How To Become A Private Jet Flight Attendant (Post Covid 19)


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How many private jets are there in the world? Well, according to AMSTAT Business market Update Report, there were 22,368 private jets in the world as of 2017. With that number increasing yearly, it is speculated that there are over 30,000 private jets in the world today.

This suggests that getting a job as a private jet attendant can be relatively easy. But times have changed, post covid 19 is very different from what we used to have prior to the pandemic out break. Lets look at how to become a private jet attendant post Covid 19.

Private jet ownership showing private jet flight attendant jobs in countries
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So with the increase in the acquisition of private jets all over the world, becoming a private jet flight attendant isn’t such a bad idea. I mean, if you need to become a flight attendant, the private jet flight attendant option should be an awesome idea.

When you look at the prestige, the life and access it could give you, we can both agree that it is worth the effort. For some, this will be the dream job, the perfect job, but for others, it might just be another stepping stone to greater things.

Either way, if you will become a private jet flight attendant, you will need to be updated on what it takes to become a great attendant. Remember, your services has to be spot on, you would be taking care of the one percent (They pretty much have high expectations).

Growing up, I have had friends and colleagues talk about becoming a member of an airline crew in any capacity at all. Admittedly, most of them only want to be pilots but that goes a long way to tell you that flying can be a great career.

Initially, when I was bringing up the various components for this topic together, I wanted to write on the differences between a normal flight attendant and private jet flight attendant. On further inquiries, I discovered that they both require the same training and a normal flight attendant can slot in seamlessly in the private jet flight attendant career.

In fact, private jet flight attendants are required to give less time, can even have more luxury of sitting down for a longer period of time and probably get paid more. What could be more interesting than that? So just thinking out loud here, if you are going to be a flight attendant, why not fly private?

But be reminded that you must train to become part of this profession first. There will be luggage handling, people to manage and the possibility of standing for a long period of time. You need the right training if you will survive it.

For the sake of emphasis, I will explain what private jet flight attendant really is and the roles he or she is expected to play. After that, I will look at the requirements for becoming one.

Private jet taxing on the runway

Who Is A Private Jet Flight Attendant?

Technically speaking, a private jet attendant is the person whose role is to serve passengers in a private jet. He or she is a normal flight attendant who works for a private jet. The attendant has a primary duty to ensure that safety and comfort of the passengers is not compromised.  

The flight attendant is part of the cabin crew and is also referred to as steward/stewardess, air host or hostess.

They are majorly females but it is not uncommon to find men doing the job of private jet attendant. The money is good and you are required to have the basic qualification of a high school degree before venturing into the training properly.

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I believe you should understand who the flight attendant is therefore, let us look at the roles of the attendant. It will help us understand the requirements.

Roles And Responsibilities Of A Private Jet Flight Attendant

1. Provision of routine services

It is the role of the attendant to provide routine services during flights. The attendant provides food and drinks, talks to the passengers to determine their needs, and make them feel very comfortable while the flight lasts.

2. They ensure the safety and comfort of the passengers

In the course of training the flight attendants, they are taught how to protect the passengers from undue harm and ensure that they have maximum comfort. I mean, that is the essence of having to go through the rigorous training to become an attendant because when shit happens, you need to be able to protect them.

Private jet flight attendant on duty

3. Respond to emergencies

I have no idea what emergencies will arise while flying a private jet. But you know, things like that do happen. Therefore, the attendant is prepared to handle the emergencies in any way possible before professional help is called for.

4. They help with logistics

The private jet flight attendant also sees to meeting with members of the flight staff so as to discuss flight blue print and go over the service and logistical details. These details include the weather conditions, travel route and duration of travel.

5. Inspection of equipment

It is also the duty of the attendant to regularly inspect the equipment used by the flight attendants such as security and safety devices on the aircraft, seating and overhead bins and galley equipment. This will ensure that they are always ready.

6. Enlightenment of passengers

The attendant also has to show the passengers how to use correctly the safety equipment prior to their taking off. In case of emergencies, they will also help the passengers use those safety devices.

7. Carrying of passengers loads

You will most likely not find heavy loads in a private jet. But if in the rare case that they are found, they will be steered by the attendants.

The above are what every attendant should know regarding their duties and responsibilities. In addition to knowing the above, the private jet flight attendant also has the following duties;

  • The person orders and prepares a menu plan that works well for the VIP in charge.
  • Dresses the cabin with flowers and gives the VIP welcome canapés and drinks.
  • You are to prepare and present 5 start restaurant quality foods.
  • The person must under the role of being discreet and conscientious.
  • You will also clean the cabin and restock the necessary amenities.

Let us wait no more. It is time to look critically at what you will need to become a private jet flight attendant.

Tips On How Become A Private Jet Flight Attendant

1. Look into the profession (Research private jet flight attendant career)

There is a saying that if you fail to prepare, you should start preparing to fail and if you fail to plan, then you are ultimately planning on failing. This has been upheld in almost all professions and the private jet flight attendant job isn’t an exception.

Since you have made up your mind to become a private jet flight attendant, congratulations as you are on your way to serving prestigious people. Who knows, you might meet someone that will transform your life there.

But you need to know what it takes. To achieve this aim, you must research what you want to do. You must take time to look at the profession and see what it entails. At this stage, you don’t need to bother about training as any airline that hires you will give you the required training.

The thing you should worry about is how to get the airline to hire you. That is the search and research that you are going through. Sound out the various websites of your preferred airlines.

