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Little Rock in the state of Arkansas is known for its amazing hospitality and scenic camping vacations. If you are, however, visiting the place as a foodie, below are the unique restaurants in Little Rock you need to try out.

Little Rock is home to several award-winning and exciting restaurants that celebrate a modern approach to cooking.

But without further ado, we’ve compiled the inside scoop of the best restaurants in Little Rock, Arkansas where you are likely to have an unforgettable meal.

17 Unique Restaurants in Little Rock

Best Restaurants in Little Rock,

1. The Root Café

The Root Café is one of the highly patronized restaurants in Little Rock, Arkansas that you wouldn’t want to miss during your visit to the community.

The restaurant motto is “Building Community through Local Food”, and this made it a socially conscious restaurant that seeks to educate the locals in the community.

Using locally generated ingredients, The Root restaurant offers superb bratwursts, burgers, sandwiches, and fascinating vegetarian dishes.

The Root’s Café ethos is noteworthy with its delightful cooking that pulls in the crowd.

And being an independently owned local eatery, it is, no doubt, a plus to the refreshing Little Rock’s culinary scene.

However, the restaurant is used to hosting series of classes on Food education, provides venue for exhibitions, live music, talks, etc.

2. South on Main

South on Main eatery is everything a nerd will desire in a restaurant. Their chefs cullinary skills are second to none and their hospitality is not from this world.

This restaurant is very close to the Oxford American Magazine headquarter and the two have enjoyed a great collaboration in the past.

South on Main chef Matthew Bell’s Southern menu has amazing cuisines like boiled peanuts, hot chicken, pimento cheese, and host of other oft-overlooked but entirely delicious chicken livers.

3. Ya Ya’s Euro Bistro

Next on the list of the unique restaurants in Little Rock is Ya Yas Euro Bistro. The restaurant name means grandmas, and such is a name that depict traditional sweet home-style dining.

Ya Yas Bistro doesn’t disappoint in its meals. Everything there is dedicated to old-school recipes and tried-and-tested ingredients.

Perhaps the most crucial aspect of dining at the Grandmas kitchen is the intimate, laid-back, and warmth atmosphere that is perfect for uncomplicated dining.

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4. Purple Cow

The Purple Cow is one of the Little Rock beloved burger spot that serves up premium and hand-dipped shakes from the magnificent soda fountain.

In addition to the delicious gourmet burgers as well as the diner dishes this restaurant serves, you can dine and wine on board without leaving the ground.

5. Big Orange

Big Orange restaurant offer amazing burgers that do come in variety of flavours and other combinations and served with the best attention to detail.

With Big Orange sustainable development and ethos of ethical sourcing, it two branches in Little Rock are part of the local favorites.

There, their ordering process is to the point, and the options of burgers they offer are eclectic and classic.

There is white truffle pecorino burger, the curried falafel, truffle-garlic herb fries, lentil burger sandwich, sweet potato fries served with flavoured mango-curry ketchup, etc.

The Best Fine-Dining In Little Rock, Arkansas

6. The Pantry

The Pantry restaurant specializes in Czech and German classic cuisines and yet, it still made the list of the best restaurants in the state of Arkansas.

Other than serving delectable menu items such as house made Bratwurst, bacon-wrapped, Hungarian sausage,  dates, cheesecake, etc, there’s still sincere assortment of famous craft beers.

7. Brave New Restaurant

The Brave New Restaurant is situated on a river-facing dock, and this location made it a great spot for one explore the Little Rock’s preserved history as a seafaring town.

In Brave New Restaurant, its menu is always updated to match the taste of time and to keep its budding customers posted on their new and latest cuisines.

Its reputation, again, as one of the best dining and fascinating restaurants in Little Rock is further confirmed by its recent success in Arkansas Times Readers.

Moreover, it was recently voted as the Overall Best Restaurant in Little Rock and it was equally acknowledged for having Peter Brave, the best chef in town.

8. Flying Fish

Flying Fish is another fun and relaxed kitchen to dine and wine by the River in Little Rock, Arkansas.

That this restaurant is named “flying fish” doesn’t mean it is a run-of-the-mill chips and fish stop. It is a nice place that embraces all seafood culture.

Flying fish restaurant menu showcases dishes like jambalaya, fried oysters, crab legs, grilled red snapper fillets that are sourced from South and Central America, fish tacos, catfish, etc.

Also, guests to this unique restaurant can buy a shirt to keep the memory and pleasure of visiting there alive when leaving.

