Jobs in Germany That Nigerians Can Get in a Heartbeat


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The job market in Germany is gradually opening up to foreigners due to the shortage of personnel in every sector and industry. This means that there lots of jobs in Germany that you can easily get as Nigerian.

Our objective in this article is to provide Nigerians with a concise and quality list of easy jobs to get in Germany. Are you a Nigerian already living in Germany or you plans to relocate to Germany? This article is specifically designed and compiled for you personally.  

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Note that you can get any job in Germany but your chances of getting certain jobs as a foreigner are not as high as others. This article provides you with the list of those jobs you have high chances of getting as a Nigerian in Germany.

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Basic requirements for working in Germany

Before you start working in Germany as a Nigerian, there are certain conditions and requirements that you must meet. The first is that you need to acquire a work permit in order to be eligible to work in Germany.

In cases where you obtained your university degree in Germany, you can convert your residence permit for study purposes into a residence permit for gainful employment.

Easy jobs to get in Germany as a Nigerian

There is high demand in the German labor market for skilled individuals. There is a very high demand in both the healthcare and technology industry in Germany. Skilled individuals such as Physicians, engineers, teachers, mathematicians, IT specialists, Nurses, Caregivers, and sales persons are all in high demand in Germany.

The working conditions in Germany

The German labor code provides a very high level of protection to all employees. There is only a 5-day working week with maximum of 40 hours per week but most employees work 38.5 hours per week. All employees in Germany are entitled to a minimum of 18 days of holiday every year.

There are also nine bank holidays in Germany and six regional holidays celebrated in different federal states. It will definitely interest you to know that the minimum wage in Germany is 8.84 Euro per hour which is 1, 498 Euro per month.

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Jobs in Germany: The opportunities for foreigners in the German Job Market  

Currently, the German job market has about 1.2 million job vacancies. You will agree with me that this is a great job opportunity for foreigners in Germany. It is estimated that by the year 2025, more than 4 million Germans will retire. This further creates opportunities for Nigerians wishing to live and work in Germany.

The German labour market currently boasts about 3.3 million employees. There is massive need to reinforce the German workforce.

How to search for a job in Germany

There are lots of ways that you can search for job vacancies in Germany. The easiest means for you is to check the German job websites, especially the ones operated by Government agencies. There are also a few that are privately owned that are worth trying.


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