How to know if someone has Snapchat Plus (2024)


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How to know if someone has Snapchat Plus is by checking if they have access to exclusive badges, custom app icons, and unique profile features such as the ability to pin a friend as a “#1 BFF” or see who rewatched their story.

Do you want to learn how to know if someone has Snapchat Plus? It is quite simple because Snapchat Plus users are identified by their unique interface design, colors, motifs, and symbols.

They can enhance photos with frames and effects, and their name is marked with a badge, emoji, locked backgrounds, and a double arrow. Direct inquiries about their status are possible.

Snapchat Plus’s increased functionality and additional features have garnered significant attention and interest among users. 

You may have questioned whether someone in your social circle uses Snapchat Plus due to their remarkable filters and effects. 

This post will provide an overview of the indicators to observe after Wondering how to know if someone has Snapchat Plus, the advantages of using Snapchat Plus, and the methods for identifying Snapchat Plus users. 

How to know if someone has Snapchat plus

What is Snapchat Plus?

Compared to the less impressive Snapchat we are all familiar with and like, Snapchat Plus is the cool older brother. Because it is a premium edition, this version provides extra tools and features that enhance your experience with Snapchat. 

What is New and Better About Snapchat Plus

Using Snapchat Plus, you can create unique snaps that stand out. The latest upgrade provides everything you want, including more sophisticated tools and effects and more possibilities for creating more astonishing clips. 

How to know if someone has Snapchat plus

The following are tips on how to know if someone has Snapchat Plus:

1. A more relaxed user interface design 

If someone uses Snapchat Plus, one method to know is by looking at the layout of their profile. They may have their colors, motifs, or even symbols exclusive to which they belong. 

Your acquaintance may have joined Snapchat Plus if you see that their Snapchat appears to be in better condition than usual.

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2. Extra Filters and Effects

How to know if someone has Snapchat plus

Using Snapchat Plus, you can enhance the appearance of your photographs by adding a wide variety of frames and effects. 

The fact that your friend’s snaps contain additional dazzling filters, face morphing effects, or even distortions from traveling back in time, indicates that they are using Snapchat Plus to their advantage. 

3. More advanced editing and customization options 

Is your friend making their photos on Snapchat look like Picasso made them? It shouldn’t amaze you too much, as this is the Snapchat Plus version. 

With Snapchat Plus, you can use more powerful editing tools and make changes that let your creativity soar high like never before. 

If you see your friends making snaps that are works of art with excellent drawings, stickers, and text, they likely have Snapchat Plus.

4. Profile Badge

Examine their page to see whether or not they have a Snapchat+ badge next to their name, for example. The plus version’s emblem seems to be a black circle with a white star inside it. 

It should be no surprise that they have a Snapchat+ account if they are present at the event.

5. Post View Emoji

Once you have finished looking at their Snaps, check whether a unique emoji appears next to their name in the chat list. 

Because this function is exclusive to Snapchat+ subscribers, this emoji indicates that the user subscribes to the Plus version of Snapchat.

6. Unique backgrounds for Bitmoji

You should check whether they have a specific Bitmoji backdrop on their page. People who have paid for Snapchat+ are the only ones who can have these photographs. 

To check that this is the case, go to your page, tap on your Bitmoji, and then touch “Pose & Background.” Users of Snapchat Plus exclusively get access to the locked backgrounds, including celebs.

7. Rewatch Indicator

If the person’s name appears next to a rewatch symbol, a double arrow when you view their Snaps again, they may be a Snapchat+ user. However, this is not a 100% specific indication. 

On the other hand, Snapchat+ is not the only item that might create this signal; other potential causes exist.

How to know if someone has Snapchat plus

8. Direct Inquiry

Directly asking the individual whether they have Snapchat+ is something you should do if it is acceptable to you. 

Please take into consideration the fact that some users want to hide the status of their account. This is the easiest and most diplomatic approach on how to know if someone has Snapchat Plus. I would go for this option over the rest. 

Benefits and Advantages of Snapchat Plus

The following are the benefits of using Snapchat plus:

1. Better experience for users

People can utilize the Snapchat app more efficiently thanks to Snapchat Plus. Your trip via Snapchat will be more straightforward to comprehend now that it includes a more significant number of features and functions. 

One may compare it to flying on a luxurious aircraft to Snapville, where everything is in perfect order.

2. New Features for More Creative Expression

Snapchat Plus is an excellent place for artistic people to hang out. 

This update gives you many tools to help you express yourself in the funniest and most epic ways possible, whether you want to be an artist, a comedian, or just someone who likes to make their snaps more personal.

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3. Extra Security and Privacy Steps

Privacy and safety are paramount today, especially with all the social media drama. Snapchat Plus knows this, so it has extra safety features to keep your snaps safe. 

You do not have to think about your pictures getting into the wrong hands when you take them. 

Additional Features and Tools in Snapchat Plus

1. More complex filters and filters

With Snapchat Plus, filters are even better. There are many ways to make your snaps stand out, from effects that make them look better to movements that will hold your attention. 

