How to know if your girlfriend thinks you’re small

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How to know if your girlfriend thinks you’re small is by observing her non-verbal cues, and emotional connection, among others.

In close relationships, the worries about penis size can come up, which can cause doubts and even stress. 

This article talks about how, as a guy, you can decipher the words unsaid and know how better to fix the issues about size. 

Also, we are encouraged to see things from our partner’s point of view, deal with deeper problems, and handle these problems amicably.

How to know if your girlfriend thinks you're small

Tips on How to know if your girlfriend thinks you’re small

Remember that everyone is different, and what one person thinks is “small” might not be what another person thinks is “small.” 

Ultimately, asking her is the only way to determine your lady’s feelings. You can watch for a few things that might help you figure it out.

1. Listen to Her Verbal and Nonverbal signals 

Pay close attention to what she does and says during and after sex. If she does not seem interested in starting or continuing a sexual relationship, it could mean that she does not like your size. 

Also, if she talks about or jokes about the size of your penis, it could be a sign that she does not like you.

Think about how happy she is with your relationship and how close you are to her. 

You are less likely to worry her about your size if she seems happy and content with the rest of your relationship.

But if she seems unhappy or unsatisfied, it could mean deeper problems, like your size.

2. Watch out for body language.

How to know if your girlfriend thinks you're small

Your partner’s body language, facial movements, and attitude can tell much about their feelings. 

During or after sexual activity, if your partner seems unsure, uneasy, or not interested, it could mean that they are unhappy with your size. 

Please consider their body language, facial emotions, and general attitude. Hesitation, pain, or lack of interest during contact could be signs that someone is unhappy.

3. Listen for speech alerts.

Pay close attention to what your partner says before and after you get close. If they laugh or say things about the size of your penis, it could be a sign that they are unhappy or insecure. 

But pay attention to their general tone and the situation to ensure you do not get the wrong idea from what they say.

Listen to what your partner says before, during, and after you are making love. If someone makes fun of your penis size, it could mean they are unhappy or insecure.

4. Initiation and Engagement

Think about how ready your partner is to start or continue a sexual relationship. Hesitation or resistance could be a sign of deeper worries. 

If your partner is hesitant or unwilling to start or continue sexual action with you, it could mean that they are worried about your size or other parts of your relationship.

5. Find out how happy and fulfilled they are in the relationship.

How to know if your girlfriend thinks you're small

Your size is less likely to be the main issue if your partner seems happy and content with every other part of your relationship. 

But if there is general unhappiness or unfulfillment, it could mean there are deeper problems, like worries about size or a need for more emotional closeness and connection. 

Check to see if they are happy and satisfied with the relationship as a whole. Unhappiness with other things could be a sign of more significant problems.

2. Find out how happy they are with your non-sexual relationships.

Think about how your partner feels about your relationship, how well you talk to each other, and how well you two generally get along. 

If they are happy with these non-sexual parts of the relationship, it means that your size is not the only thing that makes them happy. 

Check to see how happy they are with the emotional link, conversation, and fit. If these things are good enough, size might not be necessary.

6. Find out how they usually talk to each other and how open they are.

If your partner is usually honest, open, and at ease talking about personal things with you, they are more likely to tell you about any worries they have about your size. 

Think about how open and honest they are when you talk about sensitive things. Open conversation makes it easier to talk about size issues.

7. Considering Her Past Experiences and Expectations

Another way on how to know if your girlfriend thinks you’re small is to research her past and what she expects from the future. 

She might have too high of hopes for what is “normal” if she has dated people with giant penises in the past. 

She may be more intentional about your size as well if she has seen pornography or media that supports false body goals.

8. Consider her past partners and experiences

Your partner may have unrealistic ideas about what is “normal” or “satisfying” if they have dated people with more enormous dicks in the past. 

Also, if they have had bad experiences with penis size in the past, it could make them feel insecure or worried about their present relationship. 

If her ex-partners had more enormous dicks, she might have unrealistic ideas about what is “normal” or “satisfying.”

9. Look at how much media and false body image she is exposed to.

Exposure to pornography or media that supports false body ideals can make both you and your partner feel bad about yourself and unhappy. 

This can make people have unrealistic ideas about their penis size and how beautiful they are in general. 

Pornography and media that show false body goals can make people feel bad about their bodies and unhappy.

10. Discuss their personal preferences and expectations. 

How to know if your girlfriend thinks you're small

Have an open and honest talk with your partner about how they feel about closeness and what they expect. 

