Top 33 Best Jobs For Introverts


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Being successful at one’s job has got nothing to do with whether you’re an extrovert or an introvert. However, people with introverted personalities are naturally drawn to jobs and workplaces that allow them to work independently and have little interaction with others (as compared to extroverts).

Give reliable Wi-Fi internet by availing amazing Spectrum deals to a social media manager and they’ll come up with the most thorough insights and effective strategies. There are tons of other job options with promising prospects for introverts out there. Let’s have a look at some of them. 

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Best Jobs For Introverts

1. Accountant

Photo showing best jobs for introverts.

An accountant is responsible to keep company records and ensure that the financial statements are accurate and in compliance with federal/state regulations. It is a suitable job option for introverts who love working with numbers.

While client interaction may be necessary in some cases, accountants spend most of their time looking at spreadsheets and numbers. They can work freelance or for a specific company and choose their own clients. 

2. Actuary

Actuaries use statistics and math to analyze monetary and economic data which helps businesses/clients make better decisions and minimize risks.

The job is apt for introverts because most actuaries work in the insurance industry and have desk-based jobs. They have even lesser interaction with the clients than accountants.

3. Technical Writer

Technical writing can be an amazing job for introverts.

Unlike bloggers, journalists or creative writers, a technical writer’s job includes writing in-depth documents, deep non-fiction articles, and manuals. The information they give in their writings needs to be clear, analytical, and fact-based.

A technical writer must also have a strong grasp of grammar and vocabulary and should be detail-oriented. Typically, you can start off in this field with a bachelor’s degree in journalism, English, or a related field.

The work nature of a technical writer suits an introvert because they usually either work from home or in quiet offices where they are not disturbed. 

4. Court Reporter

A court reporter is responsible to make the word-for-word transcriptions of the proceedings. They may be required to read back or playback a portion of the legal proceedings if and when the judge demands it.

Although a court reporter is always surrounded by people in the courtroom, they hardly need to interact with them. However, being attentive and a good listener is a must to be an efficient court reporter. You can gain training for the job by earning a certificate in court reporting from a technical or community college. 

5. Software Developer

If you’re an introvert who loves technology and computers and don’t mind sitting behind a monitor for hours on your own, then software development is a suitable field for you. A software developer helps create computer programs for all kinds of use.

They need to know how software is used, how a secure platform for it is created, and how correct code is written. They also help install new software or remove bugs from a system in case the software is not working properly. 

A software developer’s work requires great focus and attention. You’ll find most of them sitting on their own, working for hours at a stretch. They may need to meet with co-workers or clients from time to time (to discuss needs, upgrades, etc).

However, as a skilled software developer, you have the option to pick and choose your projects/clients and work as a freelancer from home (requiring minimal social interaction).

If you aren’t already a software developer, but you want to be, I recommend learning software engineering at Codecademy. That way, you can start your dream job even as an introvert.

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6. Video Editor

Film or video editors use software such as Adobe Premiere and others to edit a video and produce a final product. The job requires you to sit before the monitor and work with full attention to detail. The only people video editors need to interact with are the director, editing assistants, and fellow editors. 

7. Social Media Manager

Social Media Manager.

Just because this job role includes the word ‘social’ doesn’t make it a bad fit for introverts. A social media manager maintains a company’s brand across social media channels from behind a computer.

The job involves everything from answering queries to responding to comments and distributing content across all social media platforms. A social media manager works with colleagues and employers but does not need to engage with the clients directly.

8. Physician Assistant

A physician assistant’s role varies from one hospital to another, but their basic responsibilities are almost the same. They counsel and assist doctors in performing procedures and diagnoses.

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Physician assistants are expected to be highly competent too because they work with other health professionals. However, there is a chance that you’ll need to interact with patients in a general sense. Don’t let that stop you anyway. Go ahead and serve humanity with your special skill. 

9. Engineer

Engineering can be a very good option for introverts. Engineers build products, devices, and systems for a living. This process itself is hands-on and requires meticulous, accurate, and analytical skills. Engineers need to have a keen eye for detail and a desire to figure out how things work.

You’ll need to use your problem-solving skills to successfully work as an engineer. As an introvert, you likely possess some of these key attributes, which means you’re more likely to be successful in this field. 

10. Database Administrator

A Database Administrator’s work involves the storing, organising and maintaining of technical data. This data can be used for the benefit of companies that provide software for different industries. A database administrator’s working environment is similar to that of an engineer’s, except that they are required to sit at computers all day long.

Typically, a database administrator can be hired for a fixed-term contract as short as 3 months. Hence, you can start your dream job by being hired on a short-term contract. All you need to do is find an IT company that needs your services and apply online. If you’re hired, congratulations! 

11. Game Designer

Game design is a great career job for introverts

A game designer is responsible for creating games and other gaming content that require a lot of imagination and creativity. The job requires a lot of time negotiating, creating and testing. If you are an extreme introvert then you’ll love this job.

You’ll not only need to work from your home but won’t be required to interact with colleagues or clients. You may need to attend meetings or meet with colleagues for special projects that may involve playing around with ideas and concepts.

