25 Best Jobs For Retired Teachers

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Are you looking forward to your retirement as a teacher and wondering how to fill up your less active days? Do you need a comprehensive list of the best jobs for retired teachers?

Here are the 25 best jobs for retired teachers that earn you some extra money to augment your retirement benefits, help improve your lifestyle and fill up your less active days ahead. Browse the list to see which job suits you best.

The Best Jobs for Retired Teachers

The Best Jobs for Retired Teachers

  1. Substitute Educator

If you don’t want to leave the teaching scene, becoming a substitute educator is one of the best opportunities. You will be required to teach when the primary teacher is absent as a substitute teacher.

Most schools with a high student population need a substitute teacher or an assistant teacher to support during teaching periods. With your experience as a teacher, it wouldn’t be a difficult position to handle.

  1. Tutor

Today, tutoring services are in high demand, from online to private tutoring. It is a viable option for retired teachers to earn some money.

As a tutor, you can teach any of the subjects you previously taught in school or subjects you are interested in. For example, if you graduated in law and passed the LSAT before going into your teaching career, it would be possible to become a registered LSAT tutor

This way, you will not only be able to earn money through the wealth of knowledge acquired over the years, but you will also be able to help students privately improve their performance in the classroom through your assistance.

  1. Writing Instructor

A job as a writing instructor is one of the best jobs for a retired teacher with an English major or other similar subject. A former teacher with a good knowledge of the use of English can also work as a writing instructor.

As a writing teacher or instructor, you may decide to work with a writing academy, tutor students, or help many corporations who believe that their employees lack technical writing skills. With your experience as a teacher, you can teach them to write outside the classroom. When working for a corporation, you may be required to help them improve their communication skills to advance in their careers.

  1. Researcher

Teachers are known to be good researchers. This is true because they need to be well informed to impart knowledge to students. This research skill can be utilized again after retirement. Some jobs, whether part-time or online, are available in this field. As a researcher, you will be required to analyze different datasets and present your findings.

  1. Author

Have you ever thought about writing a book? The time of retirement is the best period to make that dream a reality. If you love creative writing, it’s time to write down that healthy idea you have had in your mind to publish it.

If not, you could write a textbook for other teachers to use if you are an expert in your field. As a former teacher, your written book would be more informative and easy to use for both teachers and students.

  1. Book Publisher

Let’s say you don’t want to write but enjoy books all the time. It would help if you considered setting up your own publishing company, or maybe start by working for an established one.

As a book publisher, your job would consist of acquiring new titles, editing and approving manuscripts, supervising the printing process, and marketing the finished product. You can stay active while retired as a teacher with this job.

  1. Writer
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If you enjoy writing, this is one of the best jobs for retired teachers you can consider. These days, freelance writing is one of the most in-demand skills that are required. It is a remote job that offers a flexible opportunity to be done anywhere.

You can work as a freelance writer for magazines, newspapers, or even blogs. You will be required to create creative and engaging content that your client wishes to share and ensure that it resonates with their target audience.

Freelance writing can be very profitable. You can earn more as your experience in freelance writing grows.

8.      Daycare Service Provider

Another way to earn money as a retired teacher is to become a daycare service provider. If you are excellent with younger children, this may be the best job option for you. You can watch the children while their parents are away and ensure they have a safe and stimulating environment to play and learn.

You provide daycare service by setting up your crèche or signing up to become a private babysitter or nanny for most families’ needs.

  1. Coach

Becoming a life coach, career or otherwise, is a rewarding job you can pick up after retirement. As a life coach, you would have the privilege of helping so many people make favorable decisions to stay on the right course during their lives. You could counsel teachers, young adults, and others going through life transitions.

As a career coach, you will assist people in determining the best career path for them, help them decide on their work-related goals and objectives, and also improve their skills. You can also collaborate with organizations to train employees to achieve their dreams and create a future development plan for employees.

  1. Editor

Still, in the scope of writing, you can also work as an editor or a proofreader. Your job as an editor would be to review the content that would be published for the general public to read and ensure there are no grammatical errors and that it adheres to an organization’s style guide requirements. As an editor, you may work for book publishing companies, magazines, and websites.

  1. Blogger

 Blogging is another writing job you can pick up as a retired teacher. It can be an educational blog or maybe something of interest that you may like to blog about. You only need a domain name and web hosting to get started.

