How to Become an Online Tutor in Nigeria


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Do you need the basic steps to take on how to become an online tutor in Nigeria? If yes, then this blog post is for you.

If you derive pleasure in impacting knowledge to people, taking this beautiful hustle of yours online means more money in your pocket.

After all, online tutoring in this technology era is profitable and lots more easier compare to the conventional way of teaching.

With the use of the internet, online teaching is fast-moving and becoming popular with the use of technological innovations and social medias.

What’s more, tons of Nigerian parents are now vouching for online tutoring than the usual physical lessons because it’s safe.

Requirements for becoming an online tutor in Nigeria

To become an online tutor, there are some criteria you need to possess just like the way it is in the traditional setting.

Therefore, as an online tutor, you must have:

  • At least a degree certificate in the course you intend teaching or preferably, a bachelor in education;
  • A teaching experience or certification; and
  • Specific subject certification.
How to become an online tutor in Nigeria

How to Become an Online Tutor in Nigeria

As an aspiring online teacher, the answer to the question “where do I begin” will definitely come if you understands what online tutorial actually means.

But notwithstanding, below are some tips on how to start an online tutor in Nigeria for free.

1. Register as an online teacher

The standard procedure on how to become an online tutor is for the aspiring teacher to register with tutoring company online.

There is nothing special here. All you have to do is to fill a form and supply them with your basic bio information.

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You’ll need a profile photo, tutoring preferences, I.D card (depending on the company) certificates, proof of education, etc.

There’s nothing personal here; the hiring Company just need to know more about you to see if you are fit for the job.

2. Profile approval and verification stage

Once you submit your credentials alongside the form you filled online, the company’s support team will verify them.

The moment the verification is completed and they are interested in what they saw, your profile registration will be approved.

To be sure that you are cleared from all forms bad record, some company are fond of conducting criminal record check as well.

After all the verification and background check, your profile as a tutor will be made available to the students to see.

3. Get to know the online teaching materials

Making your profile available for the students to see means you are qualified and checked to become a tutor with the company.

But that’s not the end, there’s need to get yourself acquainted with the online teaching tools.

While you won’t be doing this alone, the support team of the company you will be working with will walk you through the entire platform.

They will show you how to use the tools to enhance easy navigation during online classes.

For new online tutors who don’t any teaching experience online before, there is no better way to get started on this journey.

If you will taking subjects that involves calculation, let’s say Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, or any science subject, endeavor to have digital writing tools.

Digital writing tools like note pad and pen will help your students to have a better understanding of what you will be teaching them.

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4. Start online tutor proper

There is nothing more on how to become an online tutor in Nigeria than to start taking classes.

Note that the hiring Company must have allotted a class to you based on your qualifications and your chosen time before you can start tutoring.

Better still, some online tutor company business model is one that allow students to communicate with you for class schedule.

They will check your profile, look at your qualifications, available reviews and feedbacks about you, etc. before they choose you.

Whatever the business model of the tutoring company you applied is, you will know your time schedule and you can start teaching online and earn money.

How To Attract More Students For Online Tutor

After your profile must have been approved, it’s left over to you to attract prospective students who will seek for knowledge from you.

To do this, you have to adopt the following tips if you really want to attract more students to schedule more class sessions with you:

  • Update your profile often;
  • Always ask your students to rate you and make reviews about your class sessions;
  • Be available to your students most of the time;
  • Make it a habit by responding to the requests made during class sessions quickly; etc.

How To Tutor Online Using Classroom apps in Nigeria

Thanks to technology, there are tons of apps out there that allow or enhance effective and efficient online tutor.

Without prejudice to any app, there’s Zoom, Google meet, and host of others. Some online Company have certain software that they also subscribed too.

Hence, most of these online tutoring classrooms and apps have the important tools to aid the ‘one-to-one’ class, or the ‘one-to-many’ tutoring session.

Most importantly, majority of the tutoring organizations out there gives a demo link to their tutors to try whiteboard link.

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If that is the case, you are advised to go through (in details) all the available features on the whiteboard.

This is very necessary so that you can understand the tools — even better — before you take on your first online tutoring session.

Having said this, you can perform any of the following task efficiently and comfortably during the class sessions:

  • Do a face-to-face video conference.
  • Speak to your students with excellent voice and high-quality sound.
  • Type, erase and draw using any colour of your choice on advanced digital whiteboard.
  • Text chat through the instant messaging.
  • Upload documents and share files.
  • Progressively alter messages thereby allowing a third-party to see all that you are doing.
  • Access the class session via all types of devices.


Without any doubt, the life of an online teacher is full of fun, pleasure, and rewards, both financially and intellectually.

Through one-on-one or one-to-many online class sessions, online tutors help their students to reach to their maximum potential.

We do hope that the above discussed is enough to answer your search on how to become an online tutor in Nigeria for free.


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