30 Cheap Cities In Europe to Live and Work


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The top cheap cities in Europe to live in are Prague, Krakow, Budapest, Lisbon, Valencia, Belgrade, Sofia, etc. These cities provide economical living options and boast rich histories, diverse cultures, and a quality of life.

People worldwide have always been drawn to Europe because of its captivating scenery, rich cultural heritage, and extensive history. 

Living and working in Europe is a dream come true for many.  But many people are discouraged from chasing this ambition because they believe living expenses in large European cities are exorbitant.

However, numerous reasonably priced cities with excellent career prospects, a distinctive cultural experience, and a high standard of living can be found throughout the European Continent. 

This extensive guide will take you on a tour of 30 cheap cities in Europe to live and work without going over budget. 

We’ll find cities that strike a mix of affordability and job opportunities, from the energetic neighborhoods of Eastern Europe to the Mediterranean coast’s coastline treasures.

cheap cities in Europe to live

Cheap Cities In Europe to Live and Work

The enormous variety of opportunities and lifestyles found in reasonably priced cities throughout Europe is exemplified by these 30 cities. 

Whether you are drawn to Cork’s maritime heritage, Cluj-Napoca’s inventive spirit, or Palermo’s historical charm, these cities offer promising career prospects and unique experiences without breaking the bank. 

Europe has so much to offer, making it a popular place for people looking to live and work overseas.

Below are cheap cities you can live and work in:

1. Prague


Prague is one of the cheap cities in Europe to live and work in. Its cost of living is substantially less than other capital cities in Western Europe. 

Apartments in the city center are reasonably priced to rent, and eating out is reasonably priced.

Prague has a booming job market, especially in the IT and technology sectors. The city offers banking and tourism opportunities and is a startup hub.

Prague’s Old Town, cultural events, and historic sites make it an attractive place to live. The availability of green spaces and the city’s well-functioning public transport system improve living standards.

2. Budapest

Budapest is renowned for being a reasonably priced city. Apartment rent is affordable, and eating out at neighborhood eateries is a great deal of fun.

More jobs are available in the city, particularly in the IT and tech sectors. Budapest has chances in tourism and hospitality and is also home to financial institutions.

Budapest’s thermal springs, views of the Danube River, and exciting nightlife all add to the city’s excellent standard of living. 

The city offers a distinctive cultural experience because it blends modernism and tradition.

3. Krakow


Krakow’s cost of living is among the lowest in Poland. There are cheap rents and reasonably priced neighborhood restaurants.

The city boasts tourism and banking opportunities in addition to a booming digital sector. The educational institutes in Krakow additionally enhance employment opportunities.

Krakow has an excellent quality of life due to its UNESCO-listed Old Town, cultural events, and proximity to the stunning Tatra Mountains.

4. Bratislava

Bratislava’s cost of living is remarkably lower than other major Western European cities. 

The city offers a wide range of employment options, including positions in the IT, financial, and automotive sectors. 

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Bratislava’s proximity to Vienna also enhances the employment market.

The Danube River views, the Old Town, and the thriving arts scene of Bratislava all contribute to the city’s attractive quality of life. 

There are equal leisure options in the parks and green areas of the city.

5. Sofia

In Europe, Sofia has one of the lowest prices of living. Both rent and dining out are incredibly cheap.

The city’s IT and tech industries are expanding, offering a wide range of employment opportunities. Furthermore, jobs are available in Sofia’s outsourcing and banking sectors.

Sofia’s good quality of life is attributed to its historical sites, close proximity to Vitosha Mountain for outdoor activities, and vibrant arts scene. 

Because of the city’s affordability, people may live comfortably there.

6. Vilnius


Vilnius has an affordable cost of living. Rent is affordable, and eating out in the neighbourhood is reasonably priced.

The city has chances in finance and life sciences and is well-known for its booming tech sector. Vilnius’s universities also generate academic employment opportunities.

Vilnius’s Old Town, recognised by UNESCO, its cultural events, and its proximity to lovely lakes and forests all contribute to its high quality of life.

7. Riga

Living in Riga is reasonably priced. Both rent and eating out are reasonably priced.

