you in Disney World, where else would you go for entertainment? The theme park has the benefit of being able to connect with the brand’s well-known films and animations.

For the kids, it’s like journeying through the fantastical realm of their dreams. Therefore, Disney World never had a problem turning a significant profit.

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3. Park Tickets

Disney World makes over $1 million per day in revenue from just ticket sales alone. Disney World is one of the most popular tourist sites on the planet, with an average yearly attendance of 58 million visitors.

You can see how entrance fees bring in a lot of money for the park when you consider that the average ticket costs over $100.

making it real

4. Making It Real

The idea of Disney World is to make everything as realistic as possible. The parks’ mountains, forests, and other features are not only there for show. Visitors are more likely to believe in the fairyland because of this realistic approach.

Even the 3D performances at theme parks incorporate fragrances that go with the image on the screen. People feel water dripping on their bodies if it rains in the movie. In addition, every character and event moves at random. Since they are unable to correctly predict the action, people perceive it to be more exciting. It also justifies people spending more money at Disney World.

5. Gift Shops

Disney World’s gift stores are a significant revenue generator for the business. The stores sell a wide variety of items related to the theme park and several well-known Disney films.

Additionally, the shops are placed in a highly strategic manner at all of the popular ride exit spots so that nobody can miss them. In addition, several gift shops sell DVDs of well-known Disney films.

6. Resorts

Although many visitors stay off-site, Disney also generates a respectable amount by placing visitors in resorts.

This potentially brings in millions of dollars for Disney every year, whether it is added to a package or bought independently.

The Disney hotels near the monorail are quite expensive; suites at the Grand Floridian may go over $3,000 per night! – making it simple to understand how the resorts keep Disney’s revenue stream booming.

7. Food and Beverages

The Disney World theme parks do not allow visitors to bring in outside food. A trip to theme parks also takes a lot of time. People start to get hungry and thirsty as a result, and they turn to the food in the Disney World park shops.

A reliable source of revenue for Disney is the sale of food and drinks to tourists. Additionally, food items cost a little more than they would elsewhere. Since there are no alternatives on the park grounds, many don’t mind paying the additional fee.

8. Entertainment Defined

Disney World has made several ground-breaking innovations to reinvent the idea of entertainment. They keep raising the bar for entertainment. To see what new features have been added, many people visit the parks. It is also the cause of the theme parks’ outstanding financial success.

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Amusement parks no longer revolve around a straightforward roller coaster in the wake of Disney World. In the Utah highlands of Bryce Canyon National Park, Disney Park included its runaway mine train. In the theme park at Disneyland Park, fans of Disney movies may always relive the most popular scenes from their favorite movies.

9. Media Networks

Disney media networks consist of brands and networks of Disney, ESPN, FX, Fireform, and National Geographic. They also have 8 domestic television stations and ABC brands for broadcast television.  However, Disney has a 50% interest in A+E Television Networks. As a result of this, Disney earns additional money through advertising, affiliate fees, and distribution license fees.


The Walt Disney Company is a well-known media and entertainment company based in the United States.

As you can see, Disney generates a respectable profit from its parks in Florida and other sources. It doesn’t matter how much Disney world makes in a day. The joy they bring to millions of children and adults all over the world is priceless.




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