Top 7 Best Jobs For Introverts

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Being successful at one’s job has got nothing to do with whether you’re an extrovert or an introvert. However, people with introverted personalities are naturally drawn to jobs and workplaces that allow them to work independently and have little interaction with others (as compared to extroverts).

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Best Jobs For Introverts

1. Accountant


An accountant is responsible to keep company records and ensure that the financial statements are accurate and in compliance with federal/state regulations. It is a suitable job option for introverts who love working with numbers.

While client interaction may be necessary in some cases, accountants spend most of their time looking at spreadsheets and numbers. They can work freelance or for a specific company and choose their own clients. 

2. Actuary

Actuaries use statistics and math to analyze monetary and economic data which helps businesses/clients make better decisions and minimize risks. The job is apt for introverts because most actuaries work in the insurance industry and have desk-based jobs. They have even lesser interaction with the clients than accountants.

3. Technical Writer

Unlike bloggers, journalists or creative writers, a technical writer’s job includes writing in-depth documents, deep non-fiction articles, and manuals. The information they give in their writings needs to be clear, analytical, and fact-based.

A technical writer must also have a strong grasp of grammar and vocabulary and should be detail-oriented. Typically, you can start off in this field with a bachelor’s degree in journalism, English, or a related field.

The work nature of a technical writer suits an introvert because they usually either work from home or in quiet offices where they are not disturbed. 

4. Court Reporter

A court reporter is responsible to make the word-for-word transcriptions of the proceedings. They may be required to read back or playback a portion of the legal proceedings if and when the judge demands it.

Although a court reporter is always surrounded by people in the courtroom, they hardly need to interact with them. However, being attentive and a good listener is a must to be an efficient court reporter. You can gain training for the job by earning a certificate in court reporting from a technical or community college. 

5. Software Developer

If you’re an introvert who loves technology and computers and don’t mind sitting behind a monitor for hours on your own, then software development is a suitable field for you. A software developer helps create computer programs for all kinds of use.

They need to know how software is used, how a secure platform for it is created, and how a correct code is written. They also help install new software or remove bugs from a system in case the software is not working properly. 

A software developer’s work requires great focus and attention; you’ll find most of them sitting on their own, working for hours at a stretch. They may need to meet with co-workers or clients from time to time (to discuss needs, upgrades, etc).

However, as a skilled software developer, you have the option to pick and choose your projects/clients and work as a freelancer from home (requiring minimal social interaction).

If you arent already a software developer, but you want to be, i recommend learning software engineering at codecademy. That way, you can start your dream job even as an introvert.

6. Video Editor

Film or video editors use software such as Adobe Premiere and others to edit a video and produce a final product. The job requires you to sit before the monitor and work with full attention to detail. The only people video editors need to interact with are the director, editing assistants, and fellow editors. 

7. Social Media Manager

Just because this job role includes the word ‘social’ doesn’t make it a bad fit for introverts. A social media manager maintains a company’s brand across social media channels from behind a computer.

The job involves everything from answering queries to responding to comments and distributing content across all social media platforms. A social media manager works with colleagues and employers but does not need to engage with the clients directly.

Final Words

Even introverts can find something they are good at and enjoy doing it. You could find a job that’s exactly right for you, and most times, they are sitting at the corner staring at you. So take the plunge today and start living your best life doing what you love.

If you have an idea for a job that’s recommended for introverts, please leave us a comment below with the job title and possibly the description. You’d be helping a fellow introvert.

Thank you.

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