POP Cement Price In Nigeria (Updated list 2023)


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Let’s talk about POP cement price in Nigeria today.

POP cement, also known as Plaster Of Paris, is a building material used to make false ceilings and to plaster the inside walls of a home.

It is also used to make mouldings, Cornish, and other decorative pieces. It is made of gypsum that has been heated at a high temperature. 

There is currently a lot of demand for POP cement in Nigeria due to the various uses of POP cement. Therefore, this article will look at POP cement prices in Nigeria, its uses, and everything you should know about it. 

Now let’s see the uses of POP cement.

POP Cement Price In Nigeria

Uses Of POP Cement

POP cement can be used in a lot of different ways and places. For example, it is used to build and decorate buildings and in the arts, medicine, and dentistry.

Here’s a list of some ways POP cement can be used.

1. Molding and casting agent

It is a great material for making moulds and casting things. In addition, it is used to make statues, showpieces, and other decorative pieces.

2. Building material 

Builders and architects use POP cement as a building material. It is often put on the walls and ceiling before painting to protect them. It also gives a smooth surface and helps keep things from catching on fire.

3. Medical uses

It is often used to treat broken bones in hospitals and medical departments. It is used in orthopaedics to put casts around broken bones. This gives the bone support and makes it stiff, which helps it heal.

4. In Dentistry

Plaster of Paris is used in dental clinics or by dentists to make moulds or casts of teeth. They are usually used for short-term needs.

It is used to make copies of teeth and other parts of the body. It is also used to make wax teeth.

POP cement can be used for many things, as seen above. Now let’s see the price of POP cement in Nigeria.

POP Cement Price In Nigeria

Regarding price, POP or white cement is a little more expensive than normal cement. However, even if it isn’t used much for building, this doesn’t mean it isn’t cheap.

Prices for white cement can change depending on where the market is, who is selling it, and the exchange rate.

POP Cement Price In Nigeria

For example, a 25-kilogram bag of white cement costs more than a 50-kilogram bag of Dangote cement, even though Dangote cement is used a lot in Nigeria.

Here’s the current price of POP cement in Nigeria.

A 25kg bag of Super White Cement costs between N4,000 and N5,500, and a 40kg bag of High-Quality White Cement costs between N6,000 and N8,500.

From the price list above, you can see that white POP cement costs more in Nigeria than regular grey cement.

However, there are a lot of brands on the market, so you must be careful when choosing which one to use for your home design.

In the building market today, a 40kg bag of white cement from a popular brand like JK Wall Putty costs about N5,500. Prices from other companies, like Maple Leaf, are also in the same range. 

POP Cement Price In Nigeria

The market’s location also affects how much POP cement costs. So, for example, you might pay more in the southwest, in places like Lagos, and the southeast, in places like Onitsha, than you would in the north, in places like Kaduna, Zamfara, etc.

Furthermore, a square meter of POP will cost between N3,000 and N6,000 in Nigeria in 2022.

The price is also determined by the size, design, and type of material (POP precast or plasterboard).


POP cement can only be used to make decorative designs, and it can’t be compared to regular cement in terms of how strong or durable it is. 

This is because the elements and minerals used to make regular grey cement were taken from making white cement. So in terms of building a house, you can’t use POP cement instead of regular cement.

Most people refer to POP cement as white cement. There’s no need to be confused about which is which, as they are the same.

Additionally, because of the material used to make this type of cement, the weather also greatly impacts how long it will last on the shelf. If the material is exposed to harsh weather, it loses its shape and can’t be used.

So don’t waste money by buying much of the white POP cement for your building project. Instead, buy the exact amount you need from the store.

Conclusion: POP Cement Price In Nigeria

Several factors can affect the POP cement price in Nigeria. These factors are the availability of raw materials, production cost, and cement demand.

In addition, the cost of transportation also determines the price of POP cement in Nigeria, as the cost differs from region to region.


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