How To Shift Reality; 10 Ways To Achieve Desired Reality


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Do you know you can shift your reality? This might sound strange but it is very much possible. “Reality shifting” is a growing TikTok trend that started with younger people and it is becoming more and more popular. 

Reality shifting became popular on the internet in 2018 and reffers to the practice of moving ones soul, or consciousness, from one reality to another. There are different ways to do this, and it takes time to get good at them, but it is possible.

In this article, we will reveal various ways that you can shift your reality and how you can achieve your desired reality. 

How To Shift Reality

How To Shift Reality

Here are some of the ways you can shift your reality.

1. Write Down The Reasons You Want To Shift

Make sure your reasons for moving are good ones. Open a word document or a journal and ask yourself what you want to get out of the change. You may want comfort, happiness, or adventure. 

You can think about why you’re trying to shift by searching your heart for the best reasons. Making comments like: “I’m tired of being alone and want to do something fun” or “I want to know what it’s like to be a pilot can guide you towards finding the best reasons for making a shift..

2. Find A Serene And Quiet Place

Being in a quiet place helps you focus on shifting. Go to a place where you can be alone, like your bedroom. Close the door and turn on some music that soothes and inspires you.

Get rid of any distractions or anything that may distract you. The aim to to focus so take a position that helps you focus. You can light a candle to create serenity that will help you focus better. 

How To Shift Reality

3. Pick Ideas That Best Suits You

Use ideas from your favorite series or make up your own setting. You may visit a well-known place, like the Marvel World or U.A. High School from My Hero Academia. Create your own fantasy or mundane dimensional setting if you like.

You can take a leaf from the movies you have seen. Consider the stunning movie locations that left you speechless. Create your desired reality that is truly unique and think about the perfect world that would make you happy. 

4. Don’t Forget To Specify The Kinds Of People You Want In Your Desired Reality

Think of the kind of people you’d like to hang out with. Think about the friends and family you’d like to keep close. It could be fictional figures or real people you like and long to meet. Jot down details about anyone with whom you’d like to develop lasting friendships.

5. Write Details About The Ideal Person You Hope To Become In Your Desired Reality

Create a new persona for yourself, or continue being who you always were. It’s important to visualize your ideal appearance and set of skills. 

Choose a handle for yourself and a list of desirable traits for your desired reality. Just be yourself and don’t worry about changing a thing; maybe you need a change of scenery more than anything.

Create a character bio that describes you in depth, down to your history and routines. Also, create a portrait of your “desired reality self” by drawing it or using a simple tool like Artbreeder. Keep the good qualities you admire most, like your sense of humor or generosity.

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6. Repeat Positive Statements To Yourself

Use hopeful words to put yourself in a trance so you can see another reality. “Affirmations” are short, powerful messages that train your mind to think in a certain way. To get to your desired reality, tell yourself that you are fully able to travel to another dimension. 

You can make positive declarations your mantra by constantly repeating and believing them. 

Methods To Achieve Desired Reality

Many people who have successfully shifted their reality says that it works and they have given tips on how others can achieve their desired reality. Here are 10 popular ways to achieve the reality that you desire:  

1. Pillow Method

The Pillow method of reality shifting is probably the easiest and most convenient way for beginners to try out shifting methods.

Instead of just having a mental picture of what you want to bring into your desired reality, this method suggests writing out a full script of how you want your body to change. It’s also an effective way to shift without visualizing.

In this script, you can write down the names of all the people or things you want to see or meet. You can also write down the order of the things you want to see or do, as well as details like smells and tastes.

The idea is to put this piece of paper under your pillow before you sleep or rest, and then use this guide and the intention of what you want to attract while you shift.

As always, the power of positive statements and music that raises your vibrational energy levels play a big role in the process.

How To Shift Reality

2. Julia Method

According to the Julia method, the whole process of changing reality is based on two words: “I am.” During the process, binaural beats can be used to make the dream-like state stronger.

Start the mantra with “I am” while you are in the starfish position. Add anything after it to make the mantra’s meaning even clearer. Use the present tense for these mantras, as if what you are saying has already happened.

Mantras can be anything like, “I am moving toward my desired reality,” or “I am consciousness, pure and unbound.” Do this in as much detail as you can, and you’ll soon find yourself in your dream.

3. Heartbeat Method

The Heartbeat method of shifting uses the power of sounds that are repetitive. This can be humming or vibrating sounds. The idea is to sleep with the sound playing either in the background or in your ears through an earphone. You can also use the sound of a heartbeat.

The next step is to imagine this sound coming from the chest of a person you trust or want to connect with in your dream world. Imagine this person slowly leading you to a door that leads to a different reality.

When you follow them through, you’re surrounded by bright white light from every direction and feel yourself float away to your dream world.

4. Raven Method

For the Raven method of reality shifting, you lie down in a comfortable starfish position and make sure none of your limbs touch each other. Make sure your body is loose and calm, and that your mind is also calm.

In this method, you use shifting affirmations to help you believe that you can change your current reality. To do this, start counting slowly from 0 to 100.

Between the numbers, you can say your affirmations, and you can also play binaural beats or other similar frequencies in the background.

The idea is to keep counting and picture yourself getting closer and closer to what you want.

Once you go to sleep, if you’ve moved your consciousness in the way you wanted, you’ll probably wake up in a parallel world you chose.

The counting process can be done as many times as possible until the person learns how to do it well.

