How to migrate to glo yakata from any glo plan

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In this tutorial you will learn how to migrate to Glo Yakata from any Glo plan. So all that is needed from you is to read this thread carefully.

But before delving into the main gist of the matter, you must note that this Glo prepaid plan comes with a lot of amazing benefits.


These benefits include free data, unlimited Glo to Glo free calls, free several minutes to call any other line, etc.

In fact, the free call bonus could metamophos to a total sum of N2,200 in total for just recharging N100. That’s a whopping bonus of 2000% on each recharge. Cool, right?

All these bangers including some other goodies will be given to you by Glo whenever you recharge your line as a Glo Yakata tariff user.

Meanwhile, Globacom Nigeria still offers, even much more, data volumes at a relatively cheap prices.

The Nigerian owned telecommunication network also renders a High Speed Internet portal and self-care data management portal.

All these were introduced just to enhance its users to buy data, share data, gift it, and even check their data usage. To enjoy this development, visit here.

Guide to Migrate to Glo Yakata Tariff Plan 2021

Without doubt, the Glo Yakata tariff plan is a new juicy and Interesting package offered to existing and new Glo customers by Globacom Nigeria.

This is part of the telecommunication company’s initiative to strives to keep on developing innovative products capable of delivering value and money.

Glo Nigeria introduces this New Yakata Plan to reward their seasoned and prospective users with amazing data bonuses.

And this is usually done after migration and recharge. So take your time and relax as this article will guide on how to migrate to glo yakata from any glo plan in Nigeria.

What is Glo Yakata Prepaid Plan?

The Glo Yakata prepaid plan is one of the new Glo tariff plans or bundles that is introduced solely to reward Glo users.

This reward comes by way of amazing data bonuses and we 2000% voice benefits on every recharge on their Glo lines.

While all new Glo prepaid plan customers will automatically get the Glo Yakata data plans onc their lines are registered and activated.

There is no need of dialing any ussd code. The bundled is automatically set, very easy and with no stress.

On the other hand, it is crucial to know that all existing glo users will have to subscribe to the Glo yakata to enjoy all its benefits too.

Benefits of Glo Yakata Tariff Plan

Has it has been stated above that the Glo yakata bundle is a prepaid plan introduced by Glo to serve both their new and existing customers.

Other than that, some other benefits of the bundle are:

With the newly introduced Glo yakata bundle, you get 22 times more than the value on any amount you recharged.

That is to say, if you load Glo card of N200, you will receive N1000 bonus worth of airtime. If you load N500, you will receive airtime worth of N2,500.

And if you load airtime voucher of N1000, you will receive N5,000 worth of airtime bonus, etc. All these are airtime bonus which can be used to make calls (national) to all other networks.

Another benefit or good thing about the trending Glo yakata bundle is that when you get a new Glo sim card, it comes with 6GB of data.
And such data bonus valid for the next good 6 months.

How to migrate to glo yakata from any glo plan

As a seasoned and existing customer of Glo that wishes to migrate to Glo yakata from any other Glo plan, you will dial 23O# on your phone dialer.

Glo YAKATA tariff plan migration code

Such ussd is the official Glo yakata tariff plan code for the existing or old Glo network customers.

For the new customers, don’t worry or disturb yourselve much over the migration as your sim card will be migrated into the Glo yakata tariff plan automatically.

But for further clarification, you might have to consider the following subheadings, carefully!

Code to Migrate to Glo Yakata Tariff Plan

While a lot has been said earlier that if you buy, register, and activate a new Glo sim, and you will be added to the amazing Glo yakata tariff plan automatically.

And this asically means that all Glo sim cards (new) by default all comes with the mesmerizing yakata tariff plan.

The but is, however, if you have an old Glo sim card in existence, you still have time and opportunity to join the yakata family.

All you have to do is to dial *230# on your phone dialer and subscribe. Nothing more and nothing less. With this, you wil be able to enjoy all the bonuses each time you recharge on your Glo line.

How to check Glo Yakata bonus balance using USSD code

Be informed that the glo yakata bonus is only valid for 7 days. And this start from the day you recharged. You can also accumulate or get more bonuses each and every time you recharge.

To check your Glo yakata bonus balance, simply dial 2301# on your dialer and wait for a prompt up response, that’s your bonus balance.
For airtime or data balance, the code works for both command.

Glo Yakata Data Subscription Code

To subscribe for the Glo Yakata data bundle, simply dial x220# in your smartphone dialer. Remember that you must be the tariff user to enjoy its benefits.

How to migrate to glo YAKATA tariff plan from any glo plan

To confirm if you are eligible or already in the Glo Yakata bundle, kindly dial x100# on your phone to confirm.

Glo Yakata Call Rate

For Glo YAKATA tariff plan, the Glo to Glo call rate is 55 kobo per second, and this amount to N33 per minute when estimated.

The Glo to other Networks within Nigeria call rate is 70 kobo per second and this amount to N42 per minute, when calculated.

End note

It is our humble submission that you found this tutorial on how to migrate to Glo Yakata from any glo plan helpful.

Therefore, you can do well by sharing this article to your love ones so that they can enjoy the benefits, too, while it last.

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