Universities that accept third class for Masters in Australia


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If you need the most comprehensive list of the Universities that accept third class for Masters in Australia, then you’ve come to the right place.

Without any iota of doubt, Australia is one of the most desired study abroad destinations in the world.

With good reason, Australia has a standard higher education system couple with folds of world-class Universities.

Thus, if you graduate with third class during your undergrad and wishes to pursue your Masters degree in Australia, it’s still possible.

Universities that accept third class for Masters in Australia

Without further delay, the following — though not limited — is the top University in Australia that accepts third class for Masters.

Australian Universities that accept third class for Masters

1. University of Adelaide

Gaining admission to study whether at undergraduate level or Postgraduate level at the University of Adelaide is akin to a thug of war.

Being one of the best Universities in Australia, thousands of applicants apply to the school yearly and as such, their admission is usually strictly on merits.

However, as strict as the admission protocol of this school, you can gain entrance to do your Masters program with third class through their Scholarship programs.

2. The University of Melbourne

Your third class result alone is not enough to get you Masters degree admission into the University of Melbourne, Australia.

There are some other requirements which you must brilliantly satisfy. For instance, your IELTS score should not be less than 6.5, among other things.

3. La Trobe University

Another top University in Australia that commands respect. This school fancy first class and second class holders for their Masters program.

But nonetheless, the school is magnanimous enough to give room for third-class students in some selected courses or discipline.

4. RMIT University

You must have nothing less than 6.5 in your IELTS exam, meet the school admission requirements for Masters program and apply for any available scholarship to stand a chance.

5. The University of Sydney

A top and reputable University in Australia with international standard. Securing admission into this school is strictly on merits.

The only exception to this is by way of scholarship. The University of Sydney have several scholarship programs for international students.

As such, an applicant with a third class or pass as his class of degree can be offered admission if he meets other requirements.

6. Victoria University

Talking about top Universities that accept third class for Masters in Australia, Victoria University can never be overemphasized.

In fact, this school is one of the most sought public universities in Australia, located in Footscray with beautiful scenery.

Seeking admission into this school a pass or HND or third class certificate wouldn’t be easy, but if you brilliantly satisfied their other requirements, you may stand a chance.

7. Monash University

Also, this popular citadel of learning is also located in Melbourne. The school is of international standard and have a lot of foreign students under its care.

Well, it is not as if Monash University in Australia is discriminating class of degrees, but the numbers of admission seekers to the Uni are much.

On this note, courtesy demands that the University offers applicants that graduated with first class or second class admission before any other.

8. The University of Queensland

If you must go to the University of Queensland for your Masters degree, then you must have 6.5 or more in your IELTS exam.

Not limited to that, you must have qualified for the slot by satisfying all other admission requirements stipulated by the school.

Your third class might hinder your chances at first, but it is not as if the University doesn’t consider third-class holders for Masters.

9. Federation University Australia

Federation University, Australia is situated in the beautiful city of Ballarat. As an engineering or data scientist, there’s no better place to have your MSc than here.

Accordingly, the Following University of Australia is another public school and a great citadel of learning with astonishing alumni.

What’s more, your best shot of gaining entrance into this University is by applying for their scholarship as an international student.

10. Edith Cowan University

Equally, Edith Cowan University is also one of the top-notch Universities that accept third class for Masters in Australia that you enroll in.

While the admission is not on a platter of gold, you’ll need to work hard, be prayerful, and put in your all in your IELTS exam.

11. The University of Newcastle, Australia

Next on the list of the top Australian Universities that accept third class for Masters degree, the University of Newcastle, Australia can never be overemphasized.

Having a third class result is not a crime and never the end of the world and as such, this University is ready to give you another chance to make it right in your academics.

Therefore, University have a scholarship purely for international students and third class graduates are encouraged to apply for their Masters with it.

12. Curtin University

Although this publication is not on the best Universities in Australia but notwithstanding, this list will be incomplete with Curtin University in it.

Curtin University like any other international recognized University in the world doesn’t accept third-class students for masters in its face value.

Such applicants must have applied as a scholarship student, passed the IELTS exam, meet all the requirements stipulated by school, among others.

Be enlightened that it’s not about discriminating class of degree, it’s about doing what is right and just to thousands of admission seekers.

13. Murdoch University

In the same vein, Murdoch University, Australia doesn’t consider third class holders for Masters admission on a face value.

The only opportunity for a third class admission seeker to gain entrance into Murdoch University is through Scholarship.

That is to say, the school has various scholarship programs aimed at international students to enhance and facilitate their academic pursuit.

Hence, if you meet their criteria, chances are that you will be considered and you’ll be able to enroll into the school for your Ms degree program.


While there are tons of Universities that accept third class for Masters in Australia, the above mentioned are the best among the best.

Additionally, you must note that most of the Australian Universities listed above doesn’t accept third class on a platter of gold, it is usually on occasion.


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