10 Best Online Shopping Sites in Nigeria

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Do you want to know the best online shopping sites in Nigeria where you can have a fantastic time shopping? This article reveals ten (10) of them, guaranteeing an outstanding shopping experience.

In Nigeria, there are various online stores where you can buy products. There are so many to choose from. Some have a niche they specialize in, such as fashion, food, gadgets, etc., while others are a one-stop shop for almost any product you can think of.

However, whether or not they are a niche site, an outstanding shopping experience is what every shopper wants, isn’t it? For this reason, we have compiled a list of Nigeria’s best online shopping sites where you can enjoy shopping, even at affordable prices.

Best Online Shopping Sites in Nigeria

Jumia Nigeria is a household name in the online retail business in Nigeria and Africa. It is one of the best online shopping sites in Nigeria, where you can find electronics, smartphones, kitchen and home appliances, groceries, and fashion items.

Jumia Nigeria is an online store that provides superior products, services, and delivery. With a slew of discounts and offers to its customers, Jumia Nigeria has since become a to-go place for dedicated online shoppers.


Like Jumia Nigeria, Konga is another e-commerce store fast becoming a household name in the online shopping business. It was founded in 2012 by Sim Shagaya.

As one of Nigeria’s best online shopping sites, Konga provides a seamless online marketplace for Nigerians where direct retail can take place. It is an online store with an extensive inventory that includes consumer electronics, fashion items, home appliances, books, children’s, and personal care items.


Deluxe Nigeria is one of the Nigerian online shopping sites where you can find products at low prices. They sell electronics, home, and office appliances, security and surveillance equipment, security safes, cameras, and much more.

One unique thing about Deluxe Nigeria is that they have every customer base covered, including those who are not tech-savvy. This implies that not being tech savvy should not be a reason you wouldn’t buy from them. You can always call them to place your order.

 4. KARA

Kara is one of the trending online e-commerce stores where you can find affordable items. Anything from household appliances, blood pressure monitors, laptops, wrist watches, phones, and tablets to generators, power inverters, and accessories. Kara has a wide range of products that they sell at discounted prices.

Aside from the discounted offers, Kara also provides its customers with a Buy Now, Pay Later option on all of its products and offers nationwide shipping. 


Ali Express is China’s largest and most popular online shopping site, which has extended its services to the shores of Nigeria. It is an online marketplace where customers buy products from various categories. For example, clothing, computers, shoes, home appliances, health care, books, baby products, personal care, and more.

Their products are affordable and allow customers who buy them in bulk to resell them at a handsome profit, no matter the product category.


Spar Nigeria is one of the best online shopping sites in Nigeria, known for the fresh produce, meat, and groceries they sell to their customers. However, these are not the only things they sell. They also sell electronics, housewares, office appliances, clothes, beauty products, etc. Spar Nigeria is one online store that operates as a retail and wholesale business offline.


Like AliExpress, Amazon is an international online shopping site that benefits Nigerians. When you hear the name Amazon, you undoubtedly think about global shipping, and rightly so, because that is what they do. It is one of the world’s largest e-commerce sites, and global shipping is at the core of its business.

Amazon has a large inventory of products in all categories. For each product search, you can choose from various options to compare and settle on a preferred option. This online store is also known for its low prices.


Gearbest is one online store you can rely on when discussing gadgets. It is a Chinese online shopping site that gives the best discounts. For gadgets such as smartphones, electronic gadgets, toys, sporting goods, home products, geek apparel, and more, you can find them in this online store. Ju t change the shipping tag at the top to Nigeria to see Nigeria-eligible products before you purchase.


Supermart is another online store in Nigeria, best known as a grocery and fresh food store. However, their inventory is not limited to groceries and fresh food alone. This online store can also find toiletries, baby items, health and wellness products, office supplies, and other products. Supermart sells retail and wholesale and offers rapid delivery to its customers.

10. JIJI

Jiji is one of Nigeria’s top ten online shopping sites that facilitates third-party direct retail. It is an online platform that brings buyers and sellers together to exchange goods and services. On Jiji, you can sell and buy almost anything. You can either register as a buyer to sell your wares or just to buy.

What Makes These the Best Online Shopping Sites in Nigeria?

1.      Popularity of a website

Website popularity is one thing these online shopping sites have gained from the trust they have built with their customers. You may not be able to tell what their website traffic is like, but you can tell when their names seem to be on everybody’s lips.

This implies that they have more referrals because customers have found them reliable and are quick to recommend them. Another way to tell how popular and credible they are is by their positive online reviews. With that alone, you already know you have a great shopping experience on their sites.

2. Safety Measures

These online sites ensure the security of their sites. These sites are secure places to shop using HTTPS (the “S” signaling security). On these sites, you will also see a lock in the top right corner of your browser. The lock protects your personal information and prevents fraudsters from obtaining your details while paying for your goods on websites.

3.      Payment Methods

These online shopping sites accept multiple payment methods. They offer payment options such as paying with a MasterCard, Visa Card, Cash on Delivery, and various others. Some even require you to have a Paypal account for a seamless transaction. The e-payment options make their sites more trustworthy and ease the purchase process.

4.      Inventory Size

These best online shopping sites in Nigeria boast an extensive inventory size that meets and offers a variety of options every shopper would like.

5.      The Return and Shipping Policy

Their return and shipping policies have also helped build credibility in the business over time. Online shopping sites have a window period, for most, not less than 30 days, for customers to return orders they are dissatisfied with.

From this list, which is your favorite online shopping site? Let’s hear your opinion using the comment box.


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