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You also need to check out certain career challenges that flight attendants go through so as to determine if you can handle it. One place to visit is the Association of Flight Attendants Website. It offers you certain insights from people that are already in the career.

2. Get a good CV or Resume ready

Do you know how to put up a good resume? It is a skill you can learn or get professionals to handle it for you, but be rest assured that you will need something catchy so as to get the job. I will suggest you sound out professional CV writers and put up a one page resume.

Notice the emphasis on “one page.” You may think you want to be as detailed as possible and spend a lot of time writing a 2-3 page CV but it is not always like that. You are expected to put up the description of yourself in a page and in few words. Brevity is necessary before they toss your application into the trash can.

Let us also add that you may need to add 1 or 2 photos. Two is a more ideal number so that one will be a head shot while the other will be a full body photo. Make sure you are professionally dressed and if possible, contract a professional to take the shot. People don’t like to admit this, but the better you look, the better your chances.

3. File your application

I want to believe that you have a favorite airline or airlines. It is time to pay them a visit and fill out applications for the position of a professional private jet flight attendant. You can apply to many airlines as there are no restrictions on that.

You are required to be at least 21 years old, have a secondary school / high school certificate, and have a good command of English or the language you are expected to work with. You must also meet up the minimum height, weight and other necessary requirement while filling out the forms.

These are basically the things you will need. Make your application as concise and precise as possible and make sure that you meet up with these requirements.

4. A little experience in customer service can be invaluable

Just as it is with all industries, the airline business will give you a good consideration if you have worked with a cruise liner, a hotel or any other restaurant of repute and you worked in the customer service department.

It is not the only thing needed to get you the job but it is about one of the aces up your sleeve and you know you need that ace given the competition that you are likely going to face. You are going to engage the passengers of a private jet who I believe are mostly high class citizens so I think it has to be done right.

If you can, you can study and get a vocational qualification that can award you the title of “flight attendant” as that will help your cause. It is not mandatory but it is very necessary. It won’t stop them from giving the 6 weeks training before they employ you but it gives an invaluable experience and knowledge.

In Nigeria, you may not find a standard institute that will offer the above program. In the UK, Edexcel, City and Guilds, and Northern council Further education (NCFE) can offer the flight attendant title.  You can do courses provided by Aircare FACTS training too.

If you find yourself in the U.S, you must be registered with Federal Aviation Administration.

5. Prepare for the interview

If you get to this point, then you are closer to the dream of becoming a private jet flight attendant. Many people just never get to this point. I think congratulations should be in order. But do not be fooled dear brother or sister; you don’t have the job yet.

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You will be invited for an interview once your application is deemed okay and is vetted by the people in charge. Most times, it is done through online video calls. You are half way into the game now and you will be a fool not prepare adequately for this job.

Your dressing is of utmost importance so you must get it spot on. Be sure to confidently prepare to share your background information and the qualifications you have for the job. Confidence is key. Work on your nerves and you will be okay. It is a human on the other side of the phone so you must remember that.

Assuming you pass through this interview which I sincerely hope you do, you will be needed to come in for an on-site interview at their headquarters or any place they choose to invite you to. Once this is out of the way, you will get an offer (conditional) and your training will be part of the package.

Flight crew

6. Attending the training camp

Now you have the job, they will need to train you properly to carry out the job. That is what is needed to prepare you for the task ahead. The training will focus on making the best version of you when it comes to customer service skills.

The customer service skills will be the skills that can be used for air travel and on standard safety and operating procedures. The normal period of the training is six weeks and I will advise you to be as attentive as possible. You wouldn’t want to jeopardize the life of your high class clients or customers based on your carelessness.

When you are done with the training, you can start work and I know you can build your career there but all will be dependent on how you handle the issues accruing to the customer. That is why the training is essential. You don’t want to lose your job before you have done anything reasonable at it.

7. About your job offers

I want to assume that you applied in more than one airline. It is okay. Now, if you have followed the guide carefully and excelled in their interviews, you will have more than one job offer and it is left for you to decide which one you will take.

I will advise that you take your time to look through them and pick out the one that works for you. You may not be able to negotiate salaries as that is usually fixed but there are other working conditions that can be negotiated. Your duties and the time required of you have to be adequately understood.

Remember that you will be working for high class people; politicians, celebrities, top business tycoons etc which means you will be required to do unusual work that you may not necessarily do on other normal flights. You are more like the special assistant, chef, specialist, waitress, and cleaner put together.

8. Work on developing your career

Before we delve into developing your career as a flight attendant, I need to understand why you are venturing into that career in the first place. If it is just to get money and handle other businesses, then you may not be worried about developing the career.

However, if you are bothered about growing and becoming a part of the elite group of attendants, then you must work to develop your private jet flight attendant career. All the necessary skills must be improved and all the experiences you are having or will have should count towards making you a great attendant.

Can you imagine being a VIP crew manager or Chief flight attendant? That is what is possible if you progress in your career. The job may be quite easy but it has its own issues.

Flight attendant during the corona virus out break


If you have ever dreamt of having to work as a flight attendant, I want to tell you that it should not just remain a dream; it is something you can achieve if you give it the right attention and commitment. It is something you can achieve.

Everything you need to know has been written and spelt down for you. All you need to do is take your time and go through this piece again and you will be able to come through. I wish you all the best in your sojourn.


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