15 most expensive boarding schools in Nigeria

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Like the old cliché “if education is expensive, try ignorance.” In this article, we shall be discussing the most expensive boarding schools in Nigeria.

While the above statement may be true to some extent, it’s important to state that education is much more than eradicating ignorance now.

It is an important foundation on which one can build to access extraordinary opportunities, potential unlock and to achieve greatness.

Sadly, most schools in Nigeria do not have what it takes to offer kids these glamorous opportunities.

Most expensive boarding school in Nigeria

Be informed that this list of the most expensive boarding school in Nigeria is arranged in no particular order.

1. Day Waterman College

The Day Waterman College is one of the top and expensive boarding schools in Nigeria where national and international knowledge are being impacted to students.

Being a co-educational boarding school, Day Waterman College is a school built with purpose and it house around 500 students under its care.

The Day Waterman College gives good value to the children and it offers them state-of-the-art learning facilities.

DWC is built on 35 hectares of land and it’s situated in Asu Village, very close to Abeokuta, Ogun State, Nigeria. That’s less than one hour drive away from Lagos.

As one of the most expensive boarding schools in Nigeria, Day Waterman College tuition fee is speculated to be N3.5 million or thereabouts.

2. Meadow Hall School, Lagos

One of the most expensive boarding schools that can be found in the Lagos mainland is Meadow Hall.

Without prejudice, the school is one of the top private schools in Nigeria that are providing quality education to students.

Being a co-educational and private institution, Meadow Hall School was founded 2002 and have grown into one of the best in the country ever since then.

In Meadow Hall, an integrated scheme of work that is made up of the Nigerian Curriculum and the British National Curriculum is offered.

The school mission is to raise excellent children that will strive and attain their highest potential in life. The school charges around N3 million as tuition fee.

3. Grange School, Lagos

The Grange school is another boarding and private school in Nigeria that is built purposely for the children of the wealthy ones.

The school operates as a co-educational, not-for-profit, English National Curriculum, and independent school for children of all age.

Grange school is built on beautiful ground of the mainland part of Lagos and it’s located within the Government Reservation Area (GRA), Ikeja.

More so, the school population is estimated to be around 430 pupils who are occupants of the Reception class to Class 6.

With over 326 students in the secondary phase of the school. The school is said to be charging about N3 million as tuition fee per student.

4. Loyola Jesuit, Abuja

Equally, the Loyola Jesuit College (LJC) is one of the world wide family of Jesuit schools owned by the Society of Jesus Abuja, Nigeria in Africa.

The school is a private, co-educational boarding secondary school run in the Jesuit tradition.

LJC school provides a conducive learning environment for its students to enhance their learning. Students of Loyola Jesuit pay around N3 million.

5. Hill Crest School, Abuja

Basically, the Hill crest’s was built purposely to provide a Christian view (in the context of education) to its students.

The school seeks to develop individuals and train them to become active and vital parts of their communities.

Being one of the most expensive boarding schools in Nigeria, the students pay N2 – 3 Million as school fee.

6. British International School, Lagos

This school has placed itself as one of the leading British-styled educational institutions in Nigeria.

The British International School serve both the Nigerian and foreign students and as such, they give value-added education for money.

Also, the school operates as both day and boarding school with boarders occupying approximately one-third of the school current population.

BIS also offered Weekly boarding alongside full boarding and it offers a family atmosphere where all students are known and valued.

At the school, students are prepared for international exams like the IGCSE, Cambridge International Examinations (CIE) etc. Parents pay N4 million per child as school fee here.

7. Lekki British Senior School

This is the first British Boarding school in Lagos, Nigeria. Their purpose of the school is to allow students to discover and develop their talents.

The school is Keen to provide a suitable environment where students will be assisted to discover their academic potential in sports, study and personal development.

Lekki British International school charges N4 million or thereabouts per student.

8. American International School, Lagos

AISL is an international school situated in Lagos, Nigeria with an amazing and supportive community.

The school offers a pre-school program through 12th grade, and their students graduate with a United States High School diploma.

Subject to subsequent confirmation from the school, their tuition fees is around 4.5 million.

9. Dowen College, Lekki

Talking about the most expensive schools in Nigeria, Dowen College, Lekki cannot be overemphasized.

The school is alocated at 18 Adebayo Doherty, Lekki Phase 1 Lagos Nigeria and their school fees is about N2 million or more.

10. Charles Dale Memorial International School, Port Harcourt

This school is a co-educational, multi-cultural and private school situated in Port Harcourt, River State Nigeria. Their school fee is about N2 million.

11. Greensprings School, Lagos State

In the same vein, Greensprings School is another private and one of the most expensive schools in Nigeria that offers both day and boarding.

The school is co-educational, and it offers both national and international curriculums to its students. The school fee is approximately N3 million.

12. American International School, Abuja

Also one of the most expensive and beautiful schools in Nigeria integrated with American National Curriculum and that of Nigeria.

The school population is around 700 and they charge around N4.5 million per student as tuition fee.

13. Roemhics International School, Ilorin

Also, the Roemhics International School is a co-educational primary and secondary school that offers both day and boarding.

The school is located in Ilorin, Kwara state and they pay around N2 million as tuition fee.

14. Corona Secondary School, Agbara

Accordingly, the Corona Secondary School is a boarding, co-educational, and private school situated in Agbara, Ogun State.

The school charges over N2.5 million as tuition fee.

15. Atlantic Hall, Epe Lagos.

Atlantic Hall is also one of the best and most expensive boarding school in Nigeria. The school charges over N2 million per student as tuition fee.

Take home

The information above on the most expensive boarding school in Nigeria is written after conducting an extensive research.

We, however, encourage you to browse around the school website for updated and additional information.

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