How to do jamb change of course and change of institution


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The Jamb change of course and change of institution for 2021 has started and still ongoing, there’s still room for you to make corrections now.

The Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) released a statement few weeks ago directing all candidates who wish to change their preferred course or institution to proceed to its official site and follow the necessary procedure.

Other than the change of course and change of institution, candidates who wish to make gender correction, origin or State/LGA correction, Date Of Birth correction, etc. can also follow suit.

So if wish to correct or make amendment to your data on the Jamb portal, you should read this thread carefully for guidance.

Specifically, the following are the available categories that are open for corrections:

1. Name Correction

In one way or the other, you might have misspelt your name or even forgot to add your third name in the course of the registration.

Hence, this opportunity allows you to apply for the name correction where there are errors in the arrangement, spelling, etc.

And be warned, correction of this nature can only be done once. Be careful and make sure you don’t make any additional mistake again.

2. Date of Birth Correction

Candidates can also apply for the correction of their date of birth if they feel there’s a mistake or mixed up in the one they used previously in the course of registration.

3. Passport Photograph Correction

For any reason best known to you, JAMB have given all its applicants the benefit of doubt and put the passport Photograph correction on the list.

So if you want to change your passport Photograph to something recent or where the previous one you used is to obscure, you can replace it with a new one.

4. Gender Correction

You can equally make correction as to your gender. May be they enter female instead of a male for you in the course of the registration.

You can now make changes to that, although you may be asked to provide some documents before the correction is effected.

5. State/LGA Correction

There is room for State, Local Government Authority (LGA) or state of origin correction where there’s mistake in the one entered previously.

For the correction to be effected, you may however be asked to provide some documents to backup your claim.

Be informed that correction of this nature can only be made once, don’t give room for further mistakes.

6. Profile Correction

Applicants who feel there are unforgivable mistakes in their JAMB profile can also proceed to Jamb portal to make necessary changes.

It’s advisable you take your time before you rush down to do correction on your profile.

The reason being that correction of this nature can only be made once.

7. Choice of Institution/Course Correction

In the same vein, Jamb change of course and jamb change of institution is also available.

Candidates can apply for a change of course or change of institution.

Here, the jamb change of institution and change of course correction can be done on multiple times with different payments.

Having highlighted the areas in which candidates can make corrections on, it’s therefore important that I said the exercise isn’t free.

The Jamb change of course, jamb change of institution, name, gender, etc. costs N2,500 only and can be done online only.

Things to know before doing Jamb change of course and change of institution

Having highlighted the categories of data that can be corrected, it’s high time we explain the procedure to follow to effect the changes.

Moreover, since you are here to learn how to do Jamb change of institution or course and as such, before you proceed, endeavor to do the following;

  • Be sure of the name of the Institution or Course you would like to change to;
  • Check if the said course is available in your preferred institution or if your preferred institution is offering the course you want to change to using the JAMB Brochure;
  • Make sure that the institution you are changing to does not have a cut off mark that is way higher than your UTME score;
  • Make sure to choose a Course that goes with your subject combination, etc.

How to do JAMB Change of Institution, Course and other Data Corrections

Note: You can change the course yourself but if you are not sure about that, then proceed to a nearby cafe.

To do it yourself, kindly follow the instructions below:

  • Go to the official jamb portal and Log into your profile;
  • In your JAMB profile, you will see a menu tab kindly open it;
  • Click on “Register”;
  • After clicking on the register tab, a drop down box will show displaying UTME correction of data;
  • Click on it and carefully follow the instructions to pay for the correction fee either online via a bank.

You have the opportunity to make the payment online via the JAMB portal.

But if you encounter difficulties making the payment, you can proceed to any nearby bank to make the payment.

The change of course/institution fee is N2,500 and a bank charge of N100 naira will be added.

Once the payment is made, proceed to the closest JAMB accredited centre or office to complete the data correction process.

At the Jamb office or an accredited centre, you will be charged with an additional fee for the service rendered.

More often than not, if all this process is too tedious for you or where you are too busy to carry them out yourself, you can get it done at any accredited centre.

End note

You can do your jamb change of course of change of institution all at the same time. Once the you submit the form, you can no effect any changes again.

Unless if you will make another payment and start the whole process from the beginning again. This is allowed for only change of institution or course.

All other corrections can be done once in a lifetime. Take your time to effect the necessary changes and be careful while doing it.


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