The IT and tech sectors are experiencing a growth in the need for workers. Opportunities in banking and logistics are available in Riga, which is also becoming a thriving location for startups.

Riga is a great place to live because of its beautiful Art Nouveau architecture, exciting nightlife, and proximity to the Baltic Sea. 

The parks and cultural offerings of the city add to the excellent standard of living.

8. Tallinn

Tallinn provides an affordable lifestyle in terms of cost of living. Both rent and dining out at neighborhood eateries are reasonably priced.

As a booming hub for technology, the city offers a wide range of work opportunities in startups and IT. Opportunities in logistics and finance are also available in Tallinn.

Tallinn’s well-maintained Old Town, waterfront promenade, and cultural events all contribute to the city’s high standard of living. 

The city’s emphasis on digital innovation produces a contemporary and practical living environment.

9. Zagreb 

Apartments and restaurants in Zagreb are relatively priced, making life there reasonable. Along with a burgeoning tech sector, the city’s employment market comprises IT, finance, tourism, and education.

Zagreb’s old architecture, parks, and cultural events contribute to the city’s excellent quality of life. Family-friendly attractions in the city include accessibility and safety.

10. Bucharest


With reasonably priced accommodation and food alternatives, Bucharest provides a budget-friendly way of life.

The city employs many people in the IT, outsourcing, banking, and automotive sectors.

Bucharest’s excellent quality of life is influenced by its blend of modern and old architecture, a thriving nightlife, and cultural events. There are leisure options in the parks and green areas of the city.

These cities offer an insight into the various options and lifestyles that may be found in affordable cities throughout Europe. 

Everyone appeals to people wishing to live and work in Europe without breaking the bank because of its special charm, affordability, and professional opportunities.

11. Greek city of Thessaloniki

Thessaloniki’s cost of living is low when compared to other cities in Western Europe, as there are reasonable rent and food options available.

The tourist, logistics, and shipping sectors offer employment opportunities in the city. Strong educational and cultural institutions are also located there.

Thessaloniki’s beachfront promenade, historical sites, and Mediterranean food contribute to its excellent quality of life, making it an enjoyable city. 

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The pleasant weather of the city increases its allure.

12. Valencia

Valencia offers reasonable accommodation and dining options at an affordable cost of living.

The city provides jobs in tourism, education, and information technology. Pros are drawn to Valencia due to its expanding tech sector.

Life in Valencia is excellent because of its beautiful architecture, beaches along the Mediterranean, and exciting events. 

Year-round outdoor activities are made possible by the city’s excellent climate.

13. Porto 


Porto is renowned for its reasonably priced housing and food alternatives, contributing to the city’s low cost of living.

Fintech, tourism, and tech startups are the region’s employment sectors. There are jobs available in the Porto wine sector as well.

Porto’s quality of life is enhanced by its magnificent vistas of the Douro River, its mediaeval Ribeira neighbourhood, and port wine cellars. 

Living in the city is made better by its welcoming attitude.

14. The Italian city of Palermo

With affordable housing and a bustling street food scene, Palermo provides a budget-friendly way of living.

Palermo offers employment opportunities in agriculture, tourism, and cultural preservation. The city is also developing as a tech cluster.

Palermo’s quality of life is distinct from other Mediterranean cities because of its lively markets, gorgeous beaches in Sicily, and historic neighborhoods.

15. Ljubljana

Ljubljana is an affordable city with reasonable rent prices and a developing food scene.

Fintech, academia, and IT startups make up the job market in Ljubljana. Ljubljana enhances university research and educational opportunities.

The Old Town, the Castle, and the parks along the Ljubljanica River all contribute to the pleasant living environment in Ljubljana. This eco-friendly metropolis is the result of sustained efforts.

16. Belgrade

Due to its low cost of living, including cheap rent and dining alternatives, Belgrade is well-known for its affordable living.

The IT, finance, hospitality, and creative industries all offer a variety of job opportunities in Belgrade. Startup culture in Belgrade is booming.

Belgrade offers a pleasant quality of life thanks to its historical buildings, exciting nightlife, and cultural events. 

Residents can also enjoy various leisure activities because the city is affordable.