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9. Cache

The scenery at Cache restaurant is chic and modern. It can be found in the middle of all classes of nightlife actions in Little Rock Downtown.

Cache is an ideal place to celebrate special event or happenings. Chef Payne Harding is also known for hosting chef’s table with one to eight seats constituents.

At the Cache building, the upstairs is for live music, and a nightcap. There’s Fried Chicken Friday, fried summer squash, cornbread, and blue cheese cole slaw for $12.

10. Local Lime

Local Lime has cemented its reputation in style as a trendy Mexican eatery in Little Rock.

Ever since the kitchen has been referred to as one of the leading restaurants in little rock, the chefs are always on the lookout for different ways to incorporate within Mexican cuisine into theirs.

Local Lime eatery offer grilled peach tacos that are served with tomatillo sauce, cheese, and lime.

It also offer fajitas with guacamole as well as sizzling hot Pescado Veracruz that are served on a preserved iron skillet with corn tortillas.

11. Sushi Cafe

Sushi Cafe is another leading restaurant in Little Rock. This eatery have managed to win the Arkansas Times Best Sushi award for five years consecutively.

Hence, it is not surprising to see the Arkansas Times’ readers voting for Sushi Cafe as the best Japanese restaurant in Little Rock over and over again.

The Sushi Cafe’s pedigree uninflected its imaginative concoction of delectable sushi dishes.

The Cafe offer speciality rolls like the valentine’s roll made of coconut-encrusted shrimp with cream cheese, mango, and strawberry purée.

12. Table 28

Table 28 is situated in the The Burgundy Hotel, Little Rock, Arkansas. The beautiful venue and unmatched dishes available in this restaurant made it one of the best.

The restaurant has New American menu which is the perfect blend of simplicity and creativity, thus bringing modern favorites dishes to the fore.

The eponymous Table 28, unlike any other restaurants, is always reserved for special occasions or event and presents a fabulous six-course tasting menu.

13. ZAZA

ZAZA is one of the few restaurants in little rock, Arkansas that make the most authentic and classic pizzas. They are damn too sweet, evergreen!

The ZAZA pizza has five constituents sauce and they are: San Marzano tomatoes, basil, extra virgin olive oil, kosher salt and freshly-cracked pepper.

Other than the fact that ZAZA is known for baking, arguably, the best pizzas in town, it further provides lustrous and luscious salads and natural gelatos freshly made with milk, nuts, berries and more.

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14. The Heights

The Heights restaurant is also called the Heights Taco and Tamale eatery which features Tex-Mex and Mexican inspired dishes.

Not limited to that, most of the Mexican cuisines serve there features seasonal, local and unquestionably Arkansas recipes, a little addition they enjoy calling “Ark-Mex”.

In The Heights restaurant, they prefer smoking their meats, make tamales and tortillas, with variety of house-made syrups, sauces, and dressings.

There Menu go-tos also include cheese dip, frozen mojitos, pickle-fried chicken tacos, and hot delta tamales. All these made it one of the best restaurants in little rock.

15. The Fold

The Fold Kitchen specialize in botanas snacks and handcrafted cocktails offerings. The have meat and seafood in multitude too.

This restaurant is one of the go to places in Little Rock if you want your drinks to be as fascinating as your food.

While they recently upgrade their patio, The Fold is also ideal for weekend brunch, Taco Tuesday, or any day when the sun shines out.

16. One Eleven

The magnificent One Eleven is situated at the Capital Hotel and the restaurant offers one of the finest dinings in Little Rock.

The founders of this restaurant in little rock created their own menu using the finest and freshest available ingredients and hired a renowned chef who understands food.

The restaurant offers breakfast, lunch, brunch (on Sunday), as well as dinner. The place is perfect for business minded individuals, couples, and politicians.

17. The Southern Gourmasian

Being one of the best restaurants in little rock, Gourmasian (gourmet Asian) definitely has a Southern influence in its delicacies.

The founder of the restaurant, Chef Patterson started the business using a food truck, before he opened a brick-and-mortar kitchen to keep up with his customer’s demand.

His cuisines are freshly prepared daily and are unlike any other thing in town, its grilled kimcheese sandwiches, chicken fried cauliflower steak, and Thai chicken burgers are one in town.

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Bottom line

No matter the type of cuisine you are craving for, you are most likely going to get it quicker than expected in many restaurants in Little Rock that you can’t even imagine.


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