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Everyone knows that good internet is a must-have these days. For me, as a blogger and digital marketer, it’s even more crucial. My whole job depends on fast and steady internet. So, when I heard about 5m Telecom, an internet company serving Enugu and Awka, Nigeria, I had to give it a try. This is my 5M Telecom review. An honest personal experience.

I’ve used many internet services before, some good, some not so great. So how does 5m Telecom measure up? I’ve installed it and used it for my work, and I’m here to share my honest thoughts. Let’s dive into my experience with 5m Telecom.


The internet has become such a vital part of our lives that we often take its speed and reliability for granted. It’s like air; you only notice it when it’s missing or not up to the mark. When I decided to go with 5m Telecom, I was hopeful, but my experience left much to be desired.

My 5M telecom installation

If you notice from the image above, there is no branding on any of the products. I don’t even know if this is a real company or not.

A Snail in the Fast Lane

Let’s talk about speed first. Compared to some of the bigger names in the business like MTN, Airtel, or even Glo, 5m Telecom’s speed is underwhelming. The fact that they cap their download speed at 8mb per second for their most expensive plan, priced at a whopping 62,350 naira per month, baffles me. To give you a clearer picture, their package plans are as follows:

  • 0.5mb – 2mb per sec for N16,125
  • 1mb – 3mb per sec N22,575
  • 1.5mb – 5mb per sec for N34,400
  • 5mb – 8mb per sec for N62,350

For the price, these speeds are not justified, especially when there are more affordable and faster options out there.


Reality Bites

What’s more, these speed caps they’ve set? They don’t always hold true. I subscribed to the 1.5mb – 5mb per sec plan, which costs N34,400. One would expect speeds at least close to the promised range. However, in reality, the best I got was a measly 900kb. And it wasn’t just a one-time thing. On a particularly bad day, my speed test on showed a pitiful 100kb. That’s right, 100kb!


Consistently Inconsistent

One could argue that every service has its good and bad days, but with 5m Telecom, the slow speed was a constant. It wasn’t about peak hours or bad weather; the network was consistently dragging its feet, leaving me frustrated.

Signal Struggles

The woes don’t end with just speed. If you were thinking of moving around your home or office while staying connected to the Wi-Fi, think again. The Wi-Fi range is surprisingly limited, which means you might find yourself tethered to one spot if you want a decent connection.

The Pricey Installation

To top it all off, the installation cost is a staggering 100,000 naira. Given the lackluster performance, it’s hard to see how this price is justified. It feels like a hefty amount for a service that doesn’t live up to expectations.

The Airtel Connection

An interesting tidbit I discovered is that 5m Telecom actually operates on the Airtel network. Based on my experience, I have a strong suspicion it relies on Airtel’s 3G network, not the faster 4G or satellite options we might hope for. This essentially means if you have good Airtel reception in your vicinity, you might be better off directly subscribing to Airtel. Furthermore, while 5m Telecom boasts of providing “unlimited” internet, the reality paints a different picture. At speeds like 1mb per second, you’d be hard-pressed to use up to 100GB in a month, making the term “unlimited” a bit of a stretch.

My Two Cents: Weighing Options and Value

5M Telecom Review vs Airtel Router

If your internet needs are limited to browsing social media platforms like Instagram and streaming on Netflix, 5m Telecom might suffice, but only just. Expect your Netflix to take ages to load, and even when it does, buffering becomes a familiar screen companion, reminding you of the network’s shortcomings.

In this scenario, a practical alternative would be a standard Airtel router with a 20k per month unlimited data plan. Not only does it offer faster internet, but it also saves you from the unnecessary hassle of investing in expensive hardware and the staggering installation fee of 100k naira that comes with 5m Telecom.

On a personal note, I find this purchase to be one of the most regrettable decisions I’ve made. The service, with its hefty price and underwhelming performance, is unequivocally not worth it. In a telling turn of events, I resorted to using the mobile hotspot on my phone to pen down this article – that speaks volumes in itself. If you’re considering 5m Telecom, my advice is to think twice and explore alternatives. Your patience, productivity, and pocket will thank you.

In Conclusion (My 5M Telecom Review)

My venture with 5m Telecom has been a lesson in managing expectations. While every company has its challenges, the gap between promise and delivery with this ISP is vast.

Navigating the digital realm demands reliable internet, a criterion 5m Telecom sadly falls short of. From painfully slow speeds to steep pricing, their service didn’t meet my blogging and digital marketing needs. Using my phone’s hotspot to draft this review says it all. If you’re scouting for internet providers in Nigeria, I’d advise looking beyond 5m Telecom. In the vast ocean of connectivity options, there are certainly better fish to catch.


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