How To Shift Reality

5. ADHA Method

In the other ways, the sound is not necessary. Sound is a must for the ADHD method reality shift. Use the right headphones and look for 8D sound tracks.

Choose affirmations like “I am moving toward my desired reality” while you lie down and listen to audio.

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Try to get the breath to match up with the sound. After each affirmation, count from 1 to 5 and say it again. As you get in tune with the sound and affirmation, you will soon start to feel the symptoms of shifting.

As soon as the symptoms start to show up, start picturing the life you want, and you’ll soon be there.

6. Intention Method

This method of shifting called “Intention,” doesn’t focus as much on visuals, multiple affirmations, or any kind of subliminal sounds as others. Rather, it focuses on the purpose or intention of your mind to shift. It is one of the most effective ways to change your sleep schedule.

The exercise works as long as the person is determined and believes they can change. But one important thing to keep in mind is that the goal must be thought about or spoken aloud right before you go to sleep.

For example, you could say, “I plan to shift to my desired reality as soon as I fall asleep.” The reason for this is that the sooner you go to sleep after setting an intention, the less time your brain has to wonder about it or doubt it.

Also, it’s best to be a little sleepy and tired so that your mind isn’t full of busy, chaotic thoughts and you can focus on the clarity of your intention.

7. Sunni Method

Another method you can adopt on how to shift reality is the Sunni method. Sunni Method Changing your reality is all about how you see it. Because of how the method works, it’s also close to a lot of people because it helps bring things into the real world.

This method is all about making your brain think that you are in a certain place. It means convincing your mind that you are already in the reality you want. This can be done with subliminals that change, feelings, or just silence.

For instance, when you’re about to wake up, close your eyes and picture yourself lying on a beach, feeling the breeze and hearing the sounds.

During this time, your subconscious is wide awake, and the next thing you know, you’re on the beach. Thus, making this one of the best ways to achieve desired reality.

8. Mirror Method

Mirror method shifting has a lot to do with visuals. So this is best for people who can picture things well.

Think about being alone in a dark room with a mirror close by. You are the only one in the spotlight. Now, make your way slowly toward the mirror. In the mirror, you can see your own image coming toward you.

But this reflection shows you exactly how you want your perfect self to be in the dream realm. Put your hands on the mirror, and your higher self will do the same to you.

How To Shift Reality

Now, feel yourself joining with your higher self, and slowly open your eyes to find yourself in your dream realm.

9. Alice In Wonderland Method

The Alice in Wonderland shifting method is based on Lewis Carroll’s famous book about a girl named Alice and her adventures in a magical world. In this method, you change your life by acting like the main character and doing what they do.

Lay on your back and imagine that you are sitting under a tree. When someone comes up to you, picture them running away and jumping down a rabbit hole as you stand up to talk to them. You do what they say and decide when you’re ready to jump in.

As you fall down this rabbit hole, you forget everything you know about the real world and end up in a small room with a door.

There will be a key to this door on a table in the same room, and the person you were chasing will ask you if you’re ready to open it.

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If you are, you can move forward. If you are not, you can say positive affirmations to help you move forward. Once you’ve opened the door and stepped inside, you’ve already become the person you want to be.

Go lie down on the bed from your dream reality that you now see in that room in the same position you are sleeping in now, and you will wake up in your dream reality.

10. Falling Method

The falling method of shifting is more exciting than other methods. Imagine being in a room full of beautiful energy that goes well with you.

From a long way away, you can see a door. Now, slowly move toward the door and open it while you say positive things about your desired reality.

You can hear the universe calling for you as the door opens. Fall into the path freely, and as you free fall, your soul will show you the way.

Make sure to use all of your senses as you free fall and keep affirming. Feel the calm and peace inside you. When you’re ready, you’ll reach the end of the fall and see a door there. Open the door by moving toward it. In front of you, you can see your desired reality. If you open the eyes of your essence, you will see it. 

Good luck with your shift!

11. Piano Method

The Piano Method Shifting has a little bit of a celebrity and famous feel to it. It is also one of the most powerful ways to change your reality because it uses most of your senses. Picture yourself in a large room with a piano in the middle.

Try to think about how you want the hall to look and feel, and how you want the piano to look. Imagine a focus light falling on you as you walk toward the piano and people looking at you. You can feel the chattering and the buzz around the auditorium. Keep affirming whenever you lose your way.

As soon as you start playing the piano, everyone in the room stops talking. Try to feel each one of these. When you’re done, people all around the hall cheer.

Get up and move toward the door to show that it’s time to leave. As you are thinking about that scene, someone opens the door. As you walk in, a loved one greets you with “Welcome home, love.” You fall asleep, and when you wake up, you’re in your desired reality.

How To Shift Reality

12. Estelle Method

People who love music and can easily connect with tones and vibrations will do well with Estelle method shifting. Think about dancing with your DR character or a person you love very much.

Choose music that helps you get in sync with the person or character you are dancing with. The person can be a crush, a love interest, a friend, or anyone else you want. Make sure that the scene makes you feel everything. The air, the smell, and how it feels.

Your friend tells you, “It’s time to go home,” and then opens the door for you. As soon as you walk through the door, you will fall into nothing.

You keep telling yourself that you are in the realm of your dreams. Slowly open your subconscious eye as you start to feel things.

Conclusion: How To Shift Reality

It can take a long time to look for ways to shift, especially if you don’t know which one will work best for you. But once you know yourself and your abilities and narrow down your choices, it will be much easier to find the right ways to shift.

We hope you find this post helpful.


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