How Many Oreos Are In A Pack? A Comprehensive Review (2023)


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If you have a sweet tooth and prefer chocolaty foods, then you’ve probably had Oreos before. Oreos is one of those biscuits that will always be a staple treat in any home. 

Oreos have become a popular snack because you can enjoy them in various ways. Some people like to dip them in milk, while others want to twist them apart to get at the filling first.

However, have you ever wondered, “How many Oreos are in a pack?” This question may seem basic, but the answer may surprise you. You might be surprised to learn that the quantity of Oreos in a package varies from one country to the other.  

So, whether you want to know how many Oreos you eat in a week or how many packs you need to make that delicious recipe, you’ve come to the right place.

Evolution of Oreos

In 1912, the National Biscuit Company (Nabisco), today a company of Mondelz International, presented the world with the Oreo cookie. The history of where the idea for Oreos came from is a mystery, although the cookie’s design and basic concept have developed over time.

The Oreo cookie was made because the “Hydrox,” a biscuit made by the Sunshine Biscuits company in 1908, was getting popular. The Hydrox was an Oreo-like chocolate cookie sandwich with a cream filling. 

In response to the success of the Hydrox sandwich cookie, Nabisco decided to develop its own.

The first version of the Oreo cookie included two chocolate-flavored wafers sandwiching a sweet vanilla cream filling. Additionally, Oreos was originally called Oreos Biscuit, and in 1921, it was renamed Oreo Sandwich. 

This name stuck till around 1937 when the cookies were changed to Oreo Creme Sandwich.

The company used this name for decades until the 1970s when the name was changed to Oreo Chocolate Sandwich in 1974. However, most people call it “Oreo” due to its lengthy name.

Overview of Oreo Packaging

Oreo is a well-known brand of sandwich cookies made by Nabisco, a branch of Mondelz International. The package of Oreo cookies has changed many times over the years, and it comes in different pages. 

Additionally, it is easier for you to know how many Oreos are in each package. They include:

1. Box Packaging

Oreo cookies usually come in square or rectangular cardboard packaging. The boxes often include the company’s logo and are created in the company’s characteristic blue. 

Typical packaging for Oreos features a large, colorful depiction of the cookie, sometimes with a glass of milk to symbolize the traditional manner of eating them. The back of the package often lists the ingredients and nutritional value of the product.

2. Plastic Wrappers

The individual Oreo cookies are sealed in transparent plastic wrappers and stored within the box. 

The cookies’ wrappers are made to prevent them from drying out and breaking while in transit or storage. Cookies may be packaged alone or in pairs depending on the package size. 

You can also get small Oreos, usually put in blue plastic wrappers with a colorful depiction of the cookie, sometimes with a glass of milk. This type of Oreo is handy to avoid buying a big pack.

3. Family Packs

In addition to the standard-sized boxes, you may get more Oreos in a family pack. These packs could include a resealable construction to help them keep their contents fresh after being used. 

Family packs often look like ordinary boxes but are bigger and contain more cookies than the standard boxes.

How Many Oreos Are In a Pack?

The number of cookies in a package of Oreos varies with size. There are more cookies in the larger packages than the smaller ones, and vice versa. Let’s take a look at them:

1. Single Roll Oreos

Single rolls are the most common kind of Oreo cookie and are usually known to be the original recipe for Oreos. The standard Oreo cookie roll contains 12 cookies. However, this may vary by location. In total, an entire package of Oreos has 36 cookies.

How Many Oreos Are In A Pack

For example, in the United Kingdom, a regular pack of original Oreos only includes 14 cookies, yet the packaging still weighs 154 grams. Additionally, standard Oreos come in a Family Size containing 48 cookies, with 16 in each row.

2. Double Stuff Oreos

How Many Oreos Are In A Pack

Even though regular Oreos are tasty on their own, the company developed another version called Double Stuf. The two chocolate biscuits are identical, but the cream in the center of this Oreo is thicker.

Due to its increased size, the quantity of Double-Stuffed Oreos in a package is reduced. If you want to know how many Oreos are in each Family Pack, it has ten cookies in a row. This means the box has 30 cookies. 

However, you can get more Oreos in the Party Size. In a Party Size, there are 15 Double Stuf  Oreos in each row for 45 cookies. Since the company tries to keep all the packages the same to keep costs down, the bigger size of the Oreos means you’ll get fewer in a box.

3. Thin Oreos

How Many Oreos Are In A Pack

Another best-seller in the Oreo cookie line is the Thin Oreo, which comes in a normal box of 40 cookies. Some people would rather have them in their diet than Double Stuf Oreos because of their thinner shape. 

Its reduced size and calories make it a better choice for people who love Oreos but watch their weight. Due to its thin nature, it usually contains more Oreos than the others.

Other Types of Oreos

1. Oreo Ice-Cream

How Many Oreos Are In A Pack

Nabisco realized the potential in the trend of people dipping Oreos in ice cream and produced its ice cream flavored like the popular cookie. In 1986, sales began in Canada, but it was later introduced in the United States. 

Oreo Ice Cream is a frozen treat that tastes like Oreo cookies and has a base of creamy ice cream. Its signature flavor and texture come from adding Oreo cookie bits to the ice cream base.

2. Fudge-Covered Oreos

How Many Oreos Are In A Pack

You will enjoy this version of Oreo if you love chocolate. You can get it in various packaging and sizes and choose dark chocolate, milk chocolate, or white chocolate. The company released it in 1987, including regular Oreo biscuits coated in solid chocolate.  

This kind of Oreo comes in the same pack size as the Double Stuf Oreo. The Fudge-Covered Oreos come in a snack pack with 12 cookies, so taking one with you is easy. 

3. Limited Editions and Seasonal Packaging

How Many Oreos Are In A Pack?

Oreo makes limited-edition tastes and seasonal versions of its cookies from time to time. The wrapping for these special editions usually matches the flavor or theme. In these packs, you can’t determine how many Oreos you get, as it usually varies.

After finding it could add artificial colors to the cream, Nabisco began producing Oreos with Halloween-themed filling. Additionally, it introduced Oreos for Christmas, and these Oreos were red and green. 

Some people even buy special-edition multi colored Oreos for themed parties, bridal showers, and anniversary celebrations.

Does the Number of Oreo Cookies in a Pack Change?

The answer is yes; the standard Oreo package now contains fewer cookies. In recent years, the number of cookies in a single Standard pack of Oreos has decreased from more than 40 to around 36.

Even though Oreo cookies are one of the most popular cookie names in the United States, they are not immune to inflation. Inflation causes a rise in the price of items, forcing businesses to raise prices or reduce quantities, as shown with packages of Oreo cookies.

Conclusion: How Many Oreos Are In A Pack?

Over time, the number of Oreos in a pack has changed, confusing many customers about the exact number. The actual number of cookies in a standard package of Oreos might vary based on factors like packaging and location, but it’s usually about 36. 

For whatever reason, Oreos remain a delicious treat that millions of people enjoy daily. These delightful sandwich cookies provide a touch of sweetness to our life, whether we eat them ourselves or split them with loved ones.

We trust that this article has helped in choosing the type of Oreos that is right for you and knowing how many Oreos are in a pack.


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