Being a game designer gives you freedom. Unlike software development or engineering, you won’t need to be a full-time employee – as long as you can get the job done.

12. Market Research Analyst

If you are a meticulous and analytical person who loves numbers, then this could be the job you’ve been searching for. Market research analysts need to know everything about a particular market of interest, which includes its size, how it changes throughout time, how it affects other markets etc.

Market research analysts often work behind the scenes but may need to attend meetings with clients and colleagues if necessary. When a market research analyst is not looking for data or in a meeting, they are likely analysing charts. This makes it an interesting job for introverts.

13. Veterinarian

A veterinarian is a kind of doctor who specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of animal diseases and ensures animal care. Every day, they have to deal with the health and well-being of animals. The perks of being a veterinarian when you are an introvert are that you don’t need to have too much personal contact with humans. 

Veterinarians get to work with all kinds of cool animals however, there are moments of great stress like animal births and deaths which can be hard to deal with. You can work with animals ranging from farm animals to pets, and even exotic animals like zebras, crocodiles, and snakes. 

Veterinarians often work with other medical professionals and are expected to be somewhat social too. However, most of the time they will be working alone or with just a few coworkers at a hospital or clinic.

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14. Project Manager

A project manager is a professional who manages the flow of a project’s work to ensure that it achieves its goals. Project managers communicate with different departments of the organisation and coordinate their activities to produce successful outcomes.

Project managers resolve problems and manage resources really well. However, they also need to be attentive, organised and analytical. These are all qualities that introverts seem to possess in abundance which makes it a nice job for introverts.

15. Psychologist

Psychologists work with human behavior. They try to understand the link between emotions and behaviors and then help people deal with their feelings or problems. Being an introvert means that you probably understand people really well, and hence can be a good psychologist. 

Since the job involves meeting people from all walks of life, it does have some social requirements. However, many psychologists like to work in their own quiet offices for long periods of time. 

16. Interpreter

If you are a great listener, then consider interpreting. Interpreters interpret in-person conversations and meetings. You need to be good at reading people to understand what they have just said or asked.

Interpreting can involve different kinds of situations like meetings, celebrations and even medical appointments. These can often be pretty intense, so you might have to interact with the client a little bit but not too much.

Apart from the few interactions you’ll be having, interpreting is an interesting job for introverts especially those willing to get out of their shells.  

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17. Commercial air pilot

Commercial Air Pilot

Commercial pilots fly aircraft that transport passengers and cargo between different locations. They are required to work in stressful environments, perhaps even with tight deadlines. However, you can expect any communication to be one on one or at most a two-way interaction.

Being a commercial pilot may be a great job for introverts. They do travel to different places, but the majority of their work involves dealing with computer systems and reading charts. In this field, even though a lot of people are around you, you do not necessarily need to interact with them on a personal level.

18. Writer

Being a writer is a great job for introverts because writing involves solitude and peace of mind. The work involves research, imagination and communicating clearly using written words. As an introvert, you’re likely to excel at writing if you have mastered the language of use.

With the advent of the internet and digital publishing, you can now write and publish books online easily and make money too! This means even less physical contact with editors and marketers.

19. Truck Driver

While a truck driver is more often than not seen as a loud, ‘lone wolf’ type of profession, an introvert may enjoy being one. Truck drivers transport goods in trucks that range in size from small cars to huge trailer trucks.

The job requires careful planning and attention to detail. Often, truck drivers don’t need to interact with people much; they mostly just drive their large vehicles across the country and enjoy their own company.

20. Industrial Machine Repairer

This is a job that involves diagnosing and repairing faulty industrial machines. It also involves the servicing and maintenance of industrial machinery for optimal performance. For example, you may be required to remove the parts from an industrial furnace to clean them and then put them together again.

This kind of job requires a lot of focus and attention which many introverts seem to possess. When working as an industrial machine repairer, there is little or no need to work in groups which makes it great for introverts. 

21. Private Investigator

A private investigator is a person who is hired to investigate private matters. From investigating crimes to financial and personal matters, private investigators perform well working alone. 

If you are good at solving mysteries and want to work for yourself, then being a private investigator may be a great option for you. This job involves both self-employment and working in teams with other professionals. However, you need to be focused, attentive and analytical to excel in this field. 

22. Zoologist

Zoologist photo.

Zoologists are experts on different types of animals. Just like veterinarians, zoologists mostly focus on dealing with animals.  They study various aspects of animals and understand their behavior. Often, zoologists work in universities and labs as scientists/researchers. 

Zoologists also get to explore the field, studying animal behavior in their natural habitat. These studies and research are eventually translated into academic papers and journals, reports and in some cases, documentaries. 

An introvert would also do well working as a zoologist. Zoology is an interesting line of work that involves a lot of thinking, analysis, observing and writing. 

23. Photographer

Becoming a professional photographer means you’ll need to learn many areas of photography. Taking the picture is one of the simpler parts since a lot of work still has to go into editing.  

Even though traveling and meeting people is one of the responsibilities that come with being a photographer, the bulk of editing is spent alone behind the computer. 

