How to transfer airtime on MTN fast (2 distinct ways)


Are you an MTN user but don’t know how to transfer airtime on MTN? Do you want to share airtime on MTN sim card but don’t know how to do so? If yes, kindly read on.

There are several ways and options available on MTN service for the transfer of airtime from one MTN Sim card to another.


Thus, these options give you can the luxury to share your airtime credit with any person of your choice so far the destination Sim card is MTN.

Note that there are over 60 million MTN subscribers in Nigeria making it the largest and most patronized telecommunications network in the country.

This blog post will therefore enlighten you more on how to transfer airtime on MTN line and gives you a comprehensive guide on the available options to do it yourself.

Important Things to Know about MTN Airtime Transfer

The following is the common and most important information you need to know about MTN Airtime transfer service.

  • An MTN subscriber can only transfer NGN100,000.00 (on a maximum) to either a single subscriber or multiple MTN users per day.
  • There is no fixed number or limit to the number of airtime transfer an MTN user can do per day.
  • Transfer of an amount that is much more than your MTN prepaid account balance or where you have insufficient balance to make a transfer, such transaction will not be completed and as such, you will get an error message.
  • Airtime transfer of any amount attracts a fee.
  • Also, the highest you can be charged on MTN for airtime transfer is N10 per transaction.
  • Minimum amount of Airtime that can be transferred is N50.
  • An extra credit or airtime transfer can only be completed where the sender is an MTN subscriber and the receiver also uses MTN line.
  • You must generate a transfer PIN before you access the Share ‘n’ Sell service.
  • Default transfer pin is always 0000 and you’ll be required to change it to your preferred code
  • An MTN subscriber can only transfer Airtime in any amount equivalent to Naira amounts and not kobo, i.e. you can only transfer NGN80.00 but not NGN80.99.
  • You can share your friend or family between N50.00 — N5,000.00 in a single transaction.
  • As an MTN postpaid customer, Airtime transfer can only be done when your account balance is in positive.
  • Transfer of airtime is impossible when the account balance read a negative. That is, if your account is N-500.00.
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How to share airtime credit on MTN line

The airtime or credit (as popularly called) is the total amount of money recharge or added to your account balance for placing calls, sending messages, and serves as data for mobile browsing.


Hence, if you wish to ‘gift’ or ‘borrow’ a friend an extra airtime on an MTN line, you can only do that via the MTN airtime transfer service.

So with the MTN ‘share n sell’ tariff, you can transfer airtime on MTN line to your family and friends using MTN Sim card.

Such is what this article will be explaining, soonest. But before then, it’s important we explain how to generate MTN transfer PIN.

How to generate MTN Transfer Pin

To complete any transfer of airtime on MTN Sim card, there’s need for a transfer PIN to authenticate the transaction. Without it,’Share ‘n’ Sell’ wouldn’t be possible.

On this note, it’s crucial to state that there are two ways to get a transfer PIN code on MTN. These two ways shall be considered as follows:


  • Via Text Message

To get the MTN transfer pin using the text message option, kindly follow the instructions below:

  • Go to message;
  • Click on create a message;
  • Write your default pin, leave a space, then write the new pin, leave a space, the new pin and send it to 777.

For instance: if your preferred transfer PIN is 4422, then type; 0000 4422 4422, then send it to 777.

  • Through USSD Code

You don’t have to waste much of your time here, just dial *600*Default pin*New pin*New pin# and press send.

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For instance: if your preferred pin is 4422 then dial *600*0000*4422*4422# on your phone dialer and press send.

That’s all you need to know on how to generate transfer pin code on MTN telecommunication network. Once the transfer PIN has been successfully generated, then proceed to the next step.


How to Transfer Airtime on Mtn Line to Another MTN

There are two different ways to transfer airtime on MTN to another MTN subscriber. The two ways can be used interchangeably, and the same charges apply.

How to transfer airtime on MTN

Regardless, these two ways shall be explicitly explained below and as such, take your time to study them both and pick the one that interest you the most.

1. Via a text message

Of course, the first option on how to share airtime on MTN sim card is through a text message. This method is simple and can be carried out by anyone at anytime.

To do this, go to your phone message gallery, then click on create a new message to sanction the Airtime transfer.

After that, use the format below to rectify the transaction; transfer [space] Recipient’s phone number [space] Airtime amount [space] Transfer pin.

For instance: if you will be transferring N500 worth of airtime to an mtn line, note the number and your preferred pin. After that, type something similar to this;

Transfer *0803xxxxxxx*500*4422# then send the message to 777. Note that you must first type the word “transfer” before the phone number after which the amount and your transfer pin will follow.

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After sending the message to 777, you will receive a SMS telling you to confirm the transfer by replying the received message with YES.


The moment it’s confirmed, N500 worth of Airtime will be deducted from your MTN prepaid account balance and will be transferred to that of the recipients.

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2. Using USSD Code

Equally, you can transfer airtime on MTN to another line by dialing the MTN default USSD code.

To do this, simply dial *600*Recipient’s phone no.*Airtime amount*Transfer pin#

For instance: *600*08123456789*500*2938# and then send.


Other than the two options discussed above, there’s no any other methods or ways on how to transfer Airtime on MTN faster.

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