17. Cluj-Napoca

With opportunities in software development and IT, the city has a burgeoning tech industry. The educational institutions in Cluj-Napoca are another well-known feature.

Cluj-Napoca is a vibrant city because of its innovative and historical elements, cultural events, and proximity to scenic areas.

18. Ireland’s Cork

In comparison to Dublin, Cork has a lower cost of living. It’s affordable to eat out and pay acceptable rent.

The tech, finance, and healthcare sectors are expanding in Cork. Jobs are available in Cork due to the many international businesses there.

Cork’s attractive quality of life results from its maritime heritage, beautiful location near the Wild Atlantic Way, and cultural events. One more aspect of the city’s charm is its friendly populace.

20. Ghent


Ghent offers reasonably priced housing and dining options, making it an affordable city.

Ghent has jobs in the creative, technology, and academic sectors. Ghent’s robust research institutions aid job opportunities.

Ghent is desirable because of its historic canals, lively music scene, and medieval architecture. Bicycle-friendly surroundings and sustainable city initiatives improve the standard of living.

21.  Rennes

Rennes is renowned for its reasonably priced housing and dining options, contributing to its reputation for affordable living.

Information Technology, agriculture, education, and research are all major employers in Rennes. In Rennes, there are numerous research centers and universities.

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Rennes’ dynamic quality of life results from the city’s innovative history, vibrant student population, and abundant cultural offerings. 

A part of the city’s allure is its closeness to the Brittany coast and its green spaces.

22. Bristol

Bristol’s cost of living is lower than London’s compared to other cities. Accommodation costs are fair, and there are plenty of affordable dining options.

Aerospace, creative industries, and technology are among the job markets in the city. The creative industry in Bristol is flourishing.

Bristol’s wealth of cultural attractions, proximity to the picturesque Cotswolds, and maritime heritage all contribute to the city’s high standard of living. 

It’s a nice place to live because the city prioritizes sustainability and community involvement.

23. Gothenburg


Gothenburg offers reasonable rent and dining options, making it a reasonably priced city for living in Sweden.

Gothenburg provides employment opportunities in research institutions, the automotive industry, and the marine sector. The creative spirit of Göteborg is well-known.

Gothenburg’s archipelago, cultural events, and well-being are prime examples of its quality of life.

24. Valencia

With reasonably priced housing and food options, Valencia provides an economical way of life.

Valencia offers many IT, tourism, and educational employment options. 

Pros are drawn to Valencia due to its expanding tech sector.

Life in Valencia is excellent because of its beautiful architecture, beaches along the Mediterranean, and exciting events.  Year-round outdoor activities are made possible by the city’s excellent climate.

25. Transylvania, Romania

Many people find Transylvania, a region of Romania, to be an appealing destination to live and work due to its reputation for affordability. 

Transylvania is among the most affordable regions in Europe to live and work in for the following reasons:

Transylvania has a much cheaper cost of living than many Western European nations. Generally, housing, food, transit, and entertainment costs are lower.

In Transylvania, both real estate and rent are comparatively inexpensive. You can discover affordable homes and apartments in minor towns and villages and in major cities like Cluj-Napoca.

Some industries in Transylvania, particularly in sectors like IT, flourishing in places like Cluj-Napoca, offer competitive incomes despite the region’s lower cost of living.

Compared to Western Europe, Transylvania offers far more affordable public healthcare and education services.

Without a car, getting around Transylvania is simple, thanks to the state’s effective and reasonably priced public transit system.

Compared to other European nations, Romania has a comparatively low tax rate, which can mean more money in your pocket.

Transylvania is desirable for anyone looking for an inexpensive and rewarding life in Europe because of its low cost of living, easy access to employment, and excellent quality of life.


As we come to the end of our investigation into the 30 cheap cities in Europe to live and work, it is clear that many choices are available to people looking to relocate there. 

These cities highlight the remarkable diversity of the continent, extending from the center of Eastern Europe to the Mediterranean coast and Northern Europe.

Every city on our list has something special: Valencia’s lively culture, Prague’s historical charm, the growing tech scene in Cluj-Napoca, and more. 


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