Don’t be afraid to take up a photography job if you are an introvert. You’ll still need people anyway. A little human interaction won’t hurt if it is paying your bills and putting food on your table. 

24. Film Editor

Introverts may not be comfortable appearing before the big screen but they sure do well working behind the scenes. Being an editor means you get to turn raw footage into a finished product.

The coherence seen in movies and documentaries is made possible by the efforts of a  film editor. To effectively do this, you’ll need to have a good eye for excellence, This is an excellent job for introverts if they possess the required qualities.

25. Copywriter

Copywriters are the people who write content for advertisements. They use their imagination to come up with captivating, honest and clear content that sells well. If you’re an introvert that knows how to write, then you might be interested in becoming a copywriter. 

Copywriters also work mostly from home offices. This is a fantastic job for introverts and others who have a knack for creating marketing content. 

26. Fashion Designer

Fashion designing is a good career job for introverts.

Fashion designers design high fashion clothes. They go a step further than tailors to produce designs that become trends for celebrities and individuals alike. Fashion designers make use of their imagination to create pieces that express feeling, mood, culture etc. They usually have a vision for the product and know how it should look. 

As an introvert, you may enjoy doing this job that involves a lot of thinking and creativity. 

Fashion designers also need to keep up with the latest trends in fashion and design. Attending various events to meet people in order to make sales is also part of the job. Don’t let that scare you though as you’ll be smiling to the bank in no time. 

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27. Microbiologist

Are you fascinated by microorganisms? then you may want to consider a career in microbiology. A microbiologist is a scientist who studies microorganisms. These can be bacteria, viruses, fungi and even parasites. Most of the work involves working in clean rooms to maintain sterility. 

To successfully become a microbiologist, you need to spend an average of 4 years learning about microorganisms, their benefits to the environment and how they cause diseases. After this, you can work in a number of places such as labs, food production companies or even schools as a teacher.

Microbiologists can also start their own businesses. They can start their own production companies or work as consultants for other organisations. 

28. Chef

Chef fixing a meal.

If you love to create magic in the kitchen then consider becoming a chef. The position of a chef entails preparing meals for customers either privately or in a restaurant. Chefs can earn up to 48000 dollars per year. That’s not so bad after all. 

The job of a chef requires a lot of creativity and hard work. To be a successful chef, you will need to get used to working with your hands and in most cases; you’ll be cooking in the hot kitchen. 

29. Baker

From cakes to bread, pies and finger snacks, Bakers are responsible for making cakes, bread and pastries. Baking is also used to create other bakery products such as cookies, muffins etc. 

Baking is one career that introverts will love. With baking, you can express yourself through food which can reflect in the taste and presentation. Bakers usually work in a clean room with strict hygiene rules. 

30. Proofreader

If you have a keen eye for detail or you are a grammar stickler, proofreading may be the right career choice for you. Proofreaders are responsible for making corrections to written work. This usually involves reading through an entire document to correct grammar and spelling mistakes.

Proofreaders can work in editing firms, schools or even in publishing houses. Proofreading can be done in solitude as it requires great focus and concentration. This is a good career path for anyone who needs a quiet job where they can work quietly.

31. Automechanic

Becoming an auto mechanic may be your ideal career choice if you love cars and other automobiles. This means you get to work in a garage and fix cars. If you have the right skills and passion, then you may just be on your way to making good money while doing what you love.

Depending on where and what kind of car you take care of, your salary can range between 32,000 – 58,000 dollars per year. A mechanic works with very basic tools which can be kept at home. It is also possible to be a freelance mechanic if you own these required tools.

32. Animal Trainer

You may have seen animals working in the airport; sniffing passengers’ bags to detect hard drugs. You may have also seen dogs walk with blind people to help them move around. These animals are able to do these things because they have been trained by an animal trainer. 

An animal trainer is someone who trains animals for entertainment, security, companionship or detection purposes. This mostly involves teaching these animals specific responses to various commands. 

Animals neither speak nor respond to things the way humans do. This means that you need to have a lot of patience and love for animals. You also need to understand the behaviour of the animal specie you are training to get better results.

Training can take place in a classroom or out in a field with birds, dogs, cats etc. Training can take as few as 6 to complete with most animals needing a longer time. This is a nice career choice for an introvert and anyone interested in animals. 

Man training a dog.

33. Scientists

A scientist conducts scientific research to help in knowledge advancement. Scientists generally have one thing in common and that is curiosity. They are either curious to understand how something is, why it is the way it is, what can be done to alter the way it is, etc. 

Scientists can be professionals in various fields such as medicine, biology etc. Scientists are obsessed with making discoveries and understanding nature. This means that many of them spend a lot of time alone.  

Final Words

Even introverts can find something they are good at and enjoy doing it. You could find a job that’s exactly right for you, and most times, they are sitting at the corner staring at you. So take the plunge today and start living your best life doing what you love.

If you have an idea or can recommend a suitable job for introverts, please leave us a comment below with the job title and possibly the description. You’d be helping a fellow introvert.


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