How Big Is 5 Inches? Real Life Comparisons


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When you hear about a unit of measurement, like an inch, do you ever wonder what it means? While 5 inches may seem like a standard length or height measurement, there aren’t many everyday items that are exactly that size.

In this article, we’ll use everyday examples, from small things to famous locations, to help you picture how big 5 inches is. 

Whether you need to know the size of a specific object or are just curious, this page should answer your question “How Big Is 5 Inches?” and keep you interested.

How Big Is 5 Inches? Real Life Comparisons

How Is Big 5 Inches When Compared With Objects?

Let us show you these things and help you figure out how long five inches is in the real world. Here are a few everyday objects that can provide a visual reference to how big 5 inches is:

1. Money

When trying to visualize a length, converting inches to dollar amounts is a quick and easy way to do it. You can use US dollar bills as a measuring stick. 

The dollar bill is roughly 2.5 inches on each side, half as tall as a standard 5-inch paper currency note.

These banknotes are longer than 5 inches at 6 inches across the top and bottom. If you’re using a $1 bill as a ruler, you’ll need to fold it in half lengthwise, then in half again if you’re measuring anything 5 inches long.

To do this, bring one end of the bill to the middle and then get the other end to meet it. When unfolded, the bill is divided into five portions, each of which is 5.84 inches in length. 

2. Adult Thumbs

Since everyone has a different size, comparing dimensions to bodily parts is only sometimes accurate. However, you can use it during times of emergency.

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The average adult thumb is around 1 inch long, measuring from the tip of the thumb to the top knuckle. The thumb is about an inch long from the end of the thumb to the top nail. 

If a full thumb measures around 2.5 inches, then the combined length of two adult thumbs would be 5 inches. You can measure 5 inches with your thumbs the next time you have nothing else handy to use as a ruler.

3. Paper Clips

Whether in the office, at home, or in the classroom, paper clips are indispensable for binding two sheets of paper together. Paper clips are a handy stationery item that our people use often. 

How Big Is 5 Inches? Real Life Comparisons

You’ve probably seen various paper clips in different colors and sizes. Since most paper clips are an inch in length, five of them would equal 5 inches. 

You can also use a paper clip as a precise inch ruler. You can easily visualize 5 inches if you know the length of a paper clip; line up five paper clips to get your 5-inch measurement.

4. A Soda Can

Standard soda can be used to measure how big 5 inches is. For reference, a typical soda can is around 4.83 inches tall. Therefore, 5 inches is slightly taller than that. 

You can use the height of a Coke can as a standard to determine the relative dimensions of other objects. For example, a regular can of beer is usually about 6 inches tall, which will help you determine if the beer can is bigger than the soda can.

When trying to fit items into a cooler or other portable container, it helps to know how big a soda can is. You can save some room while packing by remembering that a regular soda can is 5 inches tall.

Finally, knowing the size of the, can you’re purchasing while shopping for soda is helpful. For instance, when buying a 12-ounce soda, you want to ensure you are not given a can that is either too tiny or too large.

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5. iPhone 7

You can also use the iPhone 7 to illustrate 5 inches in length. You can find the iPhone 7s in stores and in people’s hands with relative ease. Its height is 5.44 inches, and its width is 2.64 inches. 

You have likely seen a person holding an iPhone or at least seen a commercial for the product. As a result, you can use the iPhone 7 as a guide to figure out how long 5 inches is.

6. Stationary Tools

Additionally, stationery items are one the fastest and easiest things to know how big 5 inches is. For example, the average length of a pen is 5 inches. 

How Big Is 5 Inches? Real Life Comparisons

Most stationery sets have at least one pink eraser, an erasable rubber. A pink eraser is created from a unique synthetic rubber instead of the natural chalk powder or rubber latex used to make blue or white erasers. 

You can also compare 5 inches to a pencil. Before it is sharpened, a pencil is usually about 7 inches long, just 2 inches longer than 5 inches.

The average pink eraser is around 2 inches in length. To get 5 inches in length, you must line up 2.5 erasers side by side.

7. A Teaspoon

The small teaspoon is another excellent example you can use to explain how long five inches is. A teaspoon is a small spoon or fork around 5 inches long. It is used to mix sugar into your tea or coffee, scoop yogurt into a bowl, or have a dish of ice cream.

8. AA Batteries

The AA battery may be small, but it provides the power to keep our devices running. Their height is a little under 2 inches, making them an ideal substitute for a ruler when measuring distances up to 5 inches.

How Big Is 5 Inches? Real Life Comparisons

Put 3 AA batteries next to each other and remove the extra inch from your mental image. From there, you can figure out how long or tall 5 inches looks.

 Is 5 Inches Big or Small?

It can be hard to tell if a certain number is big or small when shopping for new clothing or trying to find the proper size for an existing item. When compared to other sizes, 5 inches is tiny. 

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This is the smallest unit of measurement still regarded as “normal” in size, and it’s just slightly larger than 4 inches. For instance, a television with a screen size of 5 inches is relatively small. 

Additionally, 5 inches is considered a small size when it comes to clothes. For example, if you were shopping for a shirt or a pair of pants, 5 inches would be a size extra small or even a size small.

Shoes with a heel height of 5 inches are also regarded to be on the small side. When buying shoes, 5 inches is a size 5 or 6.

Conclusion: How Big Is 5 Inches?

An inch is a versatile unit of measurement, and learning about the many kinds of inches can help you comprehend the wide range of measures in use today. 

While 5 inches may seem little, it has critical real-world applications. We hope that our list of everyday things that are 5 inches long should help you figure out how big is 5 inches.

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