Top 22 things to do in Lake Arrowhead, California REVIEWED

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Do you find your regular life and the daily grind in the city boring that you’ll like to explore? Are you in need of top things to do in Lake Arrowhead, California?

Do you want to embark on a fun-filled, amazing, and perfect escapade as you enjoy several attractions?

If yes, then pack your travel bags and get ready for a one of kind vacation to the magnificent Lake Arrowhead.

This article will take you on a voyage of some of the amazing things to do in Lake Arrowhead.

Things like having a blast in the Lake Arrowhead mountain, trying the tasty yummy local cuisine, going on unforgettable tours, visiting amusement parks, and so much more.

Things to do in lake Arrowhead, California

When you lodge at any of the incredible Lake Arrowhead vacation houses, you will only be a short distance away from all of the mesmerizing actions.

But nevertheless, kindly look forward to enjoying fishing for bass, water ski, and touring the mountains by helicopter or ATV.


Swimming in Arrowhead Lake

Below are, however, the fantastic things to do in Lake Arrowhead,

1. Lake Gregory Regional Park

One of the best places you should visit in Lake Arrowhead is the Lake Gregory Regional Park which is situated around a mini private lake a mile away from Lake Arrowhead.

The park has inflatable water structures, water slides, and a sandy swimming beach. Ashore is a safe and secure water play park built with spray nozzles for the kids.

There are aqua cycles, kayaks, belly boards, paddle boats, and stand-up paddle available for rent in case you want to take any of them to the lake.

2. Big Bear Charter Fishing

The Big Bear Charter Fishing is located on the shore of the Big Bear Lake, and it offers the visitors the opportunity to fish for bass, bluegill, crappie, and rainbow trout.

There, you’ll also be presented with an opportunity of heading to the lake with a veteran guide for an hour long fishing expedition.

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The Bear Gear Charter company also provides a fishing gear, drinks, and snacks to their visitors.


3. Arrowhead Queen Boat Tour

Another important thing to do in lake Arrowhead is to go to the Lake Arrowhead Queen for a sightseeing expedition on vessel.

The vessel will provide you with a great view of the fascinating beauties of the lake and its thick forested shore while your professional guide feed you with the history of the lake.

4. McKenzie Water Ski School

Have you been longing to learn water ski in the past to no avail? If yes, then this is your chance to do so.

The McKenzie Water Ski School at the Lake Arrowhead Village offers interesting classes in water skiing, wakeboarding for beginning, intermediate, as we as advanced learners.

They have professional instructors that will ski right next to you while nuturing you to get started.

Most importantly, the school supplies you all the necessary equipment the ski classes.

5. Wildhaven Ranch

The Wildhaven Ranch is near the east end of the popular Lake Arrowhead. The ranch is a wildlife sanctuary that is being operated by the San Bernardino Mountains Wildlife Society.


Beautiful animals on this ranch are the black bears, raccoons, eagles, coyotes, and owls. Hear, tours to this part of lake Arrowhead are by reservation only.

Importantly, on the Bear Watch Tour of the environment, you will be opportune to black bears as they mingle and interact with their trainer.

On the Things and Wings tour, you will get up close to birds like hawks, eagles, falcons, and some pretty native snakes.

6. Lollipop Park

Lollipop Park is a recreational centre for the family and it is situated in Lake Arrowhead Village.

Its varieties of attractions include the go-carts, bumper cars, horse carousel, train rides, plus a high-swinging pirate ship.

Things To Do Lake Arrowhead

The relaxation center also has a mini-golf course, a fun house, and distorting mirrors.

Since you’ll be there with your family, when the kids are worn-out, they can re-invigorate their vigour at the candy store.

The Mountain Arts Network has community arts and a gallery center in Lake Arrowhead Village.


The gallery shows lovely and amazing works done by the local artists and also rotates fascinating shows and events.

If you are moved to create, the community arts center run a sessions for teens, children, and adults on decorative arts, painting, and photography.

8. Snow Valley Mountain Resort

Snow Valley Mountain Resort is another beautiful place you need to visit in lake Arrowhead. It is one of the great places t go for snowboarding and skiing.

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Rental equipment is also available, and if you’re just learning the art of skiing, licensed and professional instructors are there to offer you lessons.

If you are after a lighter and easier winter holiday, you can go sledding and build snowmen. Fun, right?

