How to Say I Love You in Nigerian Pidgin

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There are many reasons why you may want to know how to say I love you in Nigerian Pidgin. It may be because you want another way to express the extent of your love, or maybe you feel your emotions would be communicated better with it—’raw without any form’.

We are with you on this, and that’s exactly why we have listed several ways to say I love you in Nigerian Pidgin.


Nigerian Pidgin is that informal ‘official language’ that almost all Nigerians understand. It is neither formally taught nor learned as one would learn Arabic or French, but it is passed down from generation to generation and can be picked up by anyone, so long as you have heard it being spoken.


Whether it is a lover, a sibling, or a friend, you want to tell “I love you” in Nigerian Pidgin. We advise you to say it from the heart.

Now see the common Nigerian Pidgin English statements you can use to tell your loved ones I Love You.

How to Say I Love You in Nigerian Pidgin

·         I too dey feel you

·         I heart you (big)

·         I (too/dey) gbadun you

·         You dey jolly my heart

·         Your love dey turn my head

·         Your love dey sweet belle

·         Your love dey sweet die


·         Your love sweet my body

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·         You dey burst my brain

·         Your love dey shack me

·         Your matter no fit tire me. I dey sure say na you go kill me with love

·         Your mama born pikin, na pesin you be.

·         I no dey use your mata play

·         Love wey I get for you dey cut scale

·         I no dey get myself again when I see your face

·         You love dey sweet me


·         My love for you no get Part 2

·         Na you dey make my life set

·         You no get duplicate

·         You be my last bus stop

·         Nothing fit shake me comot for where you dey

Yes, they all communicate the statement “I love you.” However, not all can be used for every friend or sibling.

Be discerning enough to pick an appropriate statement for the right person and the right occasion so you don’t come off as weird. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

We’re sure you don’t want to tell your male friend, “Your love dey shack me,” if you’re a man.


A simple “I dey feel you” would suffice to express that you value the person and can be your way of saying I love you in Nigerian Pidgin.

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