Hot shot trucking jobs: what it is and how to get it.

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Essentially, hot shot trucking jobs involve quick transportation of smaller freights or cargoes. Like its name suggests, “hot shot trucking job” is one very lucrative job opportunity right now in America and the rest of the world.

Be it in the energy industries (oil and gas), haulage and logistics, and the likes, fast and reliable hot shot trucking jobs and services are invaluable.

While these trucking jobs vary, they depend, greatly, on the kind of rig you operate. Objects and articles hauled are, usually, of all sizes and shapes.

And they may also include urgently needed fresh produce, parts, or item that is as small as an envelope.

Without much delay, this article will explicitly explain what hot shot trucking jobs are, and the steps to follow to get the job without stress.

What Is Hot Shot Trucking Job?

As the name suggests, the hotshot trucking is majorly all about speed. It involves hot shot drivers carrying loads of items or materials that are to be delivered to a particular place.

The job requires massive driving experience, and the driver must be ready to make runs at any time. This job opportunity is lucrative and comes with lots of money, too.

What Does a Hotshot Driver Do?

It has been stated earlier that the hotshot driver is a trained and experienced truck driver whose sole responsibility is to haul and deliver cargo or freight to its customers.

Hot shot trucking jobs opportunities are difficult to come by as the jobs are typically and specifically best for professional and experienced drivers.

In this job career, the driver usually stirs a pickup truck coupled with a trailer or any other specialized hauling machine or equipment down to where it’s being needed.

While the hot shot truck drivers can also operate a bigger vehicle, their primary duty is to expedite the delivery of freight or equipment to their requested destination.

For example, as a hot shot driver, you may be required to haul essential equipment or cargo to a very distant location in a remote area.

And you may be equally asked to transport down a machine to an oil field where power stations and other utilities are in dire need of items to keep their service running.

What type of loads do hot shot drivers transport?

The types of loads transported — for the first time — by the hot shot driver became common runs between the oil part producers and the oilfields.

As time goes on, there is a wide variety of objects, items, or materials that are being hauled by the invaluable hot shot drivers now.

Hot shot trucking

However, the common types of items that the hot shot drivers transport include; construction equipment, industrial machines, agricultural equipment, and other heavy objects or loads.

Differences between hot shot trucking jobs and expedited freight

From the above explanations, you might be wondering if there are any differences between the hot shot trucking job and the traditional expedited freight.

Well, both truck driving jobs are about speed, and both are all about hauling or transportation loads down to where they are needed as soon as possible.

It, however, goes without saying that there are few differences between hot shot trucking jobs and expedited freight. And they include:

  • The hot shot truck drivers transport smaller items with a smaller truck in a hurry and rush manner to be delivered to a known destination.
  • And often, hot shot drivers do find their next loads on the load boards.
  • On the other hand, the expedited shipping or freight means delivering items to their target destination, even faster, than they are usually sent.
  • The equipment being used by both hot shot drivers and expedited freight varies, and expedited hauling vehicles are usually on standby for a known, identified, and specific company.

All in all, the only common ground between hot shot trucking services and expedited freight is the speed, anything other than that, the two driving jobs are different.

How to Become a Hotshot Truck Driver

Before explaining the necessary steps to become a hotshot truck driver, it’s important you note that most hot shot drivers operate as independent contractors.

Plus, an aspiring hot shot truck driver must be skilled, flexible, and always at alert to transport thousands of pounds in freight a day, and another package the next.

In a simpler term, to become a hot shot truck driver, you must satisfy all of the following conditions.

hot shot trucking jobs

1. Truck driving experience

If you want to start the hot shot truck driving career, it is advisable you have at least 4 years of experience as an independent truck driver.

Working as a solo truck driver for 3 to 4 years will assist you greatly in building your CV for the greater good.

So if you are determined to become a hot shot truck driver in the oil and gas or energy industries, starting out as a tanker truck driver would be an ideal place to start to garner experience.

2. Feasibility study

Once you’ve gained enough truck driving experience, the next thing to do is to carry out a survey in the hot shot truck driving industry to understand how the system is run.

Inquire more about your potential clients and find out where they are, and what kind of equipment or weight they’ll be needing you to transport.

Embarking on a market survey to know all these before kick-starting the hotshot truck driving business will expose you to many things about the business.

3. Get your driving license

To become a hotshot driver in Florida or anywhere in the U.S, you will need to acquire several qualifications, and one of them is the commercial driver’s license.

4. Startup capital

Whether you will starting your hot shot truck driving job in Indiana or anywhere in the U.S, it’s important you have a startup capital ready to get your own vehicle.

In case you can’t afford to get one, you can seek a loan from any financial institution around you or ask some of the members of your family for the loan.

5. Create awareness

Once you’ve secure funds to get a truck for yourself, the next thing to do is to announce your appearance as a hotshot driver to your potential audience.

Leverage every marketing strategy at your disposal and make sure that your presence is being felt in the industry.

With this, nothing is stopping you from becoming one of the most patronized hot shot truck drivers in the haulage and logistics business world.

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While there are many lucrative job opportunities in the haulage and logistics industry, the hotshot trucking jobs are the most invaluable among them all.

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