9. Lake Arrowhead Family Fun Center

The Lake Arrowhead Pizza, Deli, and Family Fun Center is situated in the Upper Lake Arrowhead Village, and it’s a great place to visit with family.

There, while you are relaxing and enjoying a delicious pizza, your kids will be busy in the arcade playing their favorite video games.


10. Mountain History Museum

The Edge of the World Historical Society govern the Mountain History Museum that is situated on the northwest side of the peaceful Lake Arrowhead.

This small but unique museum has videos, photographs, exhibits, and artifacts based on the history of the local Native Americans. There is skiing, logging industry, and the Santa’s Village amusement park too.

11. The Heaps Peak Arboretum

Other than skiing, skating, and swimming, visiting the Heaps Peak Arboretum is another adorable things to do in lake Arrowhead.

The Heaps Peak Arboretum is a nice botanical garden that offer a plethora numbers of engaging things about nature.

You can go there alone, with your family, or better still, to there with your friends in form of an excursion.

12. Mountain Skies Astronomical

The Mountain Skies Astronomical was established sometimes in 1989. The place is an observatory garden and it offers the best place to view the stars at a relatively cheap price.

13. Big Bear Alpine Zoo

The Big Bear Zoo treats orphaned and injured animals and provide them a better place to stay pending the time they’ll be able to return to their natural environment.


Some of the popular species at the zoo include wolves, grizzly bears, black bears, mule dear, snow leopard, and mountain lion.

14. SkyPark at Santa’s Village

The SkyPark at Santa’s Village is another outdoor adventure park located at the south of Lake Arrowhead.

Among things to do in this part of lake Arrowhead are simulated ice climbing tower, an archery range, a boulder climbing room, a bungee trampoline, a Polar Express train ride, etc.

22 Things to Do in Lake Arrowhead

The are two world-class restaurants there to serve you better in case you are hungry.

15. Rim Nordic Ski Area

During the summer, part of the things to do in lake Arrowhead is to visit Rim Nordic for a mountain bike park and a cross-country snowshoeing and skiing adventure in the winter.

You don’t have buy all the needed equipment from home, Rim Nordic also rent out equipment to its visitors on site.

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16. Helicopter Big Bear

Helicopter Big Bear provides a breathtaking aerial tours of the whole San Bernardino Mountains.


From the helicopter’s cockpit, you’ll be able to get a panoramic view of lakes, wilderness forests, and mountain peaks.

The routes there are negotiable before the adventure, in case so you want to see your friends at their respective vacation rental right from the air.

17. Enjoy the Mountain ATV

Enjoy the Mountain is an ATV adventure based in Lake Arrowhead. It offers wilderness expedition in single rider jeeps or quad.

The Enjoy the Mountains tour reservations is either online or by a phone call.

The company offers protective equipment and also promotes safety as one of their top priority.

The tours explore Deep Creek, Maloney Canyon, Devil’s Hole, plus other scenic areas in the wilderness places in north of Lake Arrowhead.

18. Tour The Tudor House

This amusement park was once owned by Bugsy Siegal, and it was a special location for the famous and rich folks to imbibe in liquor and partake in illegal gambling.

Today, the place has be washed into a picture-perfect place to eat delectable meal, drink or watch amazing show.


The Tudor House is also open for special occasions like as band showcase, brunch, and dinner theater.

19. Lakefront Tap Room

The Lakefront Tap Room Bar and Kitchen is an exceptional New American restaurant that render full service. It has a large menu and a cozy ambiance.

20. The Grapevine

You wouldn’t want to miss the best place to get the best wine in the whole of lake Arrowhead. Grapevine is a retail store and bar placed on the banks of Lake Arrowhead.

21. The Mackay Park

The Mackay Park is another favorite park for families. It is designed with lots of its kid-friendly amenities.

This park has numerous facilities to make your holiday more enjoyable, and among are large playground, sports courts, paved paths, and so on.

22. The Lake Arrowhead Country Club

This is a scenic and tranquil country club that offer its visitors a perfect retreat amidst a well-maintained and gorgeous landscape.

The Lake Arrowhead Country Club is, without doubt, one of the fascinating destinations in the area you have to go to enjoy few moment to yourself.


There, you can take full advantage of any of its facilities. There is are racket facilities, an 18-hole golf course, a bar and restaurant, various sport cars, and more.

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Conclusively, the above mentioned are, without doubt, some of the best things to do in lake Arrowhead, California.

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