You can also add a bit of awesomeness that is special to where you are to your stories with filters.

2. Extended Video Recording Options

Do you love Longer Snapchat videos? For me, it’s a yes! With Snapchat Plus, you can record longer than the standard time limit. 

This way, you can catch all the action and joy without worrying about running out of time. Ensure your friends are ready to go on long, big trips with you.

3. Adding custom stories and emoji

How to know if someone has Snapchat plus

You can make and customize your own unique stories with Snapchat Plus. It lets you organize your snaps for specific events or themes to show how awesome you are. 

If that is not enough, you can also make your Bitmoji come to life and add them to your snaps to make them more unique. 

Why use regular emojis when you can have a little version of yourself that steals the show?

Sellout tips to identify Snapchat Plus users

1. Observe Usage Patterns and Behavior

To find the Snapchat Plus users around you, pay close attention to how they use the app and act. Do they look like they can use tools unavailable on regular Snapchat?

  • Are they making beautiful photos without any trouble with filters you have never seen before? Then that’s one sellout. 

2. Seeing different filters or effects in their Snaps

Snapchat Plus users are often familiar with incorporating one-of-a-kind frames or effects into their snaps. 

Always be on the lookout for those remarkable virtual reality modifications or visually spectacular effects that enhance the appearance of their photographs and recorded clips. 

The person in question is likely using Snapchat Plus if you notice that they consistently add that additional something to their images.

Common Misconceptions and Myths about Snapchat Plus

1. Differentiating Snapchat Plus from Third-Party Apps

Snapchat Plus is NOT a third-party application. Snapchat has confirmed that this update is already available, and it includes a great deal of new features. 

On the other hand, Snapchat Plus is genuine, even though other applications promise to enhance Snapchat. Because of this, you should avoid falling for other fake modified versions. 

2. Worries about the safety and privacy of apps

Concerned about the security and confidentiality of your application? There is no need to be concerned since Snapchat Plus is subjected to the same stringent security tests as the standard Snapchat software. 

You can use the new technologies without putting your personal information at risk with them. Snapchat is concerned about protecting your privacy, and Snapchat Plus is not an exception. So do not be afraid to take pictures. 

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3. Clarifying Terms of Service and App Usage

Individuals new to Snapchat Plus can have queries about the regulations of the app and how to utilize it. 

It is encouraging to know that using Snapchat Plus does not violate Snapchat’s guidelines. Snap encourages users to let their imaginations run wild and explore the app’s various capabilities.

How to know if someone has Snapchat plus


Is Snapchat Plus a Free or Paid App?

Every Snapchat user is eligible to get the smooth upgrade known as Snapchat Plus. You will not be required to spend anything to use the additional features and enhance your experience with Snapchat. 

Take advantage of all that Snapchat Plus offers without paying much money.

Can Snapchat Plus be Downloaded from Official App Stores?

Yes, without a doubt! You can also acquire Snapchat Plus from the most popular app stores like the Google Play Store, APK Zone, etc, just as you can buy the original Snapchat app. 

Find a means to download or upgrade Snapchat Plus by going to your app store, typing in “Snapchat,” and looking for download or update options. To put it simply, it is that easy. 

Will Using Snapchat Plus Violate Snapchat’s Terms of Service?

It is not at all! Using Snapchat Plus is not prohibited, as stated in the Snapchat service regulations, which are pretty explicit. 

Snapchat users are encouraged to use the more sophisticated capabilities and enjoy the enhanced experience by downloading Snapchat Plus. 

There is no need to worry about violating the law if you snap as often as you like.

Can Snapchat Plus Provide Better Privacy and Security Measures?

Snapchat Plus may give you more privacy and security, but it is essential to remember that changing apps can put your privacy and device security at risk. 

The protection and care that goes into these changed apps might not be as high as they are with official app updates. 

Because the original authors regularly update and keep official apps, users can be sure they get the best privacy and security.


Users who subscribe to Snapchat Plus get access to many additional features and tools that may enhance their overall Snapchat experience. 

If you are aware of what to keep an eye out for when utilizing Snapchat, you will feel more educated and confident with the platform. 

The target audience for Snapchat Plus is individuals who wish to explore more profound editing tools, creative expression, and additional secret measures. 

However, some believe that Snapchat Plus is not as excellent as it is. Accepting the enhanced experience that Snapchat Plus provides might provide you with a wide variety of new choices on the widely used social media platform. 

This is especially true if you want to use Snapchat Plus or if you want to know when someone else is using it. 

There is nothing more to know about Snapchat Plus, including more tips on how to know if someone has a Snapchat Plus upgrade to the original Snapchat app. 

Whether you want to use the regular Snapchat app or sign up for Snapchat Plus is irrelevant. Allow yourself to have fun, snap photographs, and talk to your friends about the amusing and unforgettable situations you have experienced. 

Have a good time. 


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