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There are many suburbs in Nairobi, some of which may not be safe to live in. This article focuses on the 10 best places to live in Nairobi, based on their proximity to schools and transportation, availability of health facilities and shopping malls as well as access to water and electricity.

Nairobi is the capital city of Kenya and home to approximately 4.3 million people in the 2019 census according to Wikipedia. It is located on the shore of Lake Victoria. As for climate, it has a temperate and humid equatorial climate with two seasons: a cool dry season from November to June and a hot rainy season from July to October. 

The general area is characterized by hills, slopes, valleys, and plains close to the central plateau. The city is a bustling metropolis with a number of suburbs within it. It is also a tourist destination, with mass accommodation, sports, and entertainment facilities.

10. Upper Hill and Upper Hill Estate

Upper hills metropolis

Upper Hill is a suburb in the center of Nairobi. It is located to the southeast of the Central Business District (CBD) of Nairobi. It is home to a number of embassies and institutions such as the British High commission.

The suburb consists mainly of low-cost houses that have been upscale over time. The area has good access to primary, secondary, and higher education facilities. Upper Hill has a large estate of the same name nearby with a number of housing estates and apartments. These houses have a very good quality of living amenities and prices vary, depending on their location in the estate.

9. Lower Hill

Lower Hill has a wide variety of shops, restaurants, and pubs. It also has easy access to the National Assembly Complex and Central Business District, as well as some of the oldest universities and research institutions in the East African region. This makes it a very popular place to live with the young professionals, students, and diplomats working in Nairobi.

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8. Nairobi City Centre

 Nairobi City Centre

Number Eight on our list of 10 best places to live in Nairobi is Nairobi City Centre. It is a suburb in the center of Nairobi. It lies close to the Central Business District (CBD) and hosts a number of big businesses and institutions. There are malls where you can get mundane things like friendship rings to very serious establishments like banks and hotels.

This suburb was developed around a central park and the crime rate is relatively low. There are significant numbers of expatriates living here due to the proximity to public transport, shops, restaurants, and schools. This makes NCM a great choice for expatriates working in Kenya.

There are also several other facilities such as hotels, entertainment outlets such as movie houses, and indoor playgrounds for children. The houses have been upscale over time, with higher prices per square meter than many other suburbs in Nairobi.

7. Westlands

Westlands is a suburb in Nairobi. It is mostly occupied by affluent Kenyans who benefit from the high standard of living here. The area has a number of shopping malls, which are usually filled with people during weekends and holidays. There are also numerous schools and hospitals located close to this area.


The houses are not cheap, but the quality of living is very good in comparison to other suburbs in Nairobi. Westlands has its own police station as well as a number of security companies.

The neighborhood is accessible via Uhuru Highway (Kenyatta Avenue), one of the city’s busiest roads.

6. Dagoretti Housing Estates and Dagoretti North

Dagoretti Housing Estate and Dagoretti North is a suburb located on the southeastern border of Nairobi. It is home to the expansive Dagoretti Market, which has a very large population of people from diverse ethnic groups.

This area is very close to schools and other amenities. Horse riding enthusiasts will find it easy to buy horses from the convenient Dagoretti Horse Market, which is a ten-minute drive from Dagoretti Housing. The houses are mostly brick and mortar buildings, with the majority of the houses being occupied by people of the middle class.

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5. Muthaiga

Muthaiga is a suburb in the central of Nairobi, Kenya. It has some of the most expensive real estate in the country. Muthaiga is one of the oldest suburbs in Nairobi and its proximity to government offices, schools, and other amenities make it very popular with elite members of society. 


Muthaiga is located very close to golf courses, which are made available for use by members only. So if you are looking for a high-end area and you have the bucks this may just be the place for you 

4. Eastlands

Eastlands is a suburb in the East of Nairobi. It is regarded as one of the best places to live in Nairobi. The area is home to several schools shopping malls and entertainment centers such as cinemas and theaters. The houses are mostly brick and mortar, with the majority of them being occupied by people of the middle class.

It has a large population of people from diverse ethnic groups, with its residents having different socio-economic backgrounds. 

3. Gigiri


One of the greatest ex-pat populations in Africa is found in Gigiri. UNEP, UN-Habitat, and a number of embassies representing nations including the United States, Sweden, Italy, Turkey, Brazil, Norway, and Argentina are housed there. In this neighborhood are also the German School, Rosslyn Academy, and the International School of Kenya.

One of Nairobi’s safest neighborhoods, Gigiri has its own police station and benefits from regular 24-hour police patrols. The Village Market Mall, Gigiri Shopping Center, and the Warwick Centre are just a few of the upscale establishments and entertainment venues that Gigiri is home to. The Nairobi Hospital and other top medical facilities are nearby and only a short drive away.

2. Karen

Many Kenyan politicians, including Raila Odinga and DP William Ruto, call this place home. The neighborhood, which is well-known for having a sizable population of Europeans, borders the Ngong Forest and is where the Ngong Racecourse is located. The homes here are incredibly beautiful and incredibly pricey.

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The Nairobi Hospital and the Karen Hospital, two of Kenya’s premier medical facilities, are also located on the estate. Brookhouse, Banda Nairobi Waldorf School, Light International School, and Hillcrest International are just a few of the prestigious institutions in Karen.

1. Ridgeways

Before Muthaiga, along the Kiambu Road, is the Ridgeways neighborhood, which is home to the Garden estate and Thome estates.

There are modern commercial centers nearby, as well as housing in the form of bungalows and flats, some with swimming pools and separate quarters.


The Windsor Golf and Country Clubs, which are nearby, are well-known for their stunning scenery and difficult golf course. Although there is dependable public transportation in the neighborhood, traffic, particularly during peak hours, is a major worry.

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There are many other neighborhoods in Nairobi that are not listed above, but I think that these Stand out as the best places to live in Nairobi.  Which is your favorite? Feel free to comment below.


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