How to prepare and pass WAEC in one sitting

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Are you preparing for the Senior School Certificate examinations (SSCE) and need tips on how to pass Waec in one sitting? If yes, then congratulate yourself for coming down here.

Before I delve into the tips on how to prepare and pass waec in one sitting, let me quickly take you on a memory lane. When I was in SSS 2 class, some of my classmates and I decided to register for WAEC GCE.

While some of our teachers were against it on the basis that we are not academically sound enough to take on an international exam.

We refused to listen to their advice and go ahead with our registration. When the time for the exams came, we prepared so well and made sure we were ready for exams.

Lo and behold! We wrote the exams and when the results were out, we had many A’s and B’s with English language and Mathematics inclusive.

When we got to SSS 3, we used the same strategies to prepare for WAEC and we all cleared our results once and for all.


So if you are here to read the best strategies on how to pass WAEC without any problem, you are in the right place.

How to pass waec in one sitting

How To Pass WAEC in One Sitting

Although there are numerous Universities in Nigeria that accept combine results, but yet there are some courses that can’t study if you don’t pass your WAEC at one sitting.

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Courses like Medicine and Surgery, Law, Veterinary Medicine, etc. Reason being that there are plethora numbers of applicants fighting for limited admission slots.

So to prepare and pass waec in one sitting, you need to make all of the following a habit and respect them religiously.

1. Start reading now

Regardless of the class you are (be it SSS 1, SSS 2, or SSS 3) , if you are yet to start preparing for WAEC, start preparing for it now.

The reason being that, WAEC is an international exam and their questions usually covers so many topics ranging from the ones you were taught in SSS 1 down to SSS 3 topics.


So imaging studying for nine (9) subjects with each and every one of them covering three different sections. It’s not going to be an easy task. But the earlier you start preparing yourself for it, the more topics you will cover.

2. Don’t panic

The rate at which students fear WAEC exam is not from this world manystudents failed WAEC because of this. So another tip on how to pass waec in one sitting is to remain confident.

To boost your confidence, you need to start preparing for the exam as early as possible. It will help you build confidence.

3. Waec past questions are your friend

There is no better strategy on how to prepare for waec than getting past questions on all the subject you’re offering to start studying them.

Doing this will avail you the opportunity to know how WAEC set and structure their questions. This particular method assists me greatly in Literature in English back then.

The past questions made me understand how the prose, poetry, and drama questions were set. They also made familiarized myself with the multiple choice questions (objectives).


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Thus, I knew where to focus much of my attentions on while reading and it made my reading more productive than what I had imagined.

4. Get the recommended textbooks

Don’t just pick a textbook and read, always go for the Waec recommend textbooks. After all, all the Waec questions will be formulated from the texts they recommended.

It will explain every topic of discourse better and will hasten up your understanding of the topics. Particularly, as an Art student, you wouldn’t want to joke with this.

Equally, textbooks are meant to compliment your reading. Also, with textbooks you’ll understand some questions that you are having difficulty providing answers to.

5. Read the instructions

Unlike the multiple choice questions (popularly called objective) papers, you are not to answer all questions in the WAEC theory parts. In fact, some of the sections are not for the Nigerian student to answer AT ALL.

Such is one of the reasons why you have to read instructions carefully. Passing waec exams is not all about writing the writing, answering the right correction meant for your country matters too.


6. Answer all questions

Usually, the giving instruction in all WAEC multiple choice question papers is to “answer all questions”. Thus, always make sure to do that in all the subjects you registered.

Where you don’t know the correct or appropriate answer, don’t leave it blank, pick any of the options you never can tell which one is the correct.

After all, you might be lucky enough to guess and thick the correct answer but leaving the question blank (unanswered) can never be.

7. Study your note according to waec syllabus

Covering all the topics you’ve treated right from SSS 1 down to SSS 3 is one thing and covering “WAEC recommended” topics, even more, for the exam is another.

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Reading and preparing yourself for waec examination in accordance with Waec syllabus is another advantage towards having A’s in the exam.

Reason being that WAEC set it questions based on the topics its recommend for each class in its syllabus for each subject.


So you don’t necessarily have to read every single topics in each subject from SS 1 class to SS 3. Instead read only the recommended topics as contained in the WAEC syllabus.

8. Forget about Expo

The last clue on how to prepare and pass waec in one sitting is to forget about expo. That is to say, shun any forms of examination malpractice.

It’s not smart to depend on expo and it’s a bad idea. Whether you get from the internet or from your teacher, try as much as you can to avoid it.

Read hard and study enough to attempt at least 55 percent of any question that might come your way alone. With that, you will surely have a result that you’ll be proud of anywhere, anytime.


The above tips on how to prepare for WAEC or how to pass waec in one sitting is one full of wisdom and reality, if you can practice its teaching success will surely be yours.


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