Once you have that setup, it may take some time to start earning from your blog. However, with consistent posting and optimized content, your blog will begin to gain more traffic. The more the traffic on your blog posts increases, the more you can start to introduce affiliate links that will bring you more income. It’s a patient deal, but in the long run, it’s worth it.

  1. Virtual Assistant
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Working as a virtual assistant is another excellent way to earn an income as a retired teacher. Your job as a virtual assistant may include scheduling appointments, making phone calls, making travel arrangements, managing email accounts, helping out with social media posting, website content updates, and much more.

  1. Online Course Creator

Online courses are useful learning materials that have gone a long way to improving learning in general. As an experienced retired teacher, you create loads of online courses relevant to your field that can greatly assist teachers and students alike.

You can become a curriculum specialist or developer by creating course content that flows into each other, creating a great learning experience and an ideal curriculum for a chosen subject.

  1. Personal Trainer

This is a job you would enjoy as a retired teacher if you enjoy physical activity or happened to teach physical education during your time as a teacher. You can help train people at gyms, clubs, and other organizations, or you can take private clients if that works for you.

In a big way, you can also become a sports coach, so you can assist different sports groups in achieving their big wins by instructing and supervising their teams.

  1. Guidance Counsellor

Guidance counselors are in high demand in schools these days. You can be that person students can rely on to assist and provide the guidance they require to succeed in school.

  1. Professional Speaker

Public speaking must be your forte if you take up this job opportunity. People may hire you as a professional speaker to act as a representative, deliver a speech, or speak on a topic at an event. Becoming a professional speaker is among the best jobs for retired teachers.

  1. Educational Consultant

As an educational consultant, you will become an advisor on educational matters. You will be able to counsel students, school boards, and parents on how to approach academic issues in their community.

You can proffer valuable advice on different educational subject matters, such as classroom technology, best teaching methods, measures for underperforming teachers, and so on. With your guidance, schools and academic bodies can make an impactful difference. This job is well-suited for a retired teacher who already knows the nitty-gritty of the educational sector.

  1. Sales Representative

With your speaking and communication abilities as a retired teacher, you can work as a sales representative, persuading potential customers to buy a company’s product. Your research skills can also come in handy in this role as you would be required to research competitors to see what services they offer and develop unique selling points to gain a competitive advantage.

  1. Corporate coach

Another job opportunity for a retired teacher is the position of a corporate coach. Corporate coaches or trainers work with management and employees to determine how to enhance the company’s performance.

In this role, you will be expected to develop programs to teach skills to employees and keep them updated on best practices to scale their performance. You will also be expected to collaborate with managers to seek new methods of creating a robust culture that aligns with their goals. You may also be entrusted with the duty of teaching employees how to conduct technical research while also improving their writing, communication, and leadership abilities.

  1. Realtor
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Do you have an interest in real estate? You can work as a realtor once you retire from your job as a teacher. You can help potential buyers find the home of their dreams. For every property you help to sell, you receive a commission. Commissions on real estate sales are usually substantial.

  1. Courier

Becoming a courier is another way of earning money after retirement. You can set up your courier service or work for an established one. You can help with food delivery, grocery delivery, or any other door-to-door delivery as a courier. You can work part-time or full-time as a courier, depending on what works for you.

  1. Translator

If you are fluent in more than one language, the role of a translator is one job you should consider. As a translator, you can interpret documents, meetings, and other business conversations to assist people with communicating effectively, and, of course, you get paid.

This may be a part-time job or a full-time job. You could also work as a freelancer and take on side jobs.

  1. Academic Advisor at the University

One of the best jobs for retired teachers is the university’s academic advisor position. It is similar to the role of an educational consultant. Only this time, your counseling will be restricted to the university you signed up with. Sometimes, you will be expected to work with lecturers, the students, and the administrative board.

With the student, you act as a life/career coach, counseling them on their grades, assisting them with paperwork, and assisting them in deciding on a career path.

  1. School Principal

The role of a school principal is also one of the best jobs for retired teachers. As a school principal, it would be your duty to oversee the school’s operations and ensure things run smoothly as they should.

  1. Paralegal

Your organizational skills can also land you the role of a paralegal. A paralegal is an assistant to a lawyer. Your job will be to keep files organized and conduct extensive research for cases. As promising as this job is, this is the slightest favorable job opportunity for retired teachers. Probably because it is quite different from teaching.

best jobs for retired teachers

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