The Pros and Cons of Bed Storage


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Some of the most extraordinary things in life are simple. A simple, uncomplicated bed may be among the best for many people. With a bed in a simple design, you can sleep comfortably, and your bedroom can look clean and classic.

But did you know that simple bed designs could damage your organization? Closets and under-the-bed storage units are a great way to keep things neat in your bedroom.

Check out this guide to learn about the pros and cons of bed storage.


The Pros of Bed Storage

Proper storage is often overlooked as a great way to create more space in the home. Here are some of the main advantages of bed storage:


When finding solutions to space-related issues in the bedroom, bed storage is a great option. By having beds with drawers and cupboards at the base, you can use more of the bedroom floor for other purposes.

This eliminates the need for an extra wardrobe, as clothes and items can now be kept tidy underneath the bed. It also leaves more room for activities and for displaying favourite items. One of the best things about beds with storage is that they save space by getting rid of the need for extra furniture.


By using beds with storage features, you get access to items you may need close at hand, such as slippers, a throw blanket, or a favourite book. You can also use the extra storage to store extra bedding or pillows, helping to make a bed look nicer and more decluttered.

A bed frame with drawers allows for easy access and organization of items. At the same time, a headboard with shelving can provide additional storage of items such as books, electronic devices, or even a nightstand lamp. Bed storage offers convenience and a time-saving solution for tidying up your bedroom.

Neat and Organized

Items stored in beds often stay hidden, allowing them to maintain the room’s neatness while still having the items within reach. You can fit many items within the bed frame with the right organization.

It’s also a great way to keep your room clean as it removes items from the floor, as bed storage allows items to be stored vertically. A neat and organized room promotes peace and tranquillity as it helps reduce chaos and clutter.

Protection from Dust and Dirt

Protection from dust and dirt is a great reason to invest in bed storage. Whether it is a bedside cabinet, a bedhead-integrated shelf, or overhead storage, your bed area will be free from dirt or dust. This ensures that your bed remains tidy and clean and that you can enjoy a good night’s rest without worrying about inhalation of dust or dirt.

Dust and dirt can also cause allergies and asthma, which you can avoid with proper storage. Bed storage not only keeps the dirt and dust away but also helps to organize your items and declutter your sleeping area.

Increased Resale Value

With a bed storage system, buyers are more likely to pay a higher price when it comes to second-hand buying or selling. This could be especially useful for people who live in small homes or apartments and need to downsize. The extra space and hidden storage created by the storage system can make the room look less cluttered and more inviting.

On the other hand, having no bed storage can make the room look cramped, which can turn off potential buyers. In addition, it allows for the efficient use of space, giving the room a more organized and tidy appearance, which potential buyers are often drawn to.


The Cons of Bed Storage

Being able to put a bed in storage has become increasingly popular, as it can provide a great way to save space. However, this storage type has some cons that you should notice:


These storage devices can be a great way to conserve space and keep your home tidy, but it comes with a cost. Depending on the type of storage you’re looking for, like drawers, shelves, or under-bed storage, you may find yourself shelling out a significant amount of money.

Buying high-quality pieces can be especially expensive, and assembly costs are often additional. Even DIY options can involve some pricey materials, like plywood or L-brackets. Furthermore, custom-built storage can be even more costly, depending on the company you go through.

Limited Storage Capacity

The amount of items one can fit underneath a bed depends on the bed size, so the storage space is often quite restricted. Since you cannot customize the bed size, you will have to assess the items that can fit underneath manually.

You will have to arrange them to store all items in one place appropriately. This can be time-consuming, inconvenient, and stressful for people who accumulate many items.

Difficult To Move

It can be very difficult to move if you have a large, bulky bed frame with built-in storage. This difficulty can range from carrying the entire bed and all its components in one go to having to take apart and unhinge the entire bed frame to transport it.

Furthermore, some pieces can be so heavy that you may even need multiple people to move them. As such, it can be time-consuming and difficult whenever you need to move your bed, for instance, if you’re relocating to a new home.

Reduced Floor Space

Not only does the storage system take up a lot of space, but it can also make a bedroom look and feel a lot smaller. The storage units can also block natural light if placed in front of a window.

Due to their bulky nature, bed storage limits the usable floor space in a room, making existing furniture cramped and crowded. You cannot add extra bedroom furniture if more seating space is needed.

When bedroom furniture like murphy cabinet beds are not in use, it is discreetly tucked away and out of sight, allowing for more room for other activities. You can also store various items in the cabinets beneath the mattress, such as books, clothing, and toys.

Now You Know

Overall, bed storage provides many benefits but also comes with its own set of drawbacks. You should conduct proper research to decide if bed storage is the best option.

If it is, invest in high-quality materials, knowledgeable installation, and top-notch maintenance. Now, take the first step and weigh the pros and cons of bed storage when it comes to your desired interior design today!

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