7 Jobs that Pay $1m a Year without Special Skills

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Contrary to the belief of many – get an A grade skill and you will have an ability that will push you into millions. That’s not always the case. Some jobs only require your focus and patience and in no time you will achieve your dreams. To this end, this post features jobs that pay $1m a year without special skills.

Before we go further, it is important you are aware that this compilation of jobs include both online jobs and on-site jobs. Also, the majority of them are more of jobs you create yourself.

The last statement in the paragraph above is quite logical in the sense that most of the employment you secure in other establishments will not guarantee you that amount in a year.

Even if you have the best in-demand skills like software development and you work in one of the high-profile tech companies, $1 million a year is not an assurance. Some of these jobs only pay a maximum of $200,000 per year.

So, let’s look at the jobs capable of paying you $1m a year without special skills.

Jobs that Pay $1m a Year Without Special Skills

The following are the jobs you can start right away without needing special skills. We have seven of them in this post and they include:

1. Product or Service Creation

Painting Jobs that Pay $1m a Year without Special Skills

The world is full of endless questions. Perhaps, uncountable problems that need to be solved. People need answers. They want a solution or let’s say they constantly seek help to problems irrespective of the magnitude.

For instance, the founder of Spanx, Sarah Blakely amassed wealth from the white pant’s undergarment she invented. Currently, her business is worth about $1 billion.

Coming up with a product or service idea doesn’t require a special skill. Probably, all you need is your sensitivity to identify some of these problems and research a solution around it.

In fact, if the actualization requires some skills you can’t learn, outsourcing them to people who have the required skills is a notable option. And when you have your product or service set up, it can be the source of your envisaged riches.

 Although, as it’s typical to set up any other business, starting something new may not afford you the $1m immediately. However, your persistence and strategic business operations and marketing will push you into profitability.

2. E-commerce Store Management

Online stores have grown in popularity over the recent years with many people taking advantage of the opportunity it brings. The beauty is that you don’t need to invent a product before you set up one. Infact, you don’t have to stock products in a warehouse before you have this business running.

Your experience in any niche like electronics, baby wear, kitchen utensils, furniture etc. is enough to get you started.

So, look into your area of interest, connect with product suppliers, set up your e-commerce store and invest in promotion.

Before you know it, you might be the next Amazon or Alibaba.

3. E-book Publishing

E-book Publishing can pay over 1 million dollars a year without special skills

That time has passed when the only way many eyeballs can see your book is when you print out the copies and send them to the appropriate persons.

Now, you don’t need all of that. There are platforms where you can publish your digital books and make money.

For example, you can make Kindle books on Amazon your friend and start making money immediately.

Maybe all you need is just a simple but effective research of what people want, creation of an informative content around it and pushing it it on the platform.

John Locke is a good example of a person who generates some cool cash from Kindle books on Amazon.

Also, yours may even be an entertaining ebook that helps people relax and refresh.

Whatever your interest is, be aware that there’s an opportunity for you in the digital publishing industry.

4. Real Estate Investor

A number of people have plunged into wealth as a result of their investment in the real estate sector.

Over the years, the value of real estate in many countries around the world has grown immensely and the reality is that this sector is in no way relaxing its pace.

Those who took advantage of it years back are now enjoying the fruit and if you also want to earn as much as $1m in a year, it is worth your investment.

Putting it in perspective, you can purchase a house and make money from rent or lease. Apart from that, you can pay back your mortgage from the amount generated from your tenants if your purchase wasn’t an outright payment.

Also, if you eventually decide to sell off your property, be rest assured the value must have appreciated compared to when you purchased it. This means your investment will yield more money for you.

5. Create an Online Course

In a way, this is related to creating a product or providing a service. However, the business model is quite different.

Simply put, your knowledge, abilities, experience and expertise in a particular subject are not just meant to stay dormant. You can put them together into a course to monetize it.

For example, if you know how to cook some delicacies you know not many people are conversant with, just go ahead and record yourself preparing the meals. While you do so, explain the process step-by-step so that your audience can perfectly connect with you. Also, you can create a community where you answer their specific questions. Such a community becomes a support group that helps your audience feel confident of trying out your methods till they become perfect.

In terms of promotion, getting your course out to reach your target audience is not a herculean task. 

If you don’t understand the nuances of marketing, you can hire a freelancer to set up a sales system for you. Apart from that, you can take advantage of online course platforms like Udemy, Futurelearn or Fedora to upload your course and make money when people enroll.


6. Affiliate Marketing

Have you heard of this business model at all?

If you have but not yet paid attention, it’s possible you’ve been leaving a lot of money on the table. Affiliate marketing is one of the notable jobs that pay $1m a year without special skills and it’s a potent way to hit your target in no distant time.

It simply entails selling other people’s products for a commission. In addition, this business doesn’t require you to own any stock, manufacture products or worry about the delivery.

Basically, your effort is centered on promoting an affiliated digital or physical product to an audience. When anyone who comes through your pipeline eventually buys the product, the original seller will reward your effort with the agreed commission.

An affiliate commission could be as much as 70% of the product’s price. And the more you sell, the more money you make.

You can start your affiliate marketing journey by registering on affiliate networks such as ClickBank, WarriorPlus and JVZoo. On these platforms, you will easily connect with product owners who are willing to have affiliate marketers promote their products.

7. Stocks Trader

Many companies rely on the investment of different investors to raise capital and this is an opportunity for you if you want to make as much as $1m in a year.

Primarily, it is important you understand the stock market before you start trading. But if you don’t want to involve yourself in the rigor, you can leverage the expertise of a professional who will guide you on the right stock to buy.

However, it is important you know that trading stocks is quite risky. You can lose your investment completely. But if you are profitable, you can make millions in a year.


Generating a yearly income of $1 million and more is possible from the jobs listed above. You don’t need to bag a college degree or enroll for training before you start making money (in fact, there are job options if you dropped out of college). Although, a good understanding of how they work isn’t a bad idea after all. So, if you want some jobs that pay $1m in a year without special skills, here you have it.


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