How to transfer data on Airtel to Airtel line

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To transfer data on Airtel to Airtel line, dial *141#, select 6 (Gifting and Sharing), then select  4 (Data Me2U), then select 2 (Send Me2U from existing allowance), enter recipient’s phone number, data allowance, PIN, and click Send.

Do you want to know how to transfer data on Airtel to Airtel lines?  I am sure you have people who constantly run out of MB and constantly bother you to turn on the hotspot for them or share MB with them, especially if you are an internet addict like me who never runs out of MB, no matter what, haha.

Switching on hotspots for your pals may be stressful at times since you constantly have to be in close proximity to them, which drains your battery. If you are not cautious, other nearby individuals will connect and waste your hard-earned data in an instant without you knowing.

As a result, it is preferable to transmit or exchange data just with the individuals you want, without the risk of an unauthorized person entering. That is why, with this article, you will learn how to transfer mb from Airtel to Airtel.

It is tough and uninteresting to go without data these days. You always have something to do online, whether you are conversing or scrolling through your social media timeline, watching videos on YouTube, streaming your favourite tunes on Spotify, playing HD games online, or watching Netflix, etc.

The list goes on and on, and knowing how to transfer data on Airtel to Airtel line when someone is willing to share is helpful knowledge. 

If you understand the value of data, you would want your friends to be included, particularly if they lack the funds to acquire data.

How to transfer data on Airtel to Airtel line

Airtel Telecoms, one of Nigeria’s leading service providers, has made it feasible for you to know how to transfer data on Airtel to Airtel line or gift your data to family and friends on the Airtel network.

You may easily share your info with your relatives and friends by just entering a few codes, and do you know what is even better? There is no range restriction to this, unlike a hotspot, which requires you to be near the person with whom you are sharing your Airtel data.

However, with Airtel Smartshare, you may share with your family and friends in Abuja while remaining in Lagos. Are you surprised? So, without further ado, let us get to it.

Steps on How to Transfer data on Airtel to Airtel line

  1. Dial *141# > to transfer data or megabytes from your Airtel to another Airtel.
  2.  Choose 6 (Gifting and Sharing) 
  3. Select 4 (Data Me2U) 
  4. Select 2 (Send Me2U from existing allowance) 
  5. Select 4 (Data Me2U) 
  6. Enter the Recipient’s Phone Number 
  7. Enter the Data Allowance (the quantity of data you wish to transmit to the individual) 
  8. Enter your PIN and click Send.

You can only transfer a maximum of 200 MB at a time and to a maximum of two people each day. That is, you may only transfer a maximum of 200mb to two people every day.

But did you know that you can use Airtel to send limitless data to your relatives and friends? It is known as Airtel smartshare.

In fact, they can keep streaming, downloading, and talking indefinitely as long as you have megabytes on your SIM card. Do you want to find out how? Continue to read.


How to transfer data on Airtel to Airtel line

Sharing and transferring megabytes are not the same thing. The aforementioned is how to transfer MB from Airtel to Airtel. However, you cannot transfer data to your relatives and friends who consume a lot of data; you can only give or gift data to them.

Airtel smartshare enables you to share data plans on the Airtel network with family and friends. There are two approaches to this.


You may have come across these two terms multiple times but have no idea what they signify. Data gifting is simply the act of purchasing data bundles for family or friends using your SIM and account.

If your family or friends run out of data, you may purchase another Airtel data bundle from your sim, and the cost of that data package would be taken from your airtime.

It is the same as subscribing to an Airtel data plan, but this time, the data is flowing to someone else rather than you.

If you do not have any data to give or transfer with your family and friends, you may gift them data from one of Airtel’s data plans and pay for it with your airtime.


To give data on Airtel, 

  1. dial *141# from your Airtel sim.
  2. Choose 6 (data giving & sharing)
  3.  then 2 (data gifting).
  4. Choose your data plan (monthly, weekly, daily, etc.).
  5. Enter the recipient’s phone number here.
  6. Enter your PIN
  7. Send


This implies sharing your data bundle with someone else. As long as you have data, the person with whom you are sharing your data plan will have access to the internet on their device, no matter where they are.

If you do not have enough airtime to give data to your family and friends, you may share data from your data plan.

Airtel me2u designed it such that you may only share your data with four people at a time, and they must be on your Airtel family list.

You already have the default pin 1234 allocated to you for data giving and sharing, but you would not want to use it, would you? Unless you want to be giving and sharing your data with unauthorized people, I recommend changing your pin to a personal pin that you can remember.


To reset your Airtel data transfer pin, phone *141#, then pick 6 (data gifting & sharing), then 1 (change pin), and follow the instructions.

You may also use this technique to update your pin at any time.


  1. To distribute MB from one Airtel to another, send distribute as a text message to 121.

Airtel will send you an email with instructions on how to add friends or family members to your Airtel family list. You will be able to share your data with them as a result of this.

To add members to this list

How to transfer data on Airtel to Airtel line
  • Send “ADD Recipient’s number.” if the number you want to add is 080XXXXXXXX, then send “ADD 080XXXXXXXX” to 121
  • You will get a confirmation message, then hit 1 to confirm.

From that point forward, the receivers will have access to your data on their device unless you cancel or remove them from your list.


If you have accidentally added someone to your Airtel family list or wish to delete someone from your list, you may do so. It is relatively simple to prevent them from accessing your info this way.

  • Open your message and text “DEL Recipient’s number” to 121.
  • If you want to prevent 080XXXXXXXXXX from accessing your data, send a message.
  • DEL 080XXXXXXXXXX to 121, and that individual will no longer be able to access your data; if you wish to add them again, perform the procedures I stated before this one.

Final Thoughts 

You may share a data package with family and friends across phones, tablets, and computers with Airtel. Here are two methods for sharing an Airtel data plan:

  • Data Me2U (also known as Data Share): You may “share” or “transfer” data allotment from an existing data bundle to another subscriber. For instance, if you have a 1.5GB Monthly plan, you may transfer 100MB to another client.
  • To share/transfer data, call *312# and pick the Gifting or Me2U option.
  • Data Gifting: Using your airtime, you may purchase a data bundle package for another subscriber. For example, if a friend or family member runs out of data, you may purchase another data package for them.

To share data, call *312# and pick the Gifting or Me2U option.


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