20 Best Jobs for Adults with Slow Processing Speed

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Adults with slow processing speed usually require significant time to absorb, comprehend, and respond to information. This does not mean that they are unintelligent; they only need a lot of time to take in, make sense of, and respond to information.

So, because they take their time absorbing information, they have difficulty responding quickly to some physical tasks. Hence, any job they would be successful at would be an occupation that requires less quick thinking.

This means that adults with slow processing speeds only excel in occupations that require careful thought. Here is a list of the best jobs for adults with slow processing speeds.

adults with slow processing speed

Best Jobs For Adults With Slow Processing Speed 

  1. Design Engineer

Adults with slow processing speeds can excel as design engineers as much as they enjoy technical activities and have acquired solid technical knowledge and problem-solving skills.

This is one job role that allows adults with slow processing speeds to channel their inner gift of careful consideration and allows them to work at their pace. Design engineers study, research, and develop ideas for new products and the systems used to make them. They can also be required to modify existing products or processes to increase efficiency or improve performance.

  1. Writer

Adults with slow processing speeds can also make a decent living from writing. Whether creative or academic writers, they would be successful at it, provided they have an interest in writing.

However, freelancing may not be a comfortable option for adults with slow processing speeds because they take their time to respond. This is because meeting deadlines are typical of freelancing writing jobs.

  1. Songwriter

Another comfortable job is songwriting. A songwriter composes, writes, or creates musical compositions. A lover of songs with slow processing speed can help talented vocalists who struggle with writing and composing music.

  1. Software Developer

A software developer is another excellent job for people with slow processing speeds. A software developer has strong analytical skills that can design and build computer programs. Some software developers create new applications for mobile or desktop use, while others make underlying operating systems.

This job is comfortable for people with slow processing speeds because they possess excellent analytic skills.

5.      Computer Programmer

A computer programmer is a technician who specializes in coding. Adults with slow processing speeds can excel as computer programmers because it requires careful attention.

The process of creating and testing code that enables computer applications and programs to operate is a menial task devoid of many people, which can provide the solace they

  1. Auditor

People with slow processing speeds can also be good auditors. Organizations and corporate bodies employ auditors to help examine financial records to ensure that they are accurate, taxes are paid on time, and the company’s financial operations run smoothly and efficiently. It is appropriate for them because this job requires more precision than speed.

  1. Psychotherapists

Becoming a psychotherapist is another job they can do. A psychotherapist is a licensed mental health professional who provides treatment for various concerns and assists others with multiple life challenges to improve their lives. To be successful at it, they need active listening skills, high empathy, and problem-solving skills.

  1. Photographer

Working as a photographer is one of the ideal jobs for adults with slow processing speeds. Taking and processing photographs doesn’t require quick thinking or fast response time. They only need to have an impressive ability to capture moments and also be able to combine them into images to tell a story.

  1. Counselor

Being a counselor is one significant role they can also excel at. If they can comfort and advise others by genuinely caring and understanding, they can work as counselors depending on their interests. Whether as rehabilitation counselors, school counselors, or addiction and mental health counselors, they can choose any place to work in.

  1. Correspondent or Anchor of Broadcast News

Being a correspondent or a broadcast news anchor may not look like something a person with a slow processing speed can do, but they can.

Some people with slow processing speed possess excellent communication and public speaking skills, which are needed primarily in taking on these roles. Once they don’t fret in front of an audience or don’t mind standing in front of a camera, it would be an enjoyable role for them.

  1. Nursing Assistant

Adults with slow processing speeds can also be nursing assistants. Since the job is straightforward and requires no extreme or exceptional process, it is a great position where they can build a career. As nursing assistants, they will only be expected to take care of medical patients.

  1. Chef

Culinary arts is also another area where adults with slow speed can build a career. It is a well-paying job that they would most definitely find pleasure in. This is because it requires a meticulous process, a natural tendency for them.

People with slow speed can work in different capacities in the culinary arts, whether as cooks or bakers, as long as they are enthusiastic about cooking or the culinary arts.

  1. Graphics Designer

One of the best jobs for adults with slow speed is graphic design. Most people with slow processing speed tend to be naturally artistic, and graphics design is just one visual art option from which they can make a decent living and build a rewarding career.

  1. Fashion Designer

People with slow processing speeds can enjoy working as fashion designers. This is one role among so many that can allow them to express their inner creativity, especially when they love to do that with fabrics.

  1. Broadcasting Technician

As broadcasting technicians, these individuals’ differences are a little less pronounced. This is what makes it comfortable to work in this role. Broadcasting technicians may work as sound engineers or camera operators, working behind the scenes at radio stations or television studios.

  1. Veterinary doctor

Adults with slow speeds who are fond of animals will excel as veterinary doctors. Since the job requires careful attention, it is one of the best job prospects.

  1. Interior Designer

Interior designers are professionals who help create interior spaces that are functional, safe, and aesthetically pleasing for almost any type of building. This is another excellent option for slow-moving individuals to channel their natural artistic ability.

  1. Personal Trainer

Adults with slow processing speeds make good personal trainers or coaches. Occupying this role, they can assist clients in setting better goals, taking more action, making better decisions, and utilizing their natural strengths.

Generally, they have the patience to help people improve their lives by doing difficult or worthwhile things. This makes it a fruitful career for them.

  1. Dietitian

Becoming a dietitian to help people improve and manage their health conditions by providing nutrition and dietary advice is also an occupation people with slow processing speed can do well in.

20. Horticulturist

A person with a slow processing speed can also become an expert in garden cultivation and management. Working with plants does not require speed but care.

Some of the other best jobs for adults with slow processing speed are:

  • Massage Therapist
  • Microbiologist
  • Agriculturist
  • Librarian
  • Accountant
  • Actor
  • Film Maker

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