36 States and Capital in Nigeria and their Governors 2023 Update


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Nigeria comprises 36 states and the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), which serves as the capital. Each of the 36 states also has its capital city. Some notable state capitals include Lagos (Lagos State), Kano (Kano State), Port Harcourt (Rivers State), etc.

How well do you know Nigeria? First, do you know that there are 36 states in the Federal Republic of Nigeria? Including the Federal Capital Territory? 

In this blog post, we will take you through Nigeria’s 36 states and capitals and add the perk of understanding the different persons governing these states executively.

How the States in Nigeria were named

States and Capital in Nigeria

Present-day Nigeria was a British colony until 1914 when the British Protectorates of Northern and Southern Nigeria combined to become the Federation of Nigeria. 

1960, the country gained independence, and in 1963, it became a republic.

Abuja is the nation’s capital and political hub on the Gulf of Guinea coast in Africa.

Many natural landmarks and animal sanctuaries can be found in Nigeria.

Parks like Yankari National Park and Cross River National Park have unique primate habitats, waterfalls, savannas, and deep rainforests.

In particular, natural gas and petroleum reserves are among Nigeria’s abundant natural resources. 

The Atlantic Ocean’s Gulf of Guinea lies to the south of Nigeria, Benin to the west, Chad and Cameroon to the east, and Niger to the north. 

Three hundred fifty-six thousand six hundred sixty-nine square miles (923,768 square kilometres) make up the whole land area of Nigeria.

Nigeria has six distinct geopolitical zones, each with its government. Abuja was the federal capital territory (FCT) home to the federal government. 

Each zone is composed of a minimum of six states. Thirty-six states with capitals, one Federal Capital Territory, and all of West Africa comprise Nigeria’s federation.

States and Capital in Nigeria

What are the 36 Nigerian states and capital and their slogan?

According to the constitution, Nigeria’s 36 states are a coequal political entity with the federal government. 

However, constitutions and governments vary from one state to the next.

Before her independence, Nigeria was split into three regions: the north, the east, and the south. 

English is the country’s official language, but Hausa, Igbo, and Yoruba are also widely spoken due to the country’s diverse population.

Christianity (Protestant, other Christians, and Roman Catholic), Islam, and traditional beliefs are the different types of faith.

For the sake of this post, we will zero in on the various slogans linked with her states and capital, as well as the names of her states and capital.

After reading this, you will be more familiar with the 36 states that make up Nigeria, the country’s capital and the different governors. 

The States, Their Capitals, And Governors

States and Capital in Nigeria
1AbiaUmuahiaAlex Otti
2Adamawa YolaAhmadu Umaru Fintiri
3Akwa Ibom UyoUmo Eno
4Anambra AwkaCharles Soludo
5Bauchi BauchiBala Abdulkadir Mohammed
6Bayelsa YenagoaDouye Diri
7BenueMakurdiRev. Fr. Hyacinth Alia
8BornoMaiduguriBabagana Umara Zulum
9Cross River CalabarBassey Otu
10DeltaAsabaSheriff Oborevwori
11EbonyiAbakalikiFrancis Nwifuru
12EdoBenin CityGodwin Obaseki
13EkitiAdo EkitiAbiodun Abayomi Oyebanji
14EnuguEnuguPeter Mbah
15GombeGombeMuhammad Inuwa Yahaya
16ImoOwerriHope Odidika Uzodinma
17JigawaDutseUmar Namadi
18KadunaKadunaUba Sani
19KanoKanoAbba Yusuf
20Katsina KatsinaDikko Radda
21Kebbi Birnin KebbiNasir Idris
22Kogi LokojaAhmed Usman-Ododo
23Kwara IlorinAbdul Rahman Abdul Razaq
24LagosIkejaBabajide Olusola Sanwo-Olu
25Nasarawa LafiaAbdullahi Sule
26Niger MinnaUmar Bago
27OgunAbeokutaDapo Abiodun
28OndoAkureDapo Abiodun
29OsunOshogbo Ademola Nurudeen Adeleke
30OyoIbadan Oluseyi Abiodun Makinde
31PlateauJosCaleb Mutfwang
32RiversPortHarcourtSiminalayi Fubara
33SokotoSokotoAhmad Aliyu
34TarabaJalingoKefas Agbu
35YobeDamaturuMai Mala Buni
36ZamfaraGusauDauda Lawal

Note that, including these 36 states and capitals, Abuja is the federal capital territory with a governing Minister named Ezenwo Nyesom Wike.

How to locate all 36 States and the Federal Capital Territory on the Map of Nigeria

Nigeria is vast. It is the fourteenth most significant country, with about 923,768 square kilometres. 

The country’s vastness means it contains various ecosystems, from the dry Sahel savannah in the north to the humid rainforests in the south. 

The central region is dominated by plateaus and hills, the most famous of which is the Jos Plateau, which serves as a natural stronghold in the very centre of our country.

Nigeria has various landscapes, climates, and many of Africa’s people and traditions. 

Our prime location has shaped our nation’s past, from historic trade routes to imperial influences.

Exciting Fact on Nigeria’s States and Slogan

States and Capital in Nigeria

The motto “Centre of Excellence” is primarily due to Lagos state’s vast population, which is three times that of Nigeria’s largest state, Niger state.

Also, Niger State is where three of Nigeria’s most crucial hydroelectric power projects are located. Hence the slogan, The Power State.

Ekiti’s former slogan was “The Fountain of Knowledge.” It was renamed “Land of Honour” in April 2019.

Cross River is known as “The People’s Paradise” because it is the only state in Nigeria where every Local Government Area (LGA) features at least one major tourist attraction.

Weirdly, “The Home of Peace ” serves as the slogan for Borno state.

At this point, at least 20 natural resources have been tallied in Nasarawa. Hence, the motto “Home of Solid Minerals” is appropriate. Read more here.

As the birthplace of many of Nigeria’s pioneers, Oyo State has earned the nickname “Pace Setter State.” 

Among these are Liberty Stadium, the first in Nigeria and Africa, and Western Nigerian Television, the country’s first television station (later renamed NTA).

Because so many people in Zamfara work in agriculture, the slogan “Farming is Our Pride” celebrates this reality.

Since the meeting point of the Niger and Benue rivers, Niger state has earned the nickname “the confluence state.”

Conclusion: States and Capital in Nigeria

This is a quick summary of Nigeria’s 36 states, the capitals, slogans, and present governors. Nigeria is ethnically and culturally varied, with each state having its unique flavour.

While there are ongoing issues, Nigeria also has immense potential with its dynamic economy, natural riches, and youthful population. The future without doubts remains unwritten.


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