15 Jobs that Hire on the Spot 

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If you need to pick up a job quickly, jobs that hire on the spot should be your go-to options. 

Actually, there are many reasons you may want to consider some of these jobs. 

Maybe you just got out of school, changed a career path, are looking for first-time employment, or lost a job but want something to do immediately. 

Whatever the case may be, the jobs discussed in this post can help you build a lifelong career in them. And if you don’t want to stay, use them as a launch pad for your dream job that can pay you as much as $200,000 a year.

Without wasting time, these jobs will have you hired immediately if you at least meet their requirements. 

Jobs that Hire on the Spot 

So here we go with the list of jobs that hire on the spot and help you leave the unemployment zone. They are: 

1. Administrative Assistant 

If you can do the job, a potential employer can immediately welcome you into the company. 

As much as experience is crucial, a significant concern for this role is the skills you possess. 

So, suppose you are conversant with managing databases, using word processing software, arranging data neatly into spreadsheets, and discreet and trustworthy. In that case, you will likely land this role immediately and earn an average of $38,000 per annum. 

2. Security Officer

Facility owners don’t always love to take risks. Whether it’s a government or privately owned property, they want to ensure security against trespassing, vandalism, and other vices. 

As long as you understand the responsibilities and are willing to take the job, hiring can take effect immediately. But be sure training will follow, and such training could be on-the-job.

On average, you can go home with more than $35,000 per annum as a security officer. 

Jobs that Hire on the Spot 

3. Bill Collector 

City dwellers pay bills for electricity, water, and other utilities. Well, maybe those who are faithful with payment won’t have issues with the authorities, but some are pretty negligent with payment, and this is where you come into the scene. 

Do you need experience? Everywhere, experience is fantastic, but for this, it’s not a necessity. Just possess good customer service attributes, and you can secure this job with a high school diploma. 

As a bill collector, you can earn not less than $21,000 annually. 

4. Delivery Driver 

Sometimes, delivery companies experience a shortage of staff or so many orders to attend to. As a result, they call for qualified drivers. 

Although experience is a plus not all that necessary so far, you demonstrate your ability to control the wheels, and you have your license still valid. A little training may follow to put you through some work nuances. 

So, once you show your ability to drive, a delivery or non-delivery company can hire you immediately to deliver their customers’ orders. You will earn between $16,000 and $46,000 yearly. 

5. Bartender

You can make as much as $50,000 in a year as a bartender. And the good part is, your skill will speak for you. Not much experience may be required, but only if you can get the job done. Just satisfy the customers, and you will keep your job as a bartender. 

Additionally, getting yourself competitive to an extent may require you to attend a bartending school. 

6. Real Estate Broker

Anyone who possesses sales skills can get this job. Even if you don’t have experience, a real estate firm can hire you immediately. It may require you to get on a 60-hour course and pass a test, but your success depends on your network of people and how well you can promote your offerings. 

This job also usually comes with fantastic bonuses, depending on your performance. So, you can earn $30,000 in a year or as much as over $200,000 as a real estate broker. 

7. School Bus Driver

This is not a job where they get back to you later. It’s either you’re qualified or not. But if you are, there’s a high probability you will be employed immediately because a school won’t usually hire a driver if they don’t need someone to fill that position instantly. Your yearly pay for this job could be between $16,000 and $40,000. 

8. Clerk 

City governments, for example, employ several people in their parastatals, and you may be one of them. These sets of people usually have little experience. However, the benefits are pretty mouthwatering. You can work in offices like the Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV), local courthouse, or municipal office and earn less than $38,000 annually. 

9. HR Assistant

Some companies or HRs receive tons of applications and need someone to sort out the best out of the multitudes quickly. By the way, they will provide you with the guidelines before starting such a task. Also, the more you do it, the better you’ll get.

So, it may not require much experience at first, but your proficiency with computer use is a plus. On average, you can earn $38,000 in a year. 

10. Cable Installer 

With little to no experience, you can become a cable installer. Of course, your company must have given you some training before you start taking up tasks in people’s homes. And at the end of the year, you may have realized as much as  $52,000. 

11. Pet Sitter

Still on our lists of jobs that hire on the spot, if you love pets, maybe you should consider this option. Your love for them and some knowledge about how to relate with them will do for this job. 

Getting a job like this is not all tedious, and your potential employer can get you hired immediately after your interview. You can land this job from job postings on the internet, in newspapers, or through an agency. 

Also, there’s a high chance of securing this job during summer because this period is when many pet owners travel and require the service of a pet sitter. 

A Pet sitting job can come with an average remuneration of $12.63 per hour. 

Jobs that Hire on the Spot 

12. Housekeeper

You don’t need so much experience to get this job. As a housekeeper, you will ensure your facility is well kept. Depending on the job description, you will monitor the activities of actual cleaners, and in some cases, you’ll take up the cleaning yourself. Make sure everything is organized, and you’re good to go as a housekeeper. 

And the earnings? You can make an average of $13.23 per hour. 

13. Babysitter

Because of the responsibilities of parents, families look for babysitters to work with immediately. 

Though this position may require your employers to carry out some background checks on you, if the coast is clear, you will be hired immediately, and on average, you can earn $19.82 per hour.
Finding this kind of job is easier if you go through an agency. 

14. Auto Mechanic 

Unfortunately, it’s the reality that many people don’t get to train as auto mechanics anymore, maybe because there are tons of alternatives these days. This situation does this job high in demand, and many auto companies hire immediately. 

As an auto mechanic, you can earn over $21 per hour. 

15. Interpreter or Translator

Lastly, on our list of jobs that hire on the spot, you can get an interpreter or translator job immediately. 

All that’s usually required is your ability to get the job done, and you will even attract the attention of many companies ready to hire. 

The average yearly pay for this job is around $46,158. 

Conclusion: 15 Jobs that Hire on the Spot 

No more excuses! You can move from the base of unemployment to being employed as soon as today. This list of jobs that hire on the spot offers you different options for consideration. 


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