This method certainly clears the worries on how to know if your girlfriend thinks you’re small or if you are slacking on any of your manly duties. 

I use this method to stay in the present with my girl and friends. 

This will help you see things from their point of view and clear up any confusion or disagreements that might exist. 

Please discuss your partner’s tastes and standards regarding closeness to understand their point of view.

How to deal with small penis size worries

1. By Seeing things from her point of view

To deal with worries about penis size and encourage open conversation, it is essential to see things from your partner’s point of view. 

You can figure out how they are feeling and fix any problems that might be causing them by observing their spoken and unspoken actions, judging their level of closeness and happiness, and thinking about their past experiences and hopes.

2. By harnessing Open Communication and observing Mutual Respect

The best way to deal with worries about your size is to talk to your girlfriend about them openly and honestly. 

You can understand her point of view and work with her to solve any problems if you talk about your feelings and worries reasonably.

Do not forget that the size of your penis is only one part of you and does not say anything about how good of a partner you are. 

If your girlfriend truly loves you, she will accept you as you are, no matter your size.

3. Starting a conversation that is open and respectful:

When there are problems in a relationship, like worries about penis size, it is essential to talk about them openly and politely. 

Being sensitive, understanding, and ready to listen during these talks can help you and your partner solve any problems and strengthen your relationship.

How to know if your girlfriend thinks you're small

Why open dialogue is essential

Talking to your partner openly is vital to understand their point of view and solve their worries. It lets you make a space to talk about your feelings without worrying about being judged or criticized.

1. Listening carefully and understanding each other’s points of view

It would help if you actively listened to understand your partner’s thoughts and feelings. 

It means giving attention to what they say and act, asking questions to help them understand, and not talking over them or ignoring their worries.

2. Talking about problems with care and respect

To deal with worries about penis size, you need to be sensitive and respectful. When you talk to your partner, show that you understand their feelings and agree with their worries. 

Do not say rude or inappropriate things that could make them feel even worse.

Tips for open communication

  1. Pick a place that is private and relaxed for the talk.
  2. Start the talk in an excellent way that does not involve a fight.
  3. Tell your partner how much you appreciate them being honest and open.
  4. Instead of supporting your point of view, try to see things from your partner’s.
  5. When it comes to your partner’s feelings, do not make assumptions or broad statements.
  6. You should be ready to give in and find answers that work for both of you.

Do not forget that talking to each other openly and politely is an ongoing process in every relationship. 

Being open, understanding, and ready to listen are all things that you can do to build a stronger relationship with your partner and deal with any problems that may come up.

Seeking Out Professional Guidance

It can be hard to deal with worries about penis size on your own. Seeking professional help from a therapist can give you a safe and helpful space to discuss these problems.

1. Making an open communication space that is safe and supportive

Therapists offer a safe and private place where both partners can talk about their thoughts, feelings, and concerns without worrying about being judged or criticized. 

People feel safe talking to each other in this setting, which helps them feel heard and understood.

2. Creating Good Communication Habits and Making Your Relationship Stronger

Therapists can help couples learn how to talk to each other healthily by actively listening, sharing feelings, and settling problems healthily. 

These better ways of talking to each other can make the friendship stronger as a whole.

Benefits of Couples therapy 

Couples therapy provides an organized and helpful space to explore deeper problems connected to penis size worries, encourage open conversation, and create healthy ways to deal with stress.

  1. Being more aware of and understanding of each other’s thoughts and feelings.
  1.  Finding the root problems that might be making people worry about their size.
  1. Coming up with ways to deal with doubts and encourage self-acceptance.
  1. Learning good ways to deal with complicated feelings is essential.
  1. Improving conversation and resolving conflicts in general.

Remember that getting professional help is not a sign of weakness. Instead, it shows that you care about your relationship and are ready to work through problems together. 

Talking to a therapist about these problems and how to improve your relationship as a pair can be very helpful.

Conclusion: How to know if your girlfriend thinks you’re small

To deal with worries about penis size, you need to understand, talk about, and be ready to deal with deeper problems. 

You can work together to improve your relationship and get through these problems by seeing things from your partner’s point of view, starting respectful talks, and focusing on your value as a partner.

If you carefully think about these things, you can better understand your partner’s point of view and how penis size worries might affect your relationship. 

This knowledge will help you communicate openly and deal with fundamental problems well.

Also, accepting yourself and being positive about your body can help ease these worries. Understanding that your worth is not based on a single outward trait. 

Pay attention to the things